Barry Foley, Zara Giles win men's and women's title at 25th Storm Irish Open



    Tournament kicks off the 50th Anniversary Year of the Irish Tenpin Bowling Association

    2013IOBarryFoley.jpg2011EBT04ZaraGiles.jpgBarry Foley (pictured left) of the host country Ireland and Zara Giles (right) of England remained undefeated in the match play finals over two games total pinfall en route to capture the men's and women's title of the 25th Storm Irish Open Tenpin Bowling Championships Sunday at Leisureplex Stillorgan in Dublin, Ireland.

    Foley, who rolled the first of total four 300 games in qualifying, outlasted Norwegian Robin Nordas Grindvik, 459-342, to win the men's title and the 3.000 Euro top prize. In the semifinals, Foley topped Stephen Gill of Scotland, 466-443, while Gridvik eliminated his compatriot, former World and European champion, Tore Torgersen, 429-374.

    2013IORobinNordasGrindvik.jpg2011BWCHannahCullen.jpgGrindvik (left) received 1.900 Euro for second place, Gill took 1.300 Euro for third place and Torgersen received 1.000 Euro for fourth place.

    On the women's side, multiple World and European champion Giles defeated Hannah Cullen (right) of Ireland, 456-423, to claim the women's title and 1.000 Euro.

    In the semis, Giles sidelined Dymphna Kestell of Ireland, 418-366, while Cullen took care of her fellow countrywoman Aimee Kellegher, 382-360.

    201350thAnniversaryYearITBA_small.jpgCullen, who finished second for the third consecutive year, received 500 Euro, while Kestell and Kellegher pocketed 400 and 300 Euro for third and fourth place, respectively.

    The 25th edition of the Irish Open, which drew 149 players, 124 men and 25 women, from 12 countries, kicked off the 50th Anniversary Year of the Irish Tenpin Bowling Association (ITBA) in Stillorgan Bowl, the center that started bowling in Ireland.


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    Men's Division - Top 16 with earnings

    1. Barry Foley, Ireland, 3.000 Euro
    2. Robin Nordas Grindvik, Norway, 1.900 Euro
    3. Stephen Gill, Scotland, 1.300 Euro
    4. Tore Torgersen, Norway, 1.000 Euro
    5. Hadley Morgan, England, 900 Euro
    6. Svein Roger Olsen, Norway, 700 Euro
    7. Chris Sloan, Ireland, 550 Euro
    8. Mike Quarry, England, 450 Euro
    9. Timothy Banks, United States, 400 Euro
    10. Jos Bakker, Netherlands, 350 Euro
    11. Mathew Kestell, Ireland, 300 Euro
    12. Stu Little, England, 250 Euro
    13. Alan Gibbons, Ireland, 200 Euro
    14. Marco Landman, Netherlands, 150 Euro
    15. Bob Daly, Ireland, 100 Euro
    16. Ryan Press, N. Ireland, 100 Euro


    Women's Division - Top 8 with earnings

    1. Zara Giles, England, 1.000 Euro
    2. Hannah Cullen, Ireland, 500 Euro
    3. Dymphna Kestell, Ireland, 400 Euro
    4. Aimee Kellegher, Ireland, 300 Euro
    5. Laura Rhoney, Scotland, 200 Euro
    6. Kerena Dykes, Ireland, 100 Euro
    7. Sarah Finlay, Ireland, 80 Euro
    8. Joanna Hackett, England, 70 Euro


    Men's Division - Match Play Results (two games, total pinfall)

    Round of 16
    Svein Roger Olsen, Norway def. Bob Daly, Ireland, 458-362
    Stephen Gill, Scotland def. Ryan Press, N. Ireland, 484-355
    Chris Sloan, Ireland def. Alan Gibbons, Ireland, 450-380
    Barry Foley, Ireland def. Stu Little, England, 464-383
    Hadley Morgan England def. Jos Bakker, Netherlands, 483-416
    Tore Torgersen, Norway def. Marco Landman, Netherlands, 456-376
    Robin Nordas Grindvik, Norway def. Mathew Kestell, Ireland, 430-410
    Mike Quarry, England def. Timothy Banks, United States, 421-418

    Stephen Gill, Scotland def. Svein Roger Olsen, Norway, 479-429
    Barry Foley, Ireland def. Chris Sloan, Ireland, 413-397
    Tore Torgersen, Norway def. Hadley Morgan, England, 457-437
    Robin Nordas Grindvik, Norway def. Mike Quarry, England, 424-377

    Barry Foley, Ireland def. Stephen Gill, Scotland, 466-443
    Robin Nordas Grindvik, Norway def. Tore Torgersen, Norway, 429-374

    Barry Foley, Ireland def. Robin Nordas Grindvik, Norway, 459-342



    Women's Division - Match Play Results (two games, total pinfall)

    Round of 16
    Aimee Kellegher, Ireland def. Donna Horton, N. Ireland, 450-328
    Joanna Hackett, England def. Amanda Larkin, Ireland, 427-406
    Hannah Cullen, Ireland def. Caitriona Mulhall, Ireland, 461-453
    Kerena Dykes, Ireland def. Bernie Moriarty, Ireland, 512-340
    Dymphna Kestell, Ireland def. Grethe Fosseide, Norway, 412-342
    Sarah Finlay, Ireland def. Tania Yusaf, Scotland, 420-357
    Laura Rhoney, Scotland def. Jacqui MacColl, Scotland, 385-330
    Zara Giles, England def. Carol Catchpople, Ireland, 445-338

    Aimee Kellegher, Ireland def. Joanna Hackett, England, 433-409
    Hannah Cullen, Ireland def. Kerena, Dykes Ireland, 412-390
    Dymphna Kestell, Ireland def. Sarah Finlay, Ireland, 354-351
    Zara Giles, England def. Laura Rhoney, Scotland, 489-469

    Hannah Cullen, Ireland def. Aimee Kellegher, Ireland, 382-360
    Zara Giles, England def. Dymphna Kestell, Ireland, 418-366

    Zara Giles, England def. Hannah Cullen, Ireland, 456-423



    Men's Division - Standings after Round 4

    The top 16 advance to Single-Elimination Match Play.



    Men's Division - Standings after Round 3

    The top 30 advance to the fourth round.



    Men's Division - Standings after Round 2

    The top 48 advance to the third round.



    Women's Division - Standings after Round 2

    The top 12 advance to Single-Elimination Match Play.



    Men's Division - Standings after Round 1 Qualifying

    The top 6 were seeded into Round 4.



    Women's Division - Standings after Round 1 Qualifying

    The four players highlighted in yellow advance to the Match Play Round.