McDowell posts big game to win 5th Slovakia Open



    Brunswick Bowling Aupark in Bratislava, Slovakia (June 28-July 2, 2006)

    2006SLKOPenRayMcDowell.jpg Ray McDowell of Poland defeated Achim Grabowski from Germany in the championship match of the 5th Slovakia