Phoenix comes from behind to win Austrian National Team Championships



    beats 4-time defending champion Unistahl in final match, 1085-1066

    2006AUTTeamChampionBSCPhoenix.jpg Like the mythical Phoenix bird rising from the ashes, Bowling Sports Club Phoenix came from nowhere to win its first ever title in the 2006 Austrian National Team Championships in Innsbruck.

    Phoenix barely made it to the championships finals as the five-player team secured a spot among the countries' top 8 teams on the very last day of league play thanks to Munich, Germany's Manuel Mrosek und Christian Schrempf.

    Both players were on hand in Innsbruck and teamed with Austrian Youth international Michi Loos, former Austrian international Walter Gonaus and another player from Munich, Robert Wölki, to take a surprising lead after seven of 14 games of the 2-two competition.

    8-time champion and 4-time defending champion Unistahl with multiple Austrian champion Thomas Gross, Niki Schroeder, Thomas Tybl, Gerhard, Gerhard Fleischhacker and Josef Gablek countered on day two and overtook the led after 11 games.

    The decision came in the 14th and last game with Phoenix and Unistahl facing off. As Unistahl held only a slim 7-pin lead and with the winner receiving 1 Petersen point (= 50 pins) the winner of that match would be the 2006 champion.

    It was nail biter with both teams showing some class bowling. Unistahl rolled a 1066-score, a 213,20 average, but Phoenix felled 1085 pins (217,00) to regain the lead and capture the title.

    Etoile with Alex Gabrielian, Guenter Schauer, Benjamin Kubalik, Leo Grundschober and Johann Lippert earned the bronze medal.

    Fourth place went to Casino Vienna, who established a new Austrian team record for seven games on day two with 7846 pinfall total and an average of 224,17. The team was led by long-time international Robert Skach, who fired games of 237, 290, 278, 216, 279, 195 and 237 for a 1732 total (247,43 average), to break the previous Austrian record of Dodo Litzka by 24 pins.

    Tyrolia I earned the title in the women's team championships, with Unistahl in second and Casino in third.

    2006 Austrian National Team Championships - Men's Division

    Teams with 14-game total (Day 1-2), average and Petersen Points

     1. BSC Phoenix, 14820 (7314/7506), 211,71, 306,20
    2. Unistahl, 14656 (7149/7507), 209,37, 305,06
    3. Etoile, 14578 (6916/7662), 208,26, 302,28
    4. Casino, 14455 (6609/7846), 206,50, 298,05
    5. Black Jack, 13989 (6504/7485), 199,84, 285,39
    6. Schmidt, 13594 (6407/7187), 194,20, 273,44
    7. Fireball, 13471 (6475/6996), 192,44, 273,21
    8. Traun, 13090 (6259/6831), 187,00, 263,40
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    2006 Austrian National Team Championships - Women's Division

    Teams with pinfall total and Petersen Points

    1. Tyrolia I, 7892, 166,42
    2. BC Unistahl I, 7712, 163,12
    3. Casini Wien, 7570, 157,2
    4. BC Unistahl II, 7046, 143,46
    5. Black Jack Bowler, 7032, 143,32