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O’Keefe, Cooley capture titles in 54th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup


Team USA’s Shannon O’Keefe and Sam Cooley of Australia each won two matches to capture the women’s and men’s title in the 54th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup at Sam’s Town bowling center in Las Vegas Saturday.

The women’s title match was a thriller as O’Keefe’s opponent and fellow Professional Women’s Bowling Association Tour champion Sin Li Jane had two chances to defeat the 2018 PWBA Player of the Year.

Finishing first, O’Keefe, threw strikes in the 9th and 10th frame for a four-bagger, but left a seven-pin on the next ball, which she spared for 238. The Malaysian, working on a strike, had a chance to seal the victory with a strike, but left 6-10 combination on her offering which she spared.

Needing a strike on the fill ball to win the match and the title by one pin or getting nine pins to force a roll-off, Sin left the 4-6-10 split to hand the victory to O’Keefe, 238-236. (The picture shows O’Keefe with Lucy Sandelin (Giovinco), who won the 12th edition of the World Cup in Teheran, Iran, in 1976.)

In the semi-finals, fourth seeded O’Keefe stunned top seeded Nadia Pramanik (right) when she threw a turkey in frames 4 to 6 and closed with five consecutive strikes to sideline the Indonesian, 247-202.

In the other semi-final match, Sin, seeded third, ousted no. 2 seed and fellow PWBA champion Maria Jose Rodriguez of Colombia, 207-166. While Rodriguez started with three split, two of which resulted in open frames, Sin came out of the gates with a turkey and never looked back.

Sin finished second while Pramanik and Rodriguez tied for third place.

L-R Sin (2nd), Champion O’Keefe and Rodriguez and Pramanik (both 3rd).

In the men’s title match, Cooley faced three-time PBA champion Kyle Troup (right) who has dominated the men’s competition and has led the tournament wire-to-wire. After 40 games, Troup had a 366-pin lead over Cooley to earn the no. 1 seed for the finals.

Troup carried the momentum into the semi-final against three-time PBA champion Andres Gomez, defeating the Colombian, 264-216. Troup threw a six-bagger to start the match and closed with a turkey in frame 9 and 10.

Cooley (left), the no. 2 seed, rolled two four-baggers against five-time PBA champion Osku Palermaa, a two-handed right-hander like Troup, to advance to the title match, 240-203.

Troup, who had 37 out of 40 games over 200, including one of three perfect games, and had a low game of 215 in the match play portion earlier on Saturday, got some bad breaks (pocket 7-10, stone 8, ringing 7) which finally resulted in his lowest game of the tournament.

The photo shows Troup, left, with Ryan Reid of Canada (center) and Donald Lee of Panama, who won the High Game Award on the men’s side (each 300). Pictured left is Daphne Tan of Singapore, who posted the highest game in the women’s division (279) today in match play.

Cooley, a PBA touring pro who is still looking for his first title, jumped on it, throwing eight strikes in the first nine frames and to knock Troup out of the finals, 244-163.

Troup had to settle for second place, but was consoled by winning the Bent Petersen Country Award with Shannon O’Keefe (pictured with Bent Petersen’s wife Judy) with the best combined finishes in the men’s and women’s divisions. It is named after Bent Petersen, who ran AMF’s international operations for 36 years before retiring in 1998.

Palermaa, who won the World Cup in 2006 in Caracas, Venezuela, and Gomez tied for third place. It marks the third time in Gomez’s World Cup career that he finished third after 2007 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and 2012 in Wroclaw, Poland.

L-R: Troup (2nd, Champion Cooley and Palermaa and Gomez (both 3rd).

The 54th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, which drew 149 bowlers – 81 men and 68 women – from 83 countries, will conclude on Saturday evening with the Victory Banquet at Sam’s Town Live, the concert hall inside Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall which is located at Boulder Highway in Las Vegas.

