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    Tour's 11th consecutive season exceeds 1 million Euro prize fund

    2010EBTLogo_small.jpgThe 2010 European Bowling Tour has concluded its 11th consecutive season featuring 18 tournaments in 16 countries. The EBT kicked off with the Brunswick Ballmaster Open and ended with the Qatar Bowling Open, the Tour's two Platinum tournaments in 2010. In addition the Tour consisted of six Gold, seven Silver and four Satellite tournaments.

    The total prize fund of the 2010 European Bowling Tour exceeded 1 million Euro (approx. US$1.32 million) prize fund. Tax deductions are not considered in this calculation.

    2010EBT15NinaFlack.jpg2010EBT16DominicBarrett.jpgSweden's Nina Flack (pictured left) and Dominic Barrett (rightt), England won the 2010 EBT women's and men's point rankings to lead the top 16 women and the top 16 men into the 4th EBT Masters to be held at Gladiator Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from April 11-12, 2011.

    Barrett led the men's point rankings for the first time in his career after finishing second in the 2008 and 2009 EBT season. He was one of just two multiple champions in the 2010 season winning the titles in the 4th International Wroclaw Open by Hammer and the Bowltech Aalborg International 2010.

    201011PBAMikaKoivuniemi.jpg2010EBT11ChrisLoschetter.jpgThe "Big Finn" Mika Koivuniemi (left) was the other capturing the titles in the Ballmaster and the 7th Istanbul Bowling Open. Koivuniemi was one of five PBA exempt players, who have won an EBT title in the 2010 season.

    Chris Loschetter (right) won the 6th Storm San Marino Open, Chris Barnes defeated fellow PBA champion Pete Weber to win the 8th Columbia 300 Vienna Open, Michael Fagan claimed the title in the Ebonite Lahti Open while Stuart Williams, England, triumphed in the Qatar Bowling Open.

    2010BWCNLQWendyKok.jpg2010EBT10GhislainevanderTol.jpgFlack, who won the women's ranking for the second time after 2008, won the women's ranking in the Brunswick Euro Challenge and the 32nd Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona. Joining Flack as multiple ranking winners were Kamilla Kjeldsen (Bowltech Aalborg International 2010, 8th Columbia 300 Vienna Open) and Mai Ginge Jensen (Ebonite Lahti Open, Qatar Bowling Open), both Denmark.

    Two of the 18 EBT tournaments in the year 2010 were won by Dutch women, Wendy Kok (left) took the title in the 4th Qubica/AMF Open 2010 and Ghislaine van der Tol (right) won the title in the 1st Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open.

    The "average tournament of the 2010 European Bowling Tour had 221 players - 182 men and 39 women from 19 countries, a total prize fund of approx. 56.000 Euro and a first place prize of 9.400. It took an average of 244.16 or a 1465 six-game series to win a qualifying in 2010.

    The Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open, a newcomer on the European Bowling Tour, was the closest to the average featuring 212 players from 19 countries, a 50.000 Euro prize fund, a 10.000 Euro top prize and a 1471 series to win the qualifying.

    2010BucharestStuartWilliams.jpgThe Brunswick Ballmaster Open led all tournaments in number of total participants (507) and also had the most men with 442. The Brunswick Euro Challenge was second with 448 participants including the most women (97) and the most participating countries (34). Another two tournaments, the 8th Columbia 300 Vienna Open (307) and the 1st Ebonite Roma International (320) cracked the 300 participants bar.

    The season-ending Qatar Bowling Open, the Tour's sole tournament in a non-European country, had the highest prize fund of 120.000 Euro and winner Stuart Williams (left) pocketed the 2010 Tour's biggest pay check of 30.000 Euro.

    The 1st Pavlovskiy Posad Open in Russia had the lowest number of countries (8), participants (97) and men (80) but its 17 women beat the 4th International Wroclaw Open by Hammer which had the lowest number of female participants (8), the lowest prize fund (20.000 Euro) and the lowest top prize (3.700 Euro) .

    2010EBT08CassidySchaub.jpg201011PBAMikeFagan.jpgTwo-handed lefty Cassidy Schaub (left), United States, posted the highest qualifying series of the entire season in the 7th Istanbul Bowling Open where he rolled a 1591 six-game series (249, 237, 299, 300, 248 and 258) to win the qualifying with a 265.17 average. Another five players had series between 1556 and 1513.

    Mike Fagan (right) and Anthony Pepe, both United States, posted the second highest total of 1572 to lead the qualifying of the Brunswick Ballmaster Open and the Brunswick Euro Challenge. Sean Rash, United States, had the lowest score to win a qualifying in the 1st Ebonite Roma International, where the PBA champion led the qualifying field with 1326 or an average of 221.

    The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each tournament of the European Bowling Tour cashed ranking points no matter from which country or World Tenpin Bowling Association Zone (Europe, Asia, America) he or she came from. Ranking champion Barrett and Flack led a field of 515 men and 341 women, who earned ranking points in the 2010 season.

    2011EBTLogo.jpgThe 2011 European Bowling Tour will start on Jan. 1st at Tali Bowl in Helsinki when the legendary Brunswick Ballmaster Open will get underway. The EBT is heading into its 12th season which will feature 22 tournaments in 17 countries - two Platinum, six Gold, seven Silver and seven Satellite tournaments.

    Two of the 22 tournaments, the Brunswick Ballmaster Open and the Brunswick Euro Challenge will be a part of the new World Bowling Tour organized by the World Tenpin Bowling Association for 2011.

    The total prize fund of the 2011 EBT Tour exceeds 1.1 million Euro. The top 16 men and women in the EBT ranking will qualify for the 5th EBT Masters at Dream Bowl Palace in Unterföhring near Munich, Germany April 30 and May 1, 2012.


    Review the 2010 European Bowling Tour

    Big payday for Stuart Williams ; wins 30.000 Euro in Qatar Open
    Perttu Jussila wins his first EBT title in 1st Ebonite Roma International
    Michael Fagan posts big numbers to win his third EBT title in Ebonite Lahti Open
    Chris Barnes wins 8th Columbia 300 Vienna Open from top seed
    Ivan Semenov triumphs in 1st Pavlovskiy Posad Open
    Thomas Gross defeats Paul Moor to win BNC Bratislava Open
    Gery Verbruggen beats Voss and Barrett to win his 10th EBT title in Barcelona
    Chris Loschetter wins his first EBT title in 6th Storm San Marino Open
    Ghislaine van der Tol comes from behind to win 1st Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open
    Dominic Barrett wins his second EBT title this season in Bowltech Aalborg International
    Mika Koivuniemi shoots big games to win the 7th Istanbul Open
    Wendy Kok wins qualifying in 4th Qubica/AMF Open
    Ulf Bolleby wins his first EBT title in Ebonite International Luxembourg Open
    Rob Thurlby beats two Malaysians to win the Brunswick Euro Challenge
    Thomas Larsen wins his first career EBT title in 8th Catalonia Open
    Redemption for Dominic Barrett, wins 4th International Wroclaw Open by Hammer
    Dennis Eklund wins Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament
    Mika Koivuniemi comes from behind to win his second Brunswick Ballmaster Open title