Cassidy Schaub powered his way into the lead in Istanbul Open


    2010 European Bowling Tour #8

    Two-handers Schaub and Palermaa roll 300 games in Thursday's qualifying squads

    2010EBT08CassidySchaub.jpg2010EBT08PaulMoor.jpgTwo-handed lefty Cassidy Schaub (pictured left), United States, led the first qualifying on Thursday, the 9th overall, with 1591 six game total and an average of 265.17 en route to move to the top of the leaderboard in the 7th Istanbul Bowling Open currently underway at Timeout Bowling Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

    The Team USA member, who had already a 1502 under his belt, started his series with 249 and 237, then fired games of 299 and 300, the third perfecto of the tournament, before he closed out with 248 and 258 to take the lead. Schaub missed the tournament record of 1603 set by Martin Larsen, Sweden, in 2008 by mere 12 pins.

    Three-time European Bowling Tour ranking winner and reigning EBT Masters champion, Paul Moor (above right), England, who shot 1556 (259.33) Wednesday night slipped one spot to second place.

    2009EBT04MathiasArup.jpg2010EBT04OskuPalermaa.jpgSweden's Mathias Årup (left) trailed Schaub by 92 pins to move into fifth place with 1499 and posted another 1400-plus series to lead Squad 10 with 1469.

    3-time defending European Bowling Tour ranking champion Osku Palermaa (right), Finland, became the fourth player who cracked the 1500-bar and the fourth player who achieved perfection when he rolled games of 267, 233, 245, 300, 258 and 235 in Squad 10 to move into third place with 1538 (256.33).

    Two-time EBT ranking runner-up Dominic Barrett, England, was second with 1463 (243.83), good for 7th place in the overall qualifying standings. Barrett's compatriot Stuart Williams, who won the Bahrain Open last week, fell to fourth place with 1524.

    200910PBATimMack2.jpg2009VOBrianVoss2.jpg2008 women's ranking champion Nina Flack, Sweden, is the best of 22 women in the 124-player field and one of nine above the cut line in 6th place with 1477 including 48 pins handicap, a standard for women on the European Bowling Tour. Defending ranking champion Nicki Ainge, England, is 17th with 1384.

    U.S. pros Tim Mack (left) and Hall of Famer Brian Voss (right) currently sit in 14th and 34 place with 1412 and 1302, respectively. Burak Natal, Turkey, is the top local bowler with 1360 in 20th place immediately followed by Mehmet Kayain 21st with 1356.

    2010EBT08OrAviram.jpgFormer European Champions Cup winner Or Aviram (left), Israel, led the last squad (12) on Thursday with 1349 (224.83) to move into 23rd place. With another eight qualifying squads to go, Gediz Ege, Turkey, holds the 42nd and final place to advance with 1244 or an average of 207.33. Qualifying continues on Friday with Squads 13-16.

    2010EBT08OilPattern.jpgThe 7th Istanbul Bowling Open will be held from May 10-16, 2010 at 20-lane Timeout Bowling Center in Istanbul, Turkey and offers total prize fund of 68.000 Euro with 10.000 Euro going to the winner.

    The oil pattern (pdf file) being used in Istanbul is USBC Sport Bowling compliant. The pattern is based on Kegel’s Navigation Sport Series pattern BOARDWALK but made two feet longer because of the extremely high friction lane surface.

    The tournament is the 8th stop of the 2010 European Bowling Tour and one of the Tour's "Gold" tournaments. Since the Ankara Open and the Austria Challenge have been cancelled, the 2010 EBT Tour consists of 19 events - 2 EBT Platinum tournament (formerly Premier), 6 EBT Gold tournaments (formerly Major), 7 EBT Silver tournaments (formerly Challenger) and 4 EBT Satellite tournaments (new category).

    2010EBT02GhislainevanderTol2_small.jpg2009BWCTomasLeandersson_small.jpg Ghislaine van der Tol (left), Netherlands, is the defending champion. Tomas Leandersson (right), Sweden, finished second to lead the men's ranking.

    Qualifying runs through Saturday, May 15th and concludes with the one-game Desperado Squad early Sunday morning.

    A total of 48 players - the top 42 players from the qualifying plus the top 6 from the Desperado Squad - will advance to the finals on Sunday, May 16.

    The top 8 qualifiers will earn three byes, qualifiers 9-18 will receive two byes and qualifiers 19-28 will bypass the first round of the finals.

    Round 1-5 consist of four games starting from scratch. The field will be trimmed to 38, 28, 18, 8 and then four who will advance to the semifinals (Round 6). Those four determine the finalists in two-game matches (No. 1 vs. No. 4 and No. 2 vs. No. 3). The winners will bowl for the title and the 10.000 € top prize with the two-game total to determine the champion.


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    Standings after Qualifying Squad 12/20


    300 games (4) - Stuart Williams, Tore Torgersen, Cassidy Schaub, Osku Palermaa.