Record-setting Bowling’s U.S. Women’s Open gets underway Friday June 24th


    United States

    Nearly 290 players from 16 countries registered for the $200,000 event; stepladder finals on June 3ß to be staged at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas; if a competitor in the championship match rolls a 300, she will win $1 million



    2011USWOLogo.jpg The 57th edition of Bowling’s U.S. Women’s Open, sponsored by the Brands of Ebonite International, which will be held June 24-29 in Texas, features a record field of 287 players and will make history in various ways.

    The Open starts next Friday with open practice and pro/am squads at AMF Showplace Lanes in Euless, Texas. Qualifying runs from Saturday through Monday and is followed by the Rounds of 32 and 16 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    The top five players will determine the champion in a stepladder final on June 30 to be staged on the biggest stage possible for their sport: the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, home of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys and host of Super Bowl XLV.

    The show will be broadcast on ESPN2's "Best and the Brightest," Saturday, July 2 at 6 p.m. ET.

    BowlingdigitalBanner.gif Bowlingdigital will cover the Open live from Texas commencing on Sunday, June 26 all the way through to the arena finals on Thursday evening.

    103,219 spectators watched on Feb. 6, 2011 the Green Bay Packers defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers by the score of 31–25 for the Packers' fourth Super Bowl victory.

    The 2ß11 U.S. Women’s Open will offer total prize fund of $200.000 based on 300 entries. As of June 17, 2011, the event has 287 entries, breaking the previous record of 267 set in 2003.

    Online Registration

    The tournament winner will receive a $50,000 purse, and if a competitor in the championship match rolls a 300, she will win $1 million, an unprecedented amount, Steve Johnson, executive director of the BPAA said. The runner-up gets $25,000, third place is worth $15,000, the fourth-place finisher takes $12,500 while the fifth-place finisher garners $10,000.

    42 international players from 15 countries will represent all three zones (Asia, Europe and America) of the World Tenpin Bowling Association - Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, England, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Sweden and Venezuela.

    Spearheading the international contingent are:
    • Carol Gianotti, Australia, 16-time PWBA champion
    • Clara Juliana Guerrero, Colombia, two-time World champion, 2005 World Ranking Masters champion
    • Nina Flack, Sweden, 2007 World champion, European champion, two-time EBT ranking champion
    • Helen Johnsson, Sweden, 2007 World champion, European champion
    • Liza Del Rosario, Philippines, 2003 World champion
    • Patricia Luoto, Germany, 1997 World Games gold medalist
    • Maxine Nable, Australia, 1998 World Cup champions and Commonwealth Games gold medalist
    • Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, 2010 World Cup champion
    • Caroline Lagrange, Canada, 2009 World Cup champion
    • Sara Vargas, Colombia, 2006 World Ranking Masters champion
    • Rocio Restrepo, Colombia, 2011 CONCECABOL Masters champion
    • Anngie Ramirez, Colombia, 2011 NCAA champion, 2011 USBC Intercollegiate Team champion
    • Maria Rodriguez, Colombia, 2010 World Youth champion, 2011 NCAA champion, 2011 USBC Intercollegiate Team champion
    • Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark, European champion and current European Bowling Tour ranking leader
    • Kamilla Kjeldsen, Denmark, two-time EBT ranking champion and three-time EBT Masters winner
    • Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, American champion
    • Karen Marcano, Venezuela, American champion
    • Nicki Ainge, England, 2009 EBT ranking champion
    • Laura Fonnegra, Colombia, 2010 World Youth champion
    • Diana Zavjalova, Latvia, 2008 European Youth champion

    For the TV Show on June 30th the remaining five players will arrive to the Cowboys Stadium at 10:00 a.m. where interviews, photos, etc. will be taking place. They will practice around 5:30 p.m. on the lanes and the TV show will start at 7:00 p.m.

    This will mark the first time in the history of the sport that a women's major professional bowling event will be held in a traditional sporting venue. The finals will be broadcast live on the stadium's famed 60-yard high definition video board.

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    2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open





    2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open - Tournament Format

    Friday, June 24th – open practice from 9:00am to Noon
    Friday, June 24th – Pro am Squads 2pm, 5pm, 7pm & 9pm (3-6-9 format)
    Saturday, Sunday and Monday June 25-27th – alternating A,B & C squad times 8:00am, Noon, 4:00pm; 8 games per day cutting to top 32 after the last squad on Monday.
    Tuesday June 28th – Top 32 bowlers will bowl 8 more games at 10:00am then cut to the top 16. Top 16 will return at 7:00pm to bowl first 8 games of round robin match play.
    Wednesday June 29th – Top 16 return at 10:00am for 7 more games of round robin match play and 1 game of position round.
    Top five players will advance to the finals at Cowboys Stadium on Thursday June 30th at 7:00pm.

    Tournament Format (pdf file)
    Tournament Rules (pdf file)



    2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open - Prize Fund

    Total Prize Fund: $200.000 (based on 300 entries)



    U.S. Women’s Open - Past Champions

    WIBCHallofFamerMarionLadewig2.jpgWIBC Hall of Famer Marion Ladewig (pictured) has won the U.S. Women’s Open record eight times - in the tournament's first five years (1949-52 and 54) and again in 1965, 1959 and 1963.

    Next are ten players who have won the tournament twice: Dorothy Fothergill, Pat Costello, Paula Sperber-Carter, Sylvia Martin, Aleta Sill, Dana Miller-Mackie, Donna Adamek and more recently Liz Johnson (1996, 2ßß7), Kim Terrell-Kearney (2001, 2008) and Kelly Kulick (2003, 2010).

    In 62 years from 1949 through 2010 the USWO was not contested in seven years (1953, 1957, 1997, 2002, 2004-06). 1955 is the only year in which the event was contested twice (Jan. and Dec.).




    2011 Bowling's U.S. Women's Open - List of Participants (287 as of June 24)

    International entries (42):
    Carol Gianotti, Australia; Maxine Nable, Australia; Colleen Insko, Canada; Caroline Lagrange, Canada; Jeronica Jaldibinito Duran, Chile; Maria Francisca Garcia Opazo, Chile; Constanza Bahamondez Bornia, Chile; Andrea Rojas, Chile; Anngie Ramirez, Colombia; Clara Guerrero, Colombia; Laura Fonnegra, Colombia; Maria Rodriguez, Colombia; Paola Gomez, Colombia; Rocio Restrepo, Colombia; Sara Vargas, Colombia; Valentina Collazos, Colombia; Kamilla Kjeldsen, Denmark; Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark; Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic; Nicki Ainge, England; Patricia Luoto, Germany; Akiko Hirano, Japan; Cinthia Nawate, Japan; Sakae Okuno, Japan; Taeko Tamaki, Japan; Tomomi Shibata, Japan; Yumi Nakajima, Japan; Diana Zavjalova, Latvia; Lisanne Breeschoten, Netherlands; Liza Del Rosario, Philippines; Mariana Ayala, Puerto Rico; Hwang Hyun Sun, South Korea; Kim Chun Hee, South Korea; Kim Seul Ki, South Korea; Helen Johnsson, Sweden; Joline Persson-Planefors, Sweden; Nina Flack, Sweden; Rebecka Larsen, Sweden; Alicia Marcano, Venezuela; Karen Marcano, Venezuela; Maria Cardier, Venezuela; Patricia De Faria, Venezuela.

    U.S. entries (245):
    Addileen Pointer; Aida Sanchez; Alecia Henderson; Alicia Lamb; Alysa Smith; Alyssa Soderquist; Amanda Bennett; Amanda Vermilyea; Amy Hart; Andreya Teuber; Angela Williams; Angela Wilt; Anita Manns; Ann Shivers; Anne Marie Duggan; April Ellis; April Urban; Arvese McGraw; Ashley Cox; Ashly Galante; Beth Carter; Beth Kirkpatrick; Beth Rountree; Brandi Lynch; Brandi Stephens; Brandy Silva; Brenda Padilla; Brenda Yarbrough; Brinda Burks; Brittani Scruggs-Barber; Brittany Poff; Bryanna Caldwell; Carol Norman; Carole Jones; Carolyn Dorin-Ballard; Cassandra Leuthold; Cathy Dorin-Lizzi; Cathy Nelson; Catie Jensen; Char Hammel; Cheryl Cole; Cheryl Daniels; Cheryl Keslar; Cheryl Robinson; Christina Wickey; Christine Gill; Christine Kato; Connie R. Thibodeaux; Courtney Stith; Crystal Boutotte; Cyndi Patterson; Cynthia Vernig-Sutherland; Dana Miller-Mackie; Dayna Galganski; Deanna Barnes; Debbie Baerman; Debbie Belcher; Debra Willett; Dede Davidson; Devan Hodlik; Diana Jessie-Nunn; Diandra Asbaty; Diva Gwiscz; Elise Bolton; Elizabeth Sienicki; Elysia Current; Emily Maier; Erica Kellenbarger; Erin Czuprynski; Erin Lenahan; Erin McCarthy; Felicia Goll; Genie Franklin; Gina Hurst; Gloria Llagas; Ryu Hae Ok; Heather Jones; Heidy Mui; Jacki Hentz; Jacqueline M. Carbonetto; Jacqui Reese; Jaime Foster; Jamey Coggins; Jamie Martin; Jamie Mitchell; Jan Schmidt; Jean Cheshier; Jennifer Boisselle; Jennifer Channell; Jennifer Hartlep; Jennifer Hernandez; Jennifer Higgins; Jenny Brown; Jenny Petzoldt; Jessica Baker; Jessica Diso; Jessica Frederick; Jodi Woessner; Jonquay Armon; Josie Bashara; Josie Earnest; Jovan Blankenfeld; Joyce Biondo; Julie McHugh; Kaidee Sutphin; Kalyn Washburn; Kara Bunting; Karen Boyd; Karen Jost; Karen Koenig; Karen Morris; Karrie Smith; Kate Messemer; Katelyn Simpson; Kathleen Johnson; Kathy Peters; Kayla Bandy; Kayla M. Johnson; Kayla Tennant; Kellie Weidman; Kelly Kulick; Kerry Moreland; Kim Terrell-Kearney; Kimberley Tyson; Kimberly McGriff; Kimberly Sisk; Kimberly Yioulos; Kimi Davidson; Kristal Wilson; Kristin Warzinski; Kristina Frahm; Kristina Hill; Kristina Schaeffer; Kristy King; La Von Burks; Laura Hardeman; Leanne Hulsenberg; LeAudra Byrd; Leisha Murr; Lela Dudley; Leslie Bohn; Lilia Johnson; Linda Smith; Linda Yarbrough; Lindsay Baker; Lindsey Coulles; Lindsey Siegel; Lisa Bishop; Lisa Johnson; Lisa MacAllister; Lisa Noor; Lisa Varallo; Lisa Wasson; Liz Johnson; Lori Colclasure; Lori Eskew; Lori Maikowski; Lori Martin; Luann Carbonetto; Lucy Sandelin; Lynda Barnes; Mandy Wilson; Marchelle Dukes; Marcia Kloempken; Maria Bacos; Marion Singleton; Mary Porter; Megan Kelly; Megan McGinley; MeiLing Billingsley; Melanie DeCarlo; Melanie McAllister; Melissa Carrillo; Melissa Carter; Melissa Lyncker; Michele Irwin; Michele Zehr; Michelle Feldman; Michelle Ostrowski; Michelle Russell; Michelle Smart; Michelle Sterner; Missy Parkin; Nadia King; Nanci Johnson; Nanette Duncan; Neishka Cardona; Nicole Haffely; Nicole Harrison; Noreen Lindsey; Olivia Sandham; Pam Lawrence; Patti Schultz; Patty Ellington; Paula Cesare; Paula Vidad; Rachel Perez; Rebecca Lovorn; Renee Wesley; Rita Heger; Roberta Bryk; Roberta Vann; Robin Romeo; Rossi Robben; Roxanne George; Sabrina Duncan-Rose; Samantha Kelly; Samantha Morrison; Samantha Willliams; Sandi Charles; Sara Litteral; Sara Teuber; Sarah Kaufman; Shaina Woolbaugh; Shannon Labinski; Shannon O'Keefe; Shannon Pluhowsky; Sharman Hardin; Shauna Shannon; Sheila Burger; Shelley West; Sierra Navarro; Stefanie Nation; Stephanie Haley; Suzana Signaigo; Tammy Hatfield; Tammy McFarland; Tammy Turner; Taylor Diefenderfer; Tennelle Milligan; Teri Gilbert; Teri Haugh; Terri Ward; Terysa Wojnar; Tish Johnson; Tracey Magnuson; Traci Davis; Traci Spanitz; Tracy Ganjoin; Tracy Luncsford; Valerie Peterson; Veronica Pestel; Wanda Parker; Yolanda Garrett; Kimberly Wallace.