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Korea’s Cho Youngseon captures the first gold medal for Korea in Men’s Singles


In an exciting showdown between the two best bowlers Saturday at Sky Bowling in Wroclaw, Poland, Cho Youngseon of the Republic of Korea defeated Ildemaro Ruiz of Venezuela, two-games-to-none, to win the gold medal in men’s singles at the X World Games 2017.

Ruiz (left) received the silver medal, while Tobias Börding (right), who finished second to Chris Barnes, United States, in the 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup 2014 here at Sky Bowling, swept Salvatore Polizzotto of Italy in the bronze medal match.

Cho (above), who has won the prestigious Masters title at the 2013 World Championships in Las Vegas, became the first man to win an individual title in the history of the World Games.

Opposite to previous World Games, Korea has sent some of the finest bowlers to Poland and the decision immediately paid off. Cho and his team mate, 2014 World Champion in Masters, Kang Heewon (right, l-r), are one the favorites in men’s doubles, which will conclude the bowling competition in Wroclaw on Monday.

Cho and Ruiz were among the five bowlers, who cracked the 1400-bar in qualifying. Thomas Larsen (left) of Denmark and Ricardo Lecuona (below right)of Mexico led the 32 bowlers from 16 countries with 1420 and were followed by Ruiz in third place with 1414, Kuek Qi En of Singapore in fourth place with 1401 and Cho in fifth place with 1400.

Cho posted games of 255 and 195 to sweep Ruiz’ team mate Massimiliano Fridegotto, 2-0, and Ruiz used games of 234 and 289 to make quick work of Shogo Wada of Japan.

Both players had to go the distance in the Round of 8. Down 1-0 against 18-time PBA champion Tommy Jones, United States, Cho won the second game in the second one-ball roll-off, 10-8, after a 215-215 tie and a 10-10 tie in the first roll-off. In the decider Cho flew past the American, 259-156.

Ruiz eliminated 2014 World Singles Champion Dan MacLelland of Canada, 2-1, including a 210-200 win in the decider. MacLelland held off defending champion Osku Palermaa of Finland in the opening round, winning two consecutive games by one pin, 258-257 and 215-214.

In his semi-final match, Cho came rebounded from a 1-0 deficit with games of 253 and 279 to advance to the gold medal match. Ruiz was too strong for Börding and swept the German with games of 226 and 247.

Cho started the title match with a five-bagger to a 1-0 lead with 226-182. The second game was thriller that was decided in last frame. Cho struck out for 257 to force Ruiz to throw a double in the 10th frame to force a deciding third game. Ruiz struck on his first shot but the second was little bit high leaving a 4-pin to hand the victory to Cho.

Germany (right) is the only team that has medaled in both events (gold in women’s singles and bronze in men’s singles) so far. The bowling competition continues Sunday with women’s doubles.

From left: Head coach Peter Lorenz, women’s singles champion Laura Beuthner, men’s singles bronze medalist Tobias Börding and coach Michael Wouters.

The World Games is a multi-sport event staged every four years since 1981 by the International World Games Association under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee for sports, disciplines or events within a sport that are not contested in the Olympic Games.

The 10th edition of the World Games will be held in Wroclaw, Poland, 20–30 July 2017. More than 3,000 athletes from 31 sports and 111 countries will take part in the biggest sport event ever staged in Poland.

Bowlingdigital.com will provide onsite coverage of the bowling events from July 21 through July 24, including reports, results and photos of each event.

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X World Games 2017 – Men’s Singles Medalists

Gold: Cho Youngseon, Korea
Silver: Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela
Bronze: Tobias Börding, Germany

Pictured above from left to right: Ildemaro Ruiz (silver), Cho Youngseon (gold) and Tobias Börding (bronze).

Playoff Results:
Gold Medal Match: Cho Youngseon, Korea, def. Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, 2-0
(226-182, 257-253)
Bronze Medal Match: Tobias Börding, Germany, def. Salvatore Polizzotto, Italy, 2-0
(201-177, 191-187)

X World Games 2017 – Round of 4

Single-elimination, best-of-three games format; winner advance to the gold medal match, loser advance to the bronze medal match.

Cho Youngseon, Korea, def. Salvatore Polizzotto, Italy, 2-1
(192-206, 253-175, 279-165)
Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, def. Tobias Börding, Germany, 2-0
(226-203, 247-209)

X World Games 2017 – Round of 8

Single-elimination, best-of-three games format

Salvatore Polizzotto, Italy, def. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 2-1
(207-266, 201-174, 212-209)
Cho Youngseon, Korea, def. Jones Tommy, United States, 2-1
(244-247, 215-215 <10-9 in the second roll-off>, 259-156)

Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, def. Dan MacLelland, Canada, 2-1
(243-202, 234-244, 210-200)
Tobias Börding, Germany, def. Massimiliano Celli, Italy, 2-1
(190-246, 234-201, 189-169)

X World Games 2017 – Round of 16

Single-elimination, best-of-three games format

Thomas Larsen, Denmark, def Juhani Tonteri, Finland, 2-1
(255-247, 224-247 238-232)
Salvatore Polizzotto, Italy, def. Arturo Quintero, Mexico, 2-0
(193-192, 214-200)

Cho Youngseon, Korea, def. Massimiliano Fridegotto, Venezuela, 2-0
(255-192, 195-158)
Jones Tommy, United States, def. Kuek Qi En, Singapore, 2-0
(267226, 279-268)

Ildemaro Ruiz, Venezuela, def. Shogo Wada, Japan, 2-0
(234-228, 289-214)
Dan MacLelland, Canada, def. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 2-0
(258-257, 215-214)

Tobias Börding, Germany, def. Michael Mak, Hong Kong, 2-1
(268-258, 223-229, 259-218)
Massimiliano Celli, Italy, def. Ricardo Lecuona, Mexico, 2-0
(203-180, 213-204))

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