Shannon O' Keefe earns the No. 1 seed for TV finals in 2009 U.S. Women's Open - A USBC Event


    United States

    Malaysia's Shalin Zulkifli and Clara Juliana Guerrero, Colombia among the 12 finalists

    2008WUSOShannonOKeefeLucasWiseman2.jpgAt the past two major women's championships, Shannon O'Keefe (pictured left, and right with Lucas Wiseman from USBC Communications) of Arlington, Texas, has suffered heartbreak, just missing the televised portions of last year's U.S. Women's Open and this year's USBC Queens. She was determined not to experience that feeling again.

    O'Keefe was the top qualifier Friday after 40 games with 8,837, an average of 220.93, and leads a field of the top 12 bowlers who advanced to the ESPN-televised rounds at Sunset Station's Strike Zone Bowling Center.

    the 30-year-old had the highest eight-game block on the PBA Scorpion (1848) pattern Friday morning and the second-highest final block on Viper (1784) averaging 227.00 for the day.

    Advancing to the televised portion of the event represents a victory for O'Keefe. She missed the cut to television at last year's U.S. Women's Open by two pins, and at this year's Queens, she missed a 10 pin in the final frame to lose a match that would have put her on the TV show.

    2009WUSOCarolynDorinBallard3.jpg2009WUSOKellyKulick.jpg"You have to move on when things happen to you like that," O'Keefe said. "I've worked really hard leading up to this tournament and today was all about shot-making, staying within myself and not worrying about everyone else. The only people I watched bowl all day were the ones on my pair so I would know when I was up."

    However, the top seed in the Women's U.S. Open isn't new for the 2007 World Singles champion as she led the qualifying of the 2007 event in Reno, Nev., and finished second after falling to fellow Team USA member Liz Johnson.

    2009WUSOLizJohnson.jpg2009WUSOTammyBoomershine2.jpgIf Johnson,(pictured left) will will her opening match against Missy Bellinder, she will O'Keefe will get a chance for revenge.

    The top four players after qualifying earned a first-round bye and only need to win three matches on television to win the U.S. Women's Open title. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard (above left) of Keller, Texas, finished second, Kelly Kulick (above right) of Union, N.J., was third and Tammy Boomershine (right) of North Ogden, Utah, finished fourth.

    "It's a huge advantage because I have bowled so great this week every round to have a bye makes me feel like I've been rewarded for all my hard work," O'Keefe said. "I just have to go into the next round with the same mentality I had today."

    2009WUSOShalinZulkifli.jpg2009WUSOClaraGuerrero4.jpgOther players advancing to television were:

    No. 5 Shalin Zulkifli (pictured left) of Malaysia; No. 6 Shannon Pluhowsky of Phoenix; No. 7 Lynda Barnes of Double Oak, Texas; No. 8 Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y.; No. 9 Missy Bellinder of Fullerton, Calif.; No. 10 Clara Juliana Guerrero (right) of Colombia; No. 11 Kim Terrell-Kearney of Grand Prairie, Texas; and No. 12 Diandra Asbaty of Chicago.

    2009 U.S. Women's Open - TV Schedule

    Quarterfinal Show 1 (Sat. at 2pm)
    No. 5 Shalin Zulkifli vs. No. 12 Diandra Asbaty
    No. 4 Tammy Boomershine vs. 5/12 winner
    Quarterfinal Show 2 (Sat. at 4pm)
    No. 6 Shannon Pluhowsky vs. No. 11 Kim Terrell-Kearney
    No. 3 Kelly Kulick vs. 6/11 winner
    Quarterfinal Show 3 (Sun. at noon)
    No. 7 Lynda Barnes vs. No. 10 Clara Juliana Guerrero
    No. 2 Carolyn Dorin-Ballard vs. 7/10 winner
    Quarterfinal Show 4 (Sun. at 2pm)
    No. 8 Liz Johnson vs. No. 9 Missy Bellinder
    No. 1 Shannon O' Keefe vs. 8/9 winner

    Semifinal and Championship (Sun. from 6pm)
    Show No. 1 Winner vs. Show No. 4 winner
    Show No. 2 winner vs. Show No. 3 winner
    Semifinal winners will meet for the Championship

    The 2009 USBC Women’s Championships pattern will be used.


    2009WUSOKimTerrellKearney.jpg2009WUSOShannonPluhowsky.jpgKim Terrell-Kearney (pictured left) had the highest final eight-game block on the PBA Viper pattern to make it onto the telecast and give herself the chance to defend the U.S. Women's Open title she won in Romeoville, Ill., last year. She also won the title in 2001.

