3rd DHC Cup features top women bowlers from all over the world



    30 million Yen or more than $320,470 at stake for 300 game in TV finals

    2008DHCNaoOhishi.jpg The 3rd DHC Cup Girls Bowling International 2009 will take place at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center in Tokyo, Japan, from March 6-8, 2009. The total prize fund of the tournament is 12 million Yen (approx. USD128,000). The winner will walk away with the 3,000,000 Yen (approx. $12,800) top prize.

    Pictured left: Nao Ohishi, Japan, after winning the 2nd DHC Cup Girls Bowling International in the year 2008.

    Since its beginning in the year 2007, the DHC Cup Girls Bowling International is sponsored by Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida, owner and CEO of the DHC Corporation. Mr. Yoshida is one of the biggest supporters - if not the biggest - of the sport of tenpin bowling in Japan.

    With his help the host federation, Japan Bowling Congress (JBC), was able to invite more than ten foreign bowlers each year by sponsoring airfare and accommodation. The total prize fund of 128,000 U.S. dollars makes the tournament the third-biggest for women in the world and the biggest outside the United States, just behind the Women's U.S. Open ($150,000) and the USBC Queens ($200,000).

    Players, who shoot a 300 game in any round of the DHC Cup Girls Bowling International 2009 will receive a 300,000 Yen bonus (approx. $1,280) sponsored by the organizing committee.

    Japanese bowling distributor SUNBRIDGE made a bonus offer that is unheard of in the sport of tenpin bowling. SUNBRIDGE will sponsor the Perfect Game Award for the TV stepladder finals. If a player shoots a 300 game in the stepladder (not in the shootout match), she will receive 30 million Yen or more than 320,000 U.S. Dollars (three-hundred-and-twenty-thousand) plus the regular 300,000 Yen bonus, the highest 300 game award in the history of our sport.

    "People will understand, if more than one player bowls 300 in the TV stepladder finals the 300 game award will be divided equally among them," JBC's Masahiko Kosugi added.

    2008EBT14NinaFlack.jpg 2006PBAKellyKulick_small.jpg Among the players invited by the JBC are 2008 European Ranking queen Nina Flack (pictured left), Sweden; world champion and 2008 PABCON Women's Championship Masters champion, Kelly Kulick (pictured right), United States, the sole woman, who was exempt on the PBA Tour; and Choi Jin-A, Korea, who won two gold including the Masters and three silver medals at the 2008 Asian Championships in Hong Kong.

    "Unfortunately, Jin-A must decline our invitation due to an injury", Kosugi stated. "Instead, we invited the silver and bronze medalists from the Asian Championships Masters, 2-time gold medalist Gye Min-Young [Trios, Team] and 3-time gold medalist Jeon Eun-Hee [Trios, Team, All Events], , both from Korea."

    2008BWCChampionJasmineYeongNathan2.jpg 200809PBAWSShalinZulkifli.jpg Among the 34 participants from nine foreign countries, China, Germany, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Sweden, Singapore and United States are Women's U.S. Open champion Liz Johnson and PBA professional Missy Bellinder, United States; Jasmine Yeong-Nathan (pictured left), the reigning World Cup Champion from Singapore; world and Asian champion Shalin Zulkifli (pictured right) from Malaysia; and World Youth Championships Doubles gold medalist Tina Hulsch from Germany.

    They will meet a field of Japan's finest women bowlers such as Urara Himeji (below left), Japan Professional Bowlers Association Triple Crown Winner 2008 and defending DHC Cup champion Nao Ohishi as well as DHC recognized professional bowlers, All Japan National Team members, All Japan Youth National Team members and young professional bowlers from JPBA.

    2008JPBAUraraHimeji.jpg 2007AGCSuzunaMiyagiCheck.jpg The two previous DHC Cups were won by Japanese bowlers. Suzuna Miyagi (pictured right) won five consecutive matches and defeated top-seeded Shalin Zulkifli, 245-199, en route to win the first edition in the year 2007.