Bowlingdigital provided on-site coverage of the 54th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup from Las Vegas including reports, photos and results from the first round all the way through to the finals on Saturday, Nov. 10.

Full details on the 54th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, including the tournament schedule, can be found here.

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50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup – Men’s Finals

Sam’s Town bowling center in Las Vegas, Nev., USA (Nov. 4-11, 2018)

Championship Round:
1. Sam Cooley, Australia, 484 (2 games)
2. Kyle Troup, USA, 427 (2 games)
3. Andres Gomez, Colombia, 216 (1 game)
(tie) Osku Palermaa, Finland, 203 (1 game)

Playoff Results (best-of-three games):
Semifinal Match 1: No. 1 Troup def. No. 2 Gomez, 264-216
Semifinal Match 2: No. 2 Cooley def. No. 3 Palermaa, 240-203
Championship: Cooley def. Troup, 244-163.

54th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup – Women’s Finals

Sam’s Town bowling center in Las Vegas, Nev., USA (Nov. 4-11, 2018)

Championship Round:
1. Shannon O’Keefe, USA, 485 (2 games)
2. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia, 443 (2 games)
3. Nadia Pramanik, Indonesia, 202 (1 game)
(tie) Maria Jose Rodriguez, Colombia, 166 (1 game)

Playoff Results:
Semifinal Match 1: No 4 O’Keefe def. No. 1 Pramanik, 247-202
Semifinal Match 2: No. 3 Sin def. No. 2 Rodriguez, 207-166
Championship: O’Keefe vs. Sin, 238-236.

50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup – Men’s Final Standings

1. Sam Cooley, Australia
2. Kyle Troup, USA
3. Osku Palermaa, Finland
(tie) Andres Gomez, Colombia

5. Ryan Reid, Canada
6. Yannaphon Lar-apharat, Thailand
7. Marcelo Suartz, Brazil
8. Ryan Lalisang, Indonesia

9. Arnar David Jonsson, Iceland
10. Sam Rose, England
11. Matheiu Merwin, Philippines
12. Clement Dubus, Belgium
13. Oliver Morig, Germany
14. Jonas Dammen, Norway
15. Dmitri Chilkine, Belarus
16. Antonino Fiorentino, Italy
17. Barry Foley, Ireland
18. Marcial Ovide, Catalonia
19. Donald Lee, Panama
20. Julien Keller, France
21. Yuma Haraguchi, Japan
22. Dhruv Sarda, India
23. James Kelly, New Zealand
24. Alex Liew, Malaysia

25. Phil Hulst, Netherlands
26. Michael Mak, Hong Kong
27. Hassan Alshaikh, Saudi Arabia
28. Rogelio Felice Jr. Venezuela
29. Danil Yatsko, Ukraine
30. John Pikoulis, Greece
31. Darren Ong, Singapore
32. Omer Nechustan, Israel
33. Erich Pisarski, Hungary
34. Michael Curtis, Mexico
35. Mauro Anastasi, Malta
36. Willie Javier, Dominican Republic
37. Raul Felipe Ayala Salazar, Ecuador
38. Leonardo Davis, Bahamas
39. Ravshan Abdusamatov, Uzbekistan
40. Dante Godoy, Guam
41. Quintin Haywood, South Africa
42. Tim Cerkvenik Muzafirovič, Slovenia
43. Mark Russell, Jersey
44. Alex Basala, Slovakia
45. Iñigo García González, Spain
46. James Claxton, Scotland
47. Kevin Horton, Northern Ireland
48. Huaxi Song, China
49. Andres Galmez, Chile
50. Andreas Bōsiger, Switzerland
51. Nikita Kuznetsov, Russia
52. Ruslan Vasilev, Bulgaria
53. Ijaz Rehman, Pakistan
54. Amr Kandil, Egypt
55. Steve Dalton, Wales
56. Renzo Guibu, Peru
57. Ondra Mlynar, Czech Republic
58. Andrius Gasparavicius, Lithuania
59. Przemysław Nowak, Poland
60. David Villalobos, Costa Rica
61. Mirsad Sejdiu, Kosovo
62. Marc Du, French Guiana
63. Luis Bendeck, El Salvador
64. Eduardo Padilla, Nicaragua
65. Dennis Joell, Bermuda
66. Martin-David Orlanda, Romania
67. Romain Oberweis, Luxembourg
68. David Gervolino, New Caledonia
69. Ivan Kreš, Croatia
70. Irakli Tsuladze, Georgia
71. Erbold Bayasgalan, Mongolia
72. José Salgado, Portugal
73. William Rodriguez, Uruguay
74. Dragi Gjorgjovski, FYR Macedonia
75. Khaled Meziou, Tunisia
76. Ronald Osborne Sr. Virgin Islands
77. Theo Robert, Reunion
78. Michael Wood, Gibraltar
79. Shant Panos Tomassian, Iraq
80. Michael Kletzmayr, Austria
81. Valter Mendes, Azores

