Daniel Vezis wins his first international title in 10th Czech Open


    Czech Republic

    17-year-old defeats 14-year-old Tomáš Plechata in title match

     Daniel Vezis won his first international tournament at the age of 17 when he captured the title in the 10th Czech Open at bowling center Bowland in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

    The former Latvian national team member, who is now playing under his English nationality, defeated 14-year-old Czech youth bowler Tomáš Plechata in the title match over two games total pins, 432-390, to pocket the 2.500 Euro top prize. The two-hander averaged over 247 for 16 games on his way to the title.

    L-R Tomáš Plechata (2nd), winner Daniel Vezis and Paul Stott (3rd). Click on the image to enlarge it.

    The Czech Open 2012 drew 224 players from 15 countries. Women and youth bowlers under 16 years of age received eight pins handicap each game. The top 84 players after six games qualifying advanced to the finals. The top 12 received three byes.

    The field of 72 players was trimmed to 12 players during the first three rounds of the finals and joined the top 12 qualifiers in Round 4.

    All 24 bowled 3 games starting from scratch to cut to the top 12 who bowled further three games to determine the top 6 for the playoffs. All playoff matches consisted of two games with total pins determining the winners.

    Vezis led the qualifying with 1545 pinfall total (257,50 average) including high games of 299 and 279. He added another 698 (212, 257, 229) in Round 4 and a huge 774 (248, 267, 259) in Round 5 to earn the No. 2 seed for the playoffs with 1472 (245.33).

    Plechata also skipped the first three rounds of the finals after finishing 11th in qualifying with 1369 including eight pins youth handicap each game. He combined series of 722 and 717 for 1438 scratch (239,83 average) and 1487 including handicap to beat out Vezis for the No. 1 seed by 15 pins.

    The top two had to sit and wait for the winners of the quarterfinal matches. No. 6 Gyorgi Bodis of Hungary eliminated another 14-year-old, Tomasz Lutowski of Poland, seeded third, 460-384, while No. 3 Paul Stott of Ireland posted games of 268 and 224 to fly past No. 5 Oliver Morig of Germany, 492-366.

    Tides turned for Bodis and Stott in the semifinals. Vezis fired games of 255 and 249 to easily defeat Bodis, 504-393, and Plechata didn't need his eight pins handicap to sideline Stott, 447-400.

    In the championship match, Vezis took a comfortable 63-pin lead after the first game (246-183) and never looked back. He sealed the win despite losing game two (186-207) with 432-390 total.

     Plechata received 1.300 Euro for second place, Stott pocketed 800 Euro for third, Bodis got 700 for fourth, Lutowski earned 600 for fifth and Morig took 500 for sixth place.

    The best three women in the field received extra prizes of 300, 200 and 100 Euro, resp. Luminita Farkas-Bucin of Romania, who missed the cut to the playoffs by mere tin pins, was the best woman in seventh place. Maja Debenec of Slovenia was second (11th place overall) with Věra Mašatová of Czech Republic third (16th place).

    L-R Top 3 women: Maja Debenec (2nd), Luminita Farkas-Bucin (1st) and Věra Mašatová (3rd). Click on the image to enlarge it.


    10th Czech Open 2012

    Bowling center Bowland in Olomouc, Czech Republic (July 2-8, 2012)

    Championship Round:
    1, Daniel Vezis, England, 2.500 Euro
    2. Tomáš Plechata, Czech Republic, 1.300 Euro
    3. Paul Stott, Ireland, 800 Euro
    4. Gyorgi Bodis, Hungary, 700 Euro
    5. Tomasz Lutowski, Poland, 600 Euro
    6. Oliver Morig, Germany, 500 Euro

    Playoff Results:
    Match 1: #6 Bodis (214, 246) def. #3 Lutowski* (211, 173), 460-384
    Match 2: #4 Stott (268, 224) def. #5 Morig (179, 187), 492-366
    Match 3: #2 Vezis (255, 249) def. Bodis (186, 207), 504-393
    Match 4: #1 Plechata* (203, 244) def. Stott (205, 195), 447-400
    Championship: Vezis (246, 186) def. Plechata* (183, 207), 432-390.
    * scores include eight pins handicap each game.


    Round 5 Results

    The top 6 advance to the playoffs.