82 countries set to participate in 45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup


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    Melaka International Bowling Center in Melaka, Malaysia (Nov. 13-20, 2009)



    2009BWCFlyer_small.jpg With just three weeks to go before the start of the 45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Melaka, Malaysia, 82 countries have named 81 men and 63 women, who will participate in the prestigious event to be led at Melaka International Bowling Center from Nov. 13-20. The record of 95 participating countries was set in Singapore in 2004, where 95 men and 73 women participated.

    All players in each division, men and women, will bowl 24 qualifying games over three days. As the 52-lane center is split in two sections, each 8-game block will be divided into two blocks with 4 games being bowled on lanes 1-26 and 4 games on lanes 27 – 52. The top 24 players in each division will advance to the intermediate round with the 24-game total being carried forward.

    Those 24 men and 24 women will bowl a further 8 games to cut to the top 8 who will advance to the quarterfinals with the 32-game total being carried forward.

    Those 8 men and 8 women will determine the three finalists in round robin match play plus position round (total 8 games).

    The semifinals and the finals will be decided in best-of-three games format. No. 3 bowls No. 2 for the right to bowl No. 1 for the title. The highest seed player will have the choice of starting lane. The United States (men) and Singapore (women) are the defending champions.


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