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october, 2019

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1oct - 61:00 AMoct 6- 1:00 AM3rd Brunswick OpenEBT BronzeCristal Bowling
2oct - 6oct 21:00 AMoct 6Encuentro PanAmtba
4oct - 13oct 41:00 AMoct 13Norwegian Open 2019 by BrunswickEBT BronzeLucky Bowl Veitvet
4oct - 6oct 41:00 AMoct 622nd Senior Malta OpenEden SuperBowl
5oct - 12oct 51:00 AMoct 1241st La Raza TournamentBowling Dent, Bowling Cariari
5oct - 12oct 51:00 AMoct 1241st La Raza Bowling TournamentBowling Dent; Bowlimg Cariari
9oct - 13oct 91:00 AMoct 13French Senior Open 2019ISBT eventPlanet Bowling
19oct - 27oct 191:00 AMoct 2710th Sofia International OpenJoy Station
19oct1:00 AM- 1:00 AMABF Executive Committee Meetingtba
19oct - 27oct 191:00 AMoct 2724th J.I.C. Sinjoor International Youth TournamentBowling Stones
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