    All Japan Youth National Team members Ohishi, the No. 1 seed, topped Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia in the title match of the 2008 DHC Cup, 208-188, to seal the biggest victory of her career.


    DHC Cup Girls Bowling International Championship 2009 - List of Participants

    1. Yang Suling, China
    2. Tina Hulsch, Germany
    3. Tannya Roumimper, Indonesia
    4. Jeon Eun-Hee, Korea
    5. Gye Min-Young, Korea
    6. Nam Bo-Ra, Korea
    7. Gang Hye-Eun, Korea
    8. Kwon Hye-Mi, Korea
    9. Yun Hee-Yeo, Korea
    10. Son Yun-Hee, Korea
    11. Cha In-Hwa, Korea
    12. Choi Gui-Hyun, Korea
    13. Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia
    14. Siti Safiyah, Malaysia
    15. Zandra Aziela, Malaysia
    16. Sharon Koh, Malaysia
    17. Choi Poh Lai, Malaysia
    18. Zatil Iman, Malaysia
    19. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia
    20. Liza Del Rosario, Philippines
    21. Jazreel Tan, Singapore
    22. Jennifer Tan, Singapore
    23. Cherie Tan, Singapore
    24. Yeong Nathan, Singapore
    25. Amanda Ng, Singapore
    26. Bernice Lim, Singapore
    27. Daphne Tan, Singapore
    28. Sabrina Lim, Singapore
    29. Shayna Ng, Singapore
    30. Geraldine Ng, Singapore
    31. Nina Flack, Sweden
    32. Kelly Kulick, United States
    33. Liz Johnson, United States
    34. Missy Bellinder, United States
    35. Mika Sakai, DHC
    36. Yuuki Akiyoshi, DHC
    37. Yukie Koyama, DHC
    38. Miki Nishimura, DHC
    39. Mai Takasaka, DHC
    40. Urara Himeji, DHC
    41. Yuka Tsuchiya, DHC
    42. Junko Harigaya, DHC
    43. Yuuka Sasaki, DHC
    44. Keaki Watanabe, DHC
    45. Yuumi Sano, DHC
    46. Hiroko Shimizu, JPBA
    47. Nachimi Itakura, JPBA
    48. Tomie Kawaguchi, JPBA
    49. Tomomi Shibata, JPBA
    50. Mayumi Yoshida, JPBA
    51. Shima Washizuka, JPBA
    52. Aki Nawa, JPBA
    53. Risa Suzuki, JPBA
    54. Akiko Tanigawa, JPBA
    55. Yuuko Nakatani, JPBA
    56. Hiromi Matsunaga, JPBA
    57. Hisano Igarashi, JPBA
    58. Mika Sato, JPBA
    59. Mihoko Matsuoka, JPBA
    60. Mai Fujita, JPBA
    61. Masami Abe, JPBA
    62. Aino Kinjo, JPBA
    63. Yukari Niwa, JPBA
    64. Mari Moriyama, JPBA
    65. Masami Hasegawa, JPBA
    66. Yuki Ichihara, JPBA
    67. Sanae Mori, JPBA
    68. Megumi Sasamoto, JPBA
    69. Hiroe Ishimoto, JPBA
    70. Makiko Houjo, JPBA
    71. Yuka Ohtsuki, JPBA
    72. Suzuna Miyagi, ORG
    73. Ayano Katai, JBC
    74. Haruka Matsuda, JBC
    75. Yukari Homma, JBC
    76. Nao Ohishi, JBC
    77. Kazumi Satoh, JBC
    78. Rina Asada, JBC
    79. Maki Sano, JBC
    80. Maki Nakano, JBC
    81. Kazumi Higashisaka, JBC
    82. Kanako Ishimine, JBC
    83. Natsumi Koizumi, JBC
    84. Saori Kanno, JBC
    85. Shinobu Saitoh, JBC
    86. Misaki Mukotani, JBC
    87. Yuka Ohshima, JBC
    88. Yuri Sato, JBC
    89. Haruna Nojima, JBC
    90. Mikie Hamamoto, JBC