Newman University's Hartnell upsets Barnes in "Challenge"


    PBA News

    2009ChrisBarnesChallenge.jpgNewman University senior Derek Hartnell overcame a 77-pin deficit to defeat PBA star Chris Barnes, 719-698, in the first Chris Barnes Challenge presented by Columbia 300 at Northrock Lanes Saturday.

    Hartnell, a 22-year-old from Kenosha, Wis., finished his third game with five strikes as Barnes lost the pocket after throwing a near-perfect 289 in game two of the three-game, total pinfall match. Hartnell won the $3,200 pot, 719-698.

    "I just threw shots," Hartnell said. "In the 10th, I had nerves going up and down, but I just tried to concentrate and I did it.

    "Who would have thought?"

    Barnes rolled games of 248, 289 and a split-filled 161 for his 698. Hartnell had games of 232, 229 and 258 for his 719.