Malott records perfect ending to "King of Bowling" series


    2009 "King of Bowling" Series #5

    Record second televised 300 game confirms his PBA Player of the Year status

    Professional Bowlers Association Player of the Year Wes Malott of Pflugerville, Texas, became the first bowler in PBA history to bowl two nationally-televised 300 games, defeating Parker Bohn III of Jackson, N.J., 300-223, in the King of Bowling by Amp Energy series finale at Kegel Training Center.

    The victory, televised Wednesday on ESPN2, was Malott's fifth consecutive as he swept the King of Bowling series, earning a grand total of $50,000. In successive weeks, Malott defeated Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas, 268-214; Patrick Allen of Wesley Chapel, Fla., 258-234; Walter Ray Williams Jr. of Ocala, Fla., 300-238, and Rhino Page of Topeka, Kan., 257-233, before rolling his second perfect game against Bohn.

    Bohn advanced to the week five title match with a 260-187 victory over Brad Angelo of Lockport, N.Y.

    "In practice, I moved up on the approach a little, and that slowed everything down a little bit more so I could get the ball to hook in the right part of the lane," Malott said of his mastery of the Scorpion lane condition pattern he selected for each telecast as reigning "King." "Once I did that, I had an unbelievable look. It actually got in my head that I could shoot another 300.

    "I'm usually pretty laid back, not very excitable, but I actually did fall on the floor after the 12th shot. I was wondering what else in the world could happen to me this season? It was an unbelievable way to cap off a great season."

    It was also a victory that provided some self-redemption for Malott.

    "I knew I had bowled well enough to win Player of the Year, but to have that title go down to the last frame of the last game of the season?" he asked himself, referring to Mike Scroggins' victory over Norm Duke in the title match of the Lumber Liquidators U.S. Open which denied Duke the title. "I'd rather have dominated and run away with the points title. Maybe that gave me a little more motivation.

    "It was kind of unfulfilling the way the season ended. But after the King of Bowling series, I'm a little more satisfied with the whole thing. The lanes might have been scoreable, but you still have to bowl well to put up the numbers I put up."

    After his King of Bowling Powered by Amp Energy sweep and a runner-up finish to Allen in the Dydo Japan Cup, Malott and his Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour competitors will head to Jackson, N.J., for the PBA GEICO Team Shootout hosted by Six Flags June 11-14.

    "Winning five in a row against the guys I had to bowl?" Malott reflected. "I just worried about my game and made the most of it. I had some luck – good and bad – along the way.

    "But that's behind me. I've moved on to the future, and oh my god, to be in the position I'm at now? I've had some pretty good success this early in my career. I'm blessed and I hope I can keep it going."


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    PBA King of Bowling Powered by Amp Energy

    Kegel Training Center, Lake Wales, Fla.

    Show #1 (aired 4/22/09)
    Match One – Chris Barnes def. Norm Duke 257-248, Duke earns $2,500
    Match Two – Wes Malott def. Barnes 268-214, Barnes earns $5,000, Malott earns $10,000

    Show #2 (aired 4/29/09)
    Match One – Patrick Allen def. Mike Scroggins 272-268, Scroggins earns $2,500
    Match Two – Malott def. Allen 258-234, Allen earns $5,000, Malott earns $10,000

    Show #3 (aired 5/6/09)
    Match One – Walter Ray Williams Jr. def. Bill O'Neill 247-247, Williams wins five round rolloff 49-47, O'Neill earns $2,500
    Match Two – Malott def. Williams 300-238, Williams earns $5,000, Malott earns $10,000

    Show #4 (aired 5/13/09)
    Match One – Rhino Page def. John Nolen 256-176, Nolen earns $2,500
    Match Two – Malott def. Page 257-233, Page earns $5,000, Malott earns $10,000

    Show #5 (aired 5/20/09)
    Match One – Parker Bohn III def. Brad Angelo 260-187, Angelo earns $2,500
    Match Two – Malott def. Bohn 300-223, Bohn earns $5,000, Malott earns $10,000 ($50,000 total)