Brazilian bowling mourns death of José Luiz Veiga



    20090515JoseLuizVeiga.jpgJosé Luiz Veiga, founding member of the Brazilian Confederation of Bowling (CBBOL) and the Bowling Federation of the State Sao Paulo (FPBOL), died in his apartment in São Paulo, Brazil, on May 15, 2009, according to Bira Teodoro of Boliche Online. He was 64 years old.

    Veiga and compatriot Walter Costa were the first South Americans to win a medal in the Tournament of the Americas in 1985.

    Veiga dedicated over forty years of his life to the sport of tenpin bowling and became one of the leading tournament organizers in Brazil.

    His major achievement was that bowling was recognized as a sport in Brazil on July 18, 1980, after a 16-year-long fight which he started on August 30, 1966.