Pawel Bielski holds onto the lead in 4th International Wroclaw Open by Hammer


    2010 European Bowling Tour #3

    Galeria Rozrywki Miraz in Wroclaw, Poland (Feb., 15-21, 2010)



    Day one leader Paweł Bielski held on to the qualifying lead in the 4th International Wroclaw Open by Hammer Tuesday at Galeria Rozrywki Miraz in Wroclaw, Poland. Bielski, who rolled the first 300 game of the tournament, leads the field of 35 players with 1424 six-game total and an average of 237.33.

    Piotr Zjawiony and Greta Frost led the extra squad on Tuesday afternoon with 1373 and 1350 to leap into second and third place, respectively. Frost is the sole woman in the tournament thus far.

    Tymoteusz Cieckiewicz slipped from second to fourth place with 1348. Fifth place belonged to Squad 3 leader Tomasz Janicki, all from Poland, who had six games between 203 and 227 for 1307.

    The 4th International Wroclaw Open by Hammer is one of six newcomers on the 2010 European Bowling Tour. The IWO, the third of 21 tournaments in the 2010 EBT season and the Tour's first Satellite tournament, will be held from Monday Feb. 15 through Sunday Feb. 21 at 10-laner Galeria Rozrywki Miraz in Wroclaw, Poland.

    The 2010 EBT Tour features 2 EBT Platinum tournament (formerly Premier), 7 EBT Gold tournaments (formerly Major), 8 EBT Silver tournaments (formerly Challenger) and 4 EBT Satellite tournaments (new).

    The tournament will be contested on a 41 feet long pattern (pdf file).

    Players will compete for total prize money of 20.000 Euro or approximately 27,250 USD. The champion will receive the 3.700 Euro winner's check.

    Qualifying (6 games) runs through Saturday Feb. 20 with the final qualifying squad 15 scheduled for 8.30pm (no Desperado Squad). Women receive 8 pins handicap each game, a standard on the European Bowling Tour.

    The top 40 players from the qualifying will advance to the finals on Sunday Feb. 21. The pinfall will be carried forward until the stepladder finals. The top 40 will bowl 4 games to cut to the top 20, who will advance to the second round.

    The top 20 will bowl another 4 games with the top 8 after 14 games advancing to round robin match play. The top 4 players after seven match play games (20 pins bonus per win, 10 for a tie, 10 pins bonus for each game between 250 and 300) will advance to the stepladder finals.

    The first two stepladder matches will be decided in one game, while the championship match is over two games decided by total pinfall. The No. 4 seed bowls the No. 3 seed, the winner takes on the No. 2 seed and the winner of the semifinal match earns the right to bowl the No. 1 seed for the title.


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