Jeon Eun-Hee mows down the field to win 3rd DHC Cup Girls Bowling International Championship



    8th seeded Korean defeats Singaporean Cherie Tan in rolloff

     3-time Asian Championships gold medalist Jeon Eun-Hee (pictured left), Korea, won five consecutive matches in the TV finals of the DHC Cup Girls Bowling International Championship 2009 at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center in Tokyo, Japan, en route to claim the title and the 3,000,000 Yen (approx. $12,800) top prize.

    Jeon took the eighth and final spot for the TV finals after 18 games of qualifying with 4031 pinfall total or an average of 223.94.

     In the opening one-game shoot-out match, the Korean battled it out with No. 5 seed, Missy Bellinder United States, #6 Sharon Koh, Malaysia, and #7 Mayumi Yoshida, JPBA. While Koh (167) and Yoshida (201) were out of the race early, Jeon edged Bellinder, 239-232, to earn the No. 5 seed for the stepladder finals.

    Pictured right: The eight finalists. Back row, from left: Koh, Jein, Bellinder, Johnson. Front row, from left: Tan, Igarashi, Nakatani, Yoshida. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    Japanese bowling distributor SUNBRIDGE sponsored the Perfect Game Award for the TV stepladder finals. If a player shoots a 300 game in the stepladder, she would receive 30 million Yen or more than 320,000 U.S. Dollars (three-hundred-and-twenty-thousand) plus the regular 300,000 Yen bonus, the highest 300 game award in the history of our sport.

     Jeon eliminated #4 Liz Johnson, United States, 216-208, then took care of #3 Hisano Igarashi, 237-226 and finally eliminated Yuuko Nakatani, both JPBA, in the semifinal, 255-211, for the right to face No. 1 seed Cherie Tan from Singapore.

    L-R DHC Cup winner Jeon, 2nd place Tan, 3rd place Nakatani, 4th place Igarashi and 5th place Johnson. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    Tan, who led the field of 90 female bowlers, a mix of amateurs and professionals from Asia, Europe and America, with an average of 245.72 over 18 games came out of the gates quickly with a double, spare and another double.

    However, despite this was her last strike in the game, Jeon needed some help to stay in contention. After a big split that resulted in an open 6th frame and two spares, Tan missed a 7-pin spare in the 9th frame.

    But Jeon showed nerves in the finals frame and threw the ball on the nose leaving a 3-4-6-7-10 split. Needing ten pins to win in her final frame, Tan left another 7-pin …. and missed it again for a 179-179 tie.

     Both players got a 9-count in the first rolloff. When Tan got a 7-count on her second ball, Jeon sealed the victory with a solid pocket hit, 9-7. The winner walked away with the 3,000,000 Yen (approx. $12,800) top prize.

    The picture shows DHC Cup winner Jeon Eun-Hee, Korea, with the first place check and the trophy.

    The DHC Cup Girls Bowling International Championship 2009 had a total prize fund of 12 million Yen (approx. USD128,000). There were three 300 games in the tournament each worth 300,000 Yen (approx. $1,280): Kelly Kulick, United States, Hisano Igarashi, JPBA and Yuka Tsuchiya, DHC.


    DHC Cup Girls Bowling International Championship 2009

    Shinagawa Prince Hotel Bowling Center in Tokyo, Japan (March 6-8, 2009)

    Championship Round:
    1. Jeon Eun-Hee, Korea, 1126 (5 games), ¥3,000,000
    2. Cherie Tan, Singapore, 179 (1 game), ¥1,500,000
    3. Yuuko Nakatani, JPBA, 211 (1 game), ¥800,000
    4. Hisano Igarashi, JPBA, 226 (1 game), ¥600,000
    5. Liz Johnson, United States, 208 (1 game), ¥500,000
    6. Missy Bellinder, United States, 232 (1 game), ¥400,000
    7. Sharon Koh, Malaysia, 167 (1 game), ¥400,000
    8. Mayumi Yoshida, JPBA, 201 (1 game), ¥400,000

    Playoff Results:
    Shootout Match: #8 Jeon (239) def. #5 Bellinder (232), # 7, Yoshida (201) and #6 Koh (167)
    First Match: #5 Jeon def. #4 Johnson, 216-208
    Second Match: #5 Jeon def. #3 Igarashi, 237-226
    Third Match: #5 Jeon def. #2 Nakatani, 255-211
    Title Match: #5 Jeon def. #1 Tan, 9-7 in the second rolloff after a 179-179 and 9-9 tie.


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