2009 U.S Women's Open set to begin at Strike Zone at Sunset Station in Las Vegas


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    Televised perfect games to pay up to $100,000




    WomensUSOpenLogo_small.jpg When the 2009 U.S. Women's Open, a United States Bowling Congress event, kicks off at Sunset Station Hotel and Casino in Henderson, Nev., on Tuesday, the tournament will have more of an international flavor than ever in the history of the event.

    Thanks to the World Tenpin Bowling Association World Women's Championships, which concluded it's six-day run at nearby Cashman Center on Sunday, 60 international competitors have decided to spend the extra week in Las Vegas and take a shot at the event's $25,000 top prize.

    2009WUSOColombia.jpg 2009WUSOFrance.jpgLast year, Australia's Maxine Nable, Colombia's Clara Juliana Guerrero and Malaysia's Shalin Zulkifli all finished in the top 16 and found themselves competing on American television as part of the tournament's five-week presence on ESPN. All three are back this year.

    The 60 international players are representing 18 countries from all over the world. Colombia (left, 7), Australia (6), Malaysia (below left, 6), Russia (6), France (right, 5) and the Philippines (below right, 5) have sent their entire national squads including All Events and Masters World Champion Guerrero, and Doubles silver medalists Ann-Maree Putney and former PWBA Player of the Year, Carol Gianotti, Australia..

    2009WUSOPhilippines.jpg2009WUSOMalaysia.jpgGermany is represented by four players, Canada, England, Netherlands and Venezuela have three players each.

    Two players each are from Korea and Sweden including Cha Mi-Jung (KOR), who is the first female bowler, who rolled a 300-game at WTBA World Championships, and Helen Johnsson and Nina Flack, who won bronze with the Swedish 5-player team. Johnsson also won silver in All Events.

    Rounding out the international field are players from the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico and Scotland (one each).

    2009WWCUnitedStates.jpgOf course, the six Team USA members, (pictured left) who have won one gold, two silver and one bronze medals at the Women's Worlds last week, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Kim Terrell-Kearney, Wendy Macpherson, Lynda Barnes, Liz Johnson and World Singles Champion Stefanie Nation, are participating in the event.

    This year, the U.S. Women's Open will feature an exciting new format with the top 12 players advancing to the five-part ESPN series.

    2009WUSOMaxineNable.jpg "I think it will be nice to have so many different countries participating, and it can only be a good thing," Nable (pictured right) said. "It's also nice, especially for all of the people who don't bowl full-time, to be able to come and bowl a number of events in one trip."

    All U.S. Women's Open participants this year will bowl three eight-game qualifying blocks over three days (Aug. 4-6) before the field is cut to the top 48 players, who will bowl an additional 16 games on Friday Aug. 7.

    The top 12 players then advance to the televised, single-game, match-play portion with the top four players receiving a first-round bye directly into the quarterfinals.

    The U.S. Women's Open, which has an entry fee of $350, is open to any USBC female member and features a prize fund of $150,000.

    Any competitor who rolls a 300 game on one of the first four TV shows will receive a $25,000 bonus, while a perfect game in the semifinals or championship match (the fifth show), will earn $100,000.

    For Guerrero, who lives in Texas, and Zulkifli, last year's tournament also offered a second opportunity with the Professional Bowlers Association Women's Tour Trials, a simultaneous event that gave the bowlers a chance to qualify for the seven-event PBA Women's Series.

    This option again will be available in 2009. The top 12 bowlers from the Tour Trials will join the six champions from last season as exempt players for the 2009-10 PBA Women's Series.

    The upcoming Women's Series will feature five standard events plus the open-field PBA Women's World Championship, the Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles Championship and the season-ending PBA Women's Series Showdown.

    Each standard event will have a 20-player field, up from the 16-player field used this season. The final two players in the field will come from the weekly Tour Qualifying Rounds, similar to the PBA Tour.

    In all, women will be competing for nearly $500,000 in prize money with $10,000 going to the winner of each event.

    2009WWCCKimTerrellKearney.jpg"Last year, I would've qualified for the Women's Series, and it ended up being a missed opportunity," Nable said. "This time, I'm at least going to give myself a chance to qualify and see what happens."

    Kim Terrell-Kearney (left) is the defending champion at the U.S. Women's Open and will be looking to claim the coveted title for the third time. She also won the event in 2001.

    Competition begins Tuesday at 11 a.m. EDT.


    Bowlingdigital Banner.gif Bowlingdigital will cover the event live from Strike Zone at Sunset Station with results and updates after each round commencing August 3 all the way through to the finals on Sunday, August 9.


    2009 U.S. Women's Open - Schedule and Format

    Strike Zone at Sunset Station in Henderson, Nev., USA (Aug. 3-9, 2009)

    Rules (pdf file)

    Qualifying: August 3-7, 2009

    Will consist of 40 total games, one 8-game block each day for the first three days and two 8-game blocks on the fourth day.
    Bowlers compete "across the house" during their 8-game blocks. The number of lanes to be skipped after each game will be determined by tournament management.
    Each 8-game block will be bowled on a different PBA Experience lane pattern.

    First Cut
    After 24 games, the top 25% of the field will advance to the fourth day of qualifying and bowl an additional 16 games (two 8-game blocks). The top 25% of the field will be the tournament "cashers."

    Second Cut
    After 40 games, the top 12 players advance to the TV Round on August 8-9.
    The top four seeds receive one-round byes in the TV Round.
    In the event of a tie for the No. 12 position, there will be a one-game roll-off to break the tie.
    Should a tie still exist, there will be a one ball roll-off.
    Any ties for positions 1-11 will be determined by the highest 8-game qualifying block over the four days of qualifying. If a tie still exists, the second-highest qualifying block will be used.

    Qualifying Squad Times
    Squad A: 8 a.m.–noon
    Squad B: 1:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
    Qualifying squads will be assigned by tournament management.

    TV Round: August 8-9, 2009

    Each match will consist of one game against an opponent.
    The 2009 USBC Women's Championships pattern will be used.
    For the TV shows, there will be a 25-second shot clock. Penalties are as follows:
    - first offense: warning
    - second offense: $100
    - third offense: $200
    - Any further offense: $300
    For all TV shows, each bowler will be permitted one coach/guest to be seated next to them in the bowlers' area. This person will wear a wireless microphone.
    The players for each of the four televised shows and the pairings will be as follows:

    Show 1
    No. 5 vs. No. 12 and No. 4 vs. 5/12 winner
    Show 2
    No. 6 vs. No. 11 and No. 3 vs. 6/11 winner
    Show 3
    No. 7 vs. No. 10 and No. 3 vs. 7/10 winner
    Show 4
    No. 8 vs. No. 9 and No. 1 vs. 8/9 winner

    These four shows are scheduled to air weekly starting on September 14 at 2 p.m. EDT on ESPN.
    If there is a tie in any match of the quarterfinals, a one-ball roll-off will be bowled to break the tie.


    Semifinals and Title: August 9, 2009
    The four winners from each of the quarterfinals will bowl the Championship round on August 9, 2008.
    The 2009 USBC Women's Championships pattern will be used.
    Pairings are as follows:

    Show No. 1 Winner vs. Show No. 4 winner
    Show No. 2 winner vs. Show No. 3 winner
    Semifinal winners will meet for the Championship

    Any ties during the TV matches will be determined by a one-ball roll-off.
    The four second-place finishers from the first four TV shows will become the alternates for the semifinals. The four alternates will be ranked 1-4 based on their two-game total in the TV Round.


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