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    United States

    Largest bowling alley in the United States demolished

     On a crisp 37 degree morning of January 11, 2006, the tower that stood for 50 years as a Las Vegas, Nevada landmark came crashing down in a spectacular array of dust and debris. (click on the image to enlarge it.)

     The Hotel tower of the former Showboat and later Castaways saw its last day of Las Vegas sun before being reduced to memory, leaving a soft cloud of dust over the community that knew and loved the resort that housed 40 years of PBA and 22 years of High Roller, and welcomed millions of visitors from allover the world. (Editor's note: With 106 lanes in two sections - 70 and 36 lanes - Castaways was the largest bowling alley in the United States.)

     Thousands of silent locals watched as the skill of the demolition team brought the building down, followed by the usual din of cheers and applause for a great show. Within an hour, the crowd was gone, the dust had settled, and clearing work went into full swing.

     The buildings are gone, but millions of memories will be around for a long time. The tower dust cloud settles over the area of Las Vegas where many of the former employees live - an eerie tribute or last laugh? A lot of dusty cars and porches had to be cleaned up.

     The local TV coverage offered a much better view because onlookers and photographers were kept too far away.

    These photos were taken directly from the TV by pausing sequences of the recorded broadcast from local station KVBC-TV: Our thanks to the News-3 team for great coverage.

    Frenchy Letourneau, Publisher
    TenPin Alley bowling newspaper
    10 Years serving Las Vegas, Nevada

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