50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup – Women’s Final Standings

1. Shannon O’Keefe, USA
2. Sin Li Jane, Malaysia
3. Nadia Pramanik, Indonesia
(tie) Maria Jose Rodriguez, Colombia

5. Daphne Tan, Singapore
6. Nadine Geissler, Germany
7. Diana Zavjalova, Latvia
8. Karen Marcano, Venezuela

9. Heidi Thorstensen, Norway
10. Sanna Pasanen, Finland
11. Edith Quintanilla, El Salvador
12. Ghislaine Stigter-Van der Tol, Netherlands
13. Tannya Lopez, Mexico
14. Chan Shuk Han, Hong Kong
15. Tania Yusaf, Scotland
16. Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic
17. Rebecca Whiting, Australia
18. Catherine Durieux, Belgium
19. Alexis Sy, Philippines
20. Stephanie Martins, Brazil
21. Lorna Scott, England
22. Jennifer Park, Canada
23. Viviana Delgado, Costa Rica
24. Mel Oates, Wales

25. Yanee Saebe, Thailand
26. Tanya Cuva, Switzerland
27. Saori Kanno, Japan
28. Suzanne Howell, New Zealand
29. Lia Mojarro, Catalonia
30. Sarolta Dosztály, Hungary
31. Sue Abela, Malta
32. Anna Petáková, Czech Republic
33. Tamara Adler, Austria
34. Varvara Gryaznova, Russia
35. Marina Stefanova, Bulgaria
36. Olga Tarasova, Ukraine
37. Cécilia Goron, France
38. Melania Rossi, Italy
39. June Dill, Bermuda
40. Sara Aviram, Israel
41. La’monique Berrios, Virgin Islands
42. Driskell Rolle, Bahamas
43. Petra Stanková, Slovakia
44. Orna Levy, Panama
45. Maria Benton-Wood, Guam
46. Astros Petursdottir, Iceland
47. Stacey-Lee Hooper, South Africa
48. Marine Lancien, Reunion
49. Alja Bergauer, Slovenia
50. Tatyana Lefter, Uzbekistan
51. Lucyna Charęzińska, Poland
52. Nora Turci, Luxembourg
53. Dennise Quezada, Ecuador
54. Dymphna Kestell, Ireland
55. Stephanie Leviette, New Caledonia
56. Carolina Muñoz Huerta, Spain
57. Daiva Seleniene, Lithuania
58. Caroline Horan, Northern Ireland
59. Vesna Barišić, Croatia
60. Maria Otero, Argentina
61. Angelina Kazarian, Georgia
62. Antonieta Costa, Azores
63. Baigalmaa Purevjav, Mongolia
64. Vlora Sylejmani, Kosovo
65. Daniella Galea, Gibraltar
66. Hela Meziou, Tunisia
67. Fátima Ribeiro, Portugal
68. Georgiana Dascalu, Romania

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