    "I knew I would have to play catch up and bowl really well the last block," said Terrell-Kearney, who shot 1,788, an average of 223.5, in Round 5. "At this point, I can't even imagine what it would be like to win three U.S. Women's Open titles. There are a lot of great players to get past, and I'm not thinking about defending at this point, just about winning my matches."

    Any competitor who rolls a 300 game on one of the first four TV shows will receive a $25,000 bonus, while a perfect game in the semifinals or championship match (the fifth show), will earn $100,000. The shows will air on five consecutive Sundays at 2 p.m. EDT beginning Sept. 13 on ESPN. The schedule is subject to change.

    In addition to the U.S. Women's Open, 43 participants elected to pay a separate entry fee and use their U.S. Women's Open qualifying scores in the PBA Women's Tour Trials. The top 12 players who entered advanced to the PBA Women's Series, which will feature eight events conducted alongside Denny's PBA Tour events this season.

    2009WUSOLyndaBarnes2.jpgThe 12 exemptions for the 2009-10 PBA Women's Series go to
    Shannon O' Keefe, Arlington, Texas
    Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J.
    Tammy Boomershine, North Ogden, Utah
    Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia
    Shannon Pluhowsky (avove right), Phoenix
    Lynda Barnes (right), Double Oak, Texas
    Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, Calif.
    Clara Juliana Guerrero, Colombia
    Diandra Asbaty, Chicago
    Amanda Fagan, Patchoque, N.Y.
    Jennifer Petrick, Canton, Ohio
    Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic

    2009WUSOAmandaFagan.jpg2009WUSOJenniferPetrick.jpgTerrell-Kearney elected not to enter the PBA Women's Tour Trials while Dorin-Ballard and Johnson secured exemptions onto the PBA Women's Series by virtue of their victories in last season's events. That opened the door for Fagan (left), Petrick (right) and Guerra (below right) to make the PBA Women's Series.

    Other players with exemptions include Jodi Woessner, Wendy Macpherson, Stefanie Nation and Michelle Feldman.

    A total of 59 international players entered the 2009 U.S. Women's Open. 20 made the cut to the top 48 and 3, Zulkifli, Guerrero and Guerra, got an exemption for the PBA Women's Series and two Zulkifli and Guerrero advanced to the TV Show.

    Here are the placings of the others international bowlers:
    2009WUSOAumiGuerra.jpg13. Sharon Koh, Malaysia
    19. Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic
    21. Janine Gabel, Germany
    23. Zara Glover, England
    24. Esther Cheah, Malaysia
    25. Cha Mi-Jung, Korea and Alicia Marcano, Venezuela
    28. Rocio Restrepo, Colombia
    29. Isabelle Sacco, France
    30. Veronica Lantto, Sweden
    32. Siti Safiyah, Malaysia
    34. Maria Jose Rodriguez, Colombia
    36. Zandra Aziela, Malaysia
    38. Robin Orlikowski, Canada
    39. Ann-Maree Putney, Australia
    41. Laura Rhoney, Scotland
    45. Ghislaine van der Tol, Netherlands
    47. Bianca Flanagan, Australia


    WomensUSOpenLogo.jpgThe U.S. Women's Open, which has an entry fee of $350, is open to any USBC female member and features a prize fund of $150,000.

    All 170 players including 59 players from outside the U.S. representing 18 countries from all over the world /Colombia (7), Australia (6), Malaysia (6), Russia (6), France (5), Philippines (5), Germany (4), Canada (3), England (3), Netherlands (3), Venezuela (3), Korea (2), Sweden (2), Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico and Scotland) were split into two squads, A and B, to bowl three eight-game qualifying blocks over three days (Aug. 4-6).

    Each 8-game block was bowled on a different PBA Experience lane pattern. The first block on Shark, the second on Chameleon and the third on Cheetah.

    After 24 games, the field was cut to the top 48 players, who bowled an additional 16 games on Scorpion and Viper on Friday Aug. 7.

    The top 12 players after 40 games advance to the televised, single-game, match-play portion with the top four players receiving a first-round bye directly into the quarterfinals. The winner will receive the $25,000 first-place check.

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    2009 U.S. Women's Open - Top 48 after Qualifying Round Five

    Round 1 on Shark, Round 2 on Chameleon, Round 3 on Cheetah, Round 4 on Scorpion and Round 5 on Viper. The top 12 after 40 games advance to the TV Finals. The top 12, who paid entry fee for the Women's Tour Trials will be exempt for the upcoming PBA Women's Series (boldface)


    2009 U.S. Women's Open - Qualifying Round Five

    8 games on the Viper pattern