All Events champion Jeon Eun-Hee and Adrian Ang lead Masters finals Round One in HK Asian Championships


    2008 Asian Championships

    Hong Kong Bowling City in Hong Kong, China (July 4-12, 2008)

    2008ASCJeonEunHee.jpg Women's All Events champion Jeon Eun-Hee and men's No. 13 Adrian Ang, Malaysia, finished the first block of eight games round robin match play atop the women's and men's leaderboard in the 20th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships in Hong Kong.

    Jeon (picture left), who has won a medal in each discipline so far - bronze in Singles including a 300 game, silver in Doubles, gold in Trios, Team and All Events - won six of her eight matches (10 pins bonus for each win, 5 for a tie) and felled 1741 pins over eight games for the field-best average of 217.63.

    2008ASCJazreelTan.jpg The Korean finished the first of two 8-game blocks on the long oil pattern with 1801 total to lead the top 16 women from All Events, who advanced to the Masters finals.

    2008ASCChoiJinA.jpgJazreel Tan (right) from Singapore and Choi Jin-A (left), Korea both tolled 1711 pins. Tan took the second place with 1771 total behind a 6-2 won-loss record today.

    Choi is third with 1751 (4-4). Fourth place belongs to another Korean, Gye Min-Young (below right), who checked in with 1740 (4-4).

    2008ASCGyeMinYoung.jpg The Koreans have all six players in the Masters final as they finished 1st-5th and 7th in All Events. If they would win all three medals in the final event of the 20th Asian Championships they would have swept all nine individual medals (Singles, All Events and Masters).

    However, with positions 5-12 less than 100 pins off the pace for one of the three stepladder spots, anything can happen during the final eight games on short oil tomorrow.

    2008AsCAdrianAng.jpg On the men's side it thumbs up for youngster Adrian Ang, who powered his way into the lead in the final three games with 269, 268 and 248. Ang won all but two of his eight matches to set the pace with 1859 pinfall, an average of 232.38, and 1919 pinfall total.

    2008AsCZhangPeng.jpg Trailing Ang by 90 pins is Zhang Peng from China, won his first seven matches before he fell to Ang in game #8. Zhang had 1759 pinfall total (219.88) and the field-best 7-1 match play record for 1829 total.

    Mere one pin behind in third position is Ang's compatriot Zulmazran Zulkifli, who checked in with 1828 including a 5-3 won-loss record. Zulkifli had the second-highest average with 222.25.

    2008AsCHussainAlSuwaidi.jpgAll Events bronze medalist Hussain Al Suwaidhi (left), who led from game 2 to 5 is fourth with 1811 ((5-3) with the third Malaysian, Alex Liew, in fifth at 1758 (5-3).

    2008ASCMenAllEventsPHI.jpg Next are All Events champion Chester King (right) and runner-up Raoul Miranda (left), both Philippines, who are deadlocked for sixth place with 1721.

    The top 16 men and the top 16 women will return on Friday to bowl the second match play round starting at 9am at Hong Kong Bowling City. The top 3 men and women will advance to the TV finals with the women starting at 1pm followed by the men at 2 pm.

    The 20th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships will end with the Victory Banquet on Friday evening at the Xi Shan Chinese Restaurant at EMax, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, China.

    Women Masters - First block of 8 games on long oil

    Men Masters - First block of 8 games on long oil

    All Events champions Jeon and King lead top 16 into Masters finals in HK Asian Championships

    2008AsCChesterKing.jpg 2008ASCJeonEunHee.jpg The top 16 men and the top 16 women from All Events (combined results from Singles, Doubles, Trios and Team events) advanced to the Masters finals of the 20th Asian Tenpin Bowling Championships which is being held at Hong Kong Bowling City, EMax, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, China.

    Both divisions will bowl 16 games round robin match play to determine the top 3 players, who will bowl for the medals in the stepladder finals on Friday afternoon. Pictured here are All Events champions Jeon Eun-Hee, Korea and Chester King, Philippines.

    Joining Eun-Hee in the women's finals are her five team mates, four Malaysians, two players from Singapore and one each from Japan, Chinese Taipei, China and the Philippines.

    On the men's side, King meets his compatriot Raul Miranda as well as three Malaysian, two players each from Hong Kong, Korea and Qatar and one player each from UAE, China, Japan, Kuwait and Singapore.

    Thursday - July 10, 2008
    Competition Day Six - Men's and Women's Masters - First Block (8 games)

    07.30-09.00 Lane Maintenance
    09.00-11.30 Masters - Men & Women (first Block of 8 games - long oil)
    11.30-12.00 Medal Presentation for All Events (Men & Women)

    Friday - July 11, 2008
    Competition Day Seven - Men's and Women's Masters - Second Block (8 games) and Stepladder Finals

    07.00-08.30 Lane Maintenance
    09.00-12.00 Masters - Men & Women (2nd Block of 8 games - short oil)
    12.00-13.00 Lane Maintenance
    13.00-14.00 Stepladder Finals - Women
    14.00-15.00 Stepladder Finals - Men
    15.30-15.45 Medal Presentation for Masters Event (Men & Women)
    19.00 Victory Banquet - Xi Shan Chinese Restaurant - HITEC, 3/F