Big payday for Stuart Williams; wins 30.000 Euro in Qatar Open


    2010 European Bowling Tour #18

    Dominic Barrett and Nina Flack win the 2010 European Bowling Tour rankings

    2010BucharestStuartWilliams.jpg 2009VOMaiGingeJensen.jpgPBA exempt player Stuart Williams (lpictured left, England, defeated Mai Ginge Jensen (right), Denmark, 422-417, en route to claim the title in the European Bowling Tour "Platinum" Qatar Bowling Open and to win the 30.000 Euro top prize (approx. 43,865 U.S. Dollar).

    It was the sixth career EBT title for the 2007 World Ranking Masters champion after victories in Barcelona (2003), Aalborg (2004), Luxembourg (2006), Malta (2007) and Nuneaton (2007).

    The four finalists - Williams, Jensen, Dominic Barrett (below left), England and Sayed Al-Hashemi (below right), UAE - had already led the qualifying to earn two byes into the Round of 16.

    2010EBT15DominicBarrett.jpg2010MWCSayedIbrahimAlHashemi.jpgWilliams, who was second after qualifying, barely made the cut to the Round of 8 finishing the six-game block from scratch in eighth place with 1277. Barrett led the field with 1441 with Jensen third with 1374 including 48 pins handicap and Al-Hashemi fourth with 1354.

    Williams rebounded with a 1419 series in the Round of 8 and outaveraged his nearest competitor by more than 24 pins to earn the top seed with 2696 pinfall total. Jensen who had 1314 including handicap was mere eight pins behind in second place with 2688. By advancing to the finals, Jensen won the women's ranking in Qatar, her second win of the 2010 season after Lahti.

    2009EBT05JouniHelminen.jpg2010EBT15NinaFlack.jpgBarrett slipped to third place with 2686 behind a 1245 series. Al-Hashemi totaled 2626 pins to beat out compatriot Naif Oqab for the fourth and final spot by six pins. Finland's Jouni Helminen (left) was sixth with 2520 and was followed by Swedes Joline Persson-Planefors and Mattias Wetterberg in seventh and eighth place with 2512 and 2509.

    Williams advanced to the title match with a narrow 449-442 victory over Hashemi with the two-game total deciding the winner. Jensen eliminated Barrett, who had already sealed the victory in the 2010 Men's Ranking before the tournament had started, in a high-scoring affair, 514-485.

    In the title match, Williams won the first game by four pins (202-198) and the second game by one pin (220-219) to wrap up the title. Jensen was consoled with 15.000 Euro for second place while Barrett and Al-Hashemi pocketed 5.000 each for third and fourth place.

    Nina Flack (above right), Sweden finished sixth in the women's ranking and 32nd overall to seal her victory in the 2010 EBT women's rankings.

    2010EBTLogo_small.jpg The 10th Qatar Bowling Open is the 18th and last stop of the 2010 European Bowling Tour and one of only two "Platinum" events of the 2010 EBT season. The tournament will be held from Saturday Dec. 11 through Sunday Dec. 19, 2010 at 32-lane Qatar Bowling Center in Doha, Qatar and offers total prize fund of 120.000 Euro with 30.000 Euro going to the winner.

    Since the Ankara Open and the Austria Challenge have been cancelled and the English Open has lost its EBT status, the 2010 EBT Tour consists of 18 events - 2 EBT Platinum tournament (formerly Premier), 6 EBT Gold tournaments (formerly Major), 6 EBT Silver tournaments (formerly Challenger) and 4 EBT Satellite tournaments (new category).

    Qualifying ended on Friday, Dec. 17 after 17 squads (Squad 15 has been cancelled) and the single-game "Desperado Squad". A total of 48 players - the top 38 qualifiers and the top 2 each from Dec. 11-13 squads plus the top 4 from the Desperado Squad - advanced to the finals on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 18-19, 2010.

    The top 6 qualifiers bypassed the first two rounds, while places 7-12 received one bye. The other 36 players bowled six games from scratch with the top 18 advancing to the second round. Those 18 plus qualifiers 7-12 bowled another six-game block from scratch.

    The top 10 joined the top six qualifiers - Sayed Al-Hashemi, UAE; Stuart Williams, England; Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark; Dominic Barrett, England; Jimmy Mortensen, Denmark; and Naif Oqab, UAE - in Round 3 on Sunday.

    Those 16 bowled six games from scratch to cut to the top 8, who bowled another six games with the pinfall from Round 3 being carried forward. The top 4 after 12 games advanced to the championship round (two-game matches decided by total pinfall).

    No. 1 bowled No. 4 and No. 2 met No. 3. The winners advanced to the championship match to bowl for the title and the 30.000 Euro top prize (approx. 43,865 U.S. Dollar). The runner-up was consoled with 15.000 Euro.

    2010 European Bowling Tour Rankings by Bowlingdigital (final)
    2010 EBT Men's Ranking
    2010 EBT Women's Ranking


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    10th Qatar Bowling Open

    Qatar Bowling Center in Doha, Qatar (Dec. 11-19, 2010)

    Championship Round:
    1. Stuart Williams, England, 30.000 Euro
    2. Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark, 15.000 Euro
    3. Dominic Barrett, England, 5.000 Euro
    4. Sayed Al-Hashemi, UAE, 5.000 Euro

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match #1: #1 Williams (247, 202) def. #4 Al-Hashemi (222, 220), 449-442
    Semifinal Match #2: #2 Jensen (240, 274) def. #3 Barrett (224, 261), 514-485
    Championship: Williams (202, 220) def. Jensen (198, 219), 422-417.


    Places 5-48 (cashers)

    5. Naif Oqab, UAE, 2.500 Euro
    6. Jouni Helminen, Finland, 2.500 Euro
    7. Joline Persson-Planefors, Sweden, 2.500 Euro
    8. Mattias Wetterberg, Sweden, 2.500 Euro
    9. Krista Pöllänen, Finland, 2.000 Euro
    10. Jenny Johansson, Sweden, 2.000 Euro
    11. Karl Wahlgren, Sweden, 2.000 Euro
    12. Remy Ong, Singapore, 2.000 Euro
    13. Jimmy Mortensen, Denmark, 2.000 Euro
    14. Mike Fagan, United States, 2.000 Euro
    15. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 2.000 Euro
    16. Peter Ljung, Sweden, 2.000 Euro
    17. Syed Muzzaffer Mohsin, Malaysia, 1.300 Euro
    18. Mika Koivuniemi, Finland, 1.300 Euro
    19. Patrick Healey, United States, 1.300 Euro
    20. Tore Torgersen, Norway, 1.300 Euro
    21. Basil Al-Ansi, Kuwait, 1.300 Euro
    22. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 1.300 Euro
    23. Johan Helldén, Sweden, 1.300 Euro
    24. Mansoor Al-Awamy, Qatar, 1.300 Euro
    25. Yaqoub Al-Shatti, Kuwait, 1.300 Euro
    26. Harep Al-Mansouri, UAE, 1.300 Euro
    27. Britt Brøndsted, Denmark, 1.300 Euro
    28. Perttu Jussila, Finland, 1.300 Euro
    29. Mohamed Al-Zaabi, UAE, 1.300 Euro
    30. Khalil Al-Mothen, Qatar, 1.300 Euro
    31. Yousif Falah, Bahrain, 1.000 Euro
    32. Nina Flack, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    33. Kamilla Kjeldsen, Denmark, 1.000 Euro
    34. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    35. Hussain Al-Suwaidi, UAE, 1.000 Euro
    36. Chris Barnes, United States, 1.000 Euro
    37. Helén Johnsson, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    38. Paul Moor, England, 1.000 Euro
    39. Mathias Ă…rup, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    40. Abdulla Haroon, Qatar, 1.000 Euro
    41. Adil Lootah, UAE, 1.000 Euro
    42. Kim Bolleby, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    43. Mubarak Al-Muraikhi, Qatar, 1.000 Euro
    44. Robert Andersson, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
    45. Khalid Al-Dubayan, Kuwait, 1.000 Euro
    46. Johnni Adsbøl, Denmark, 1.000 Euro
    47. Ricardo Macatula, Philippines, 1.000 Euro
    48. Fahad Al-Emadi, Qatar, 1.000 Euro


    2010 Qatar Open - Round Four Results

    The top 8 of Round Three bowled six games with the pinfall being carried forward. The top 4 after 12 games advanced to the finals.


    2010 Qatar Open - Round Three Results

    Top 6 qualifiers and the top 10 of Round Two bowled six games scratch. The top 8 advanced to the fourth round with the pinfall being carried forward.