England's Dominic Barrett and two Kuwaitis injured in a quad-bike accident in Saudi Arabia


    Saudi Arabia

    Updated Thursday at 7 a.m. CET

    2011KODominicBarrett.jpg2011KOMohammedAlRageebah.jpgJoan Mack, mother of international star Tim Mack, and bowling writer Dom Gall, England, have informed Bowlingdigital that three participants of the fifth Kingdom International Open, Europe's No. 1 Dominic Barrett (pictured left) of England as well as Kuwaitis Mohammed Al-Rajeebah (right) and Fahad Al-Regeeb, were injured in two separate quad-bike (ATV) accidents during the desert party of the tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last night.

    The party in the desert is a tradition of the Kingdom International which is held from March 24-30, 2011 at Universal Bowling Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Bowlers and party-goers alike were taking turns to ride the powerful quad-bikes and dune-buggies out into the night.

    Barrett had witnessed American Josh Blanchard crash a quad-bike a little earlier, but Blanchard had been lucky and despite flying over the handlebars, had walked away with only bruises.

    It was Indonesian Ryan Lalisang, who drove back into the camp and rushed to tell Prince Hakim of the crash. A rescue party was sent out to check and discovered two separate accidents with all three bowlers in various states of injury.

    Tim Mack, an experienced quad-bike rider, took charge of rallying rescuers and told the nearest bowler, who happened to be Hussain Al-Suwaidi, UAE, to grab some bottles of water and jump on the back, then speeded off out to the scene of the accidents.

    Barrett was the first to arrive back, with a blood spattered forehead and swollen face, but sitting in the passenger seat of a dune buggy looking very frail. He was rushed to the rear of the camp for medical attention and to await the ambulance which had already been summoned.

    Next to arrive back, also sitting in a dune-buggy, was Al Regeeb, The Kuwaiti, who had only recently recovered from a broken wrist, was holding his arm and grimaced in pain.

    The last to return to the camp was Al-Rajeebah. The big Kuwaiti was hidden in the back of a four wheel drive surrounded by a group of people and nurses, so his injuries were not visible, but rumors were of possible broken legs.

    All three were conscious and taken by ambulance to Kingdom hospital in Riyadh. The bus ride back was subdued and Tim Mack was in regular phone contact with Prince Hakim with updates from the hospital. He and Barrett's compatriot Stuart Williams went to the hospital as soon as they arrived back at the hotel.

    Barrett has fractured clavicle or collar bone but no broken ribs as reported yesterday. He also has a cut above and to his left eye and will remain in Riyadh for at least ten days. has made arrangements for Barrett's mother and his partner , Australian bowler Cassie Staudinger, to be flown out to Riyadh to be with him.

    Al-Rajeebah suffered a crushed thigh bone (femur) with three fractures. He will require surgery to have his leg pinned and is facing months of rehabilitation. Al-Regeeb, who was Al-Rajeebah's passenger in the accident, suffered a dislocated shoulder.

    We wish all three bowlers a speedy recovery.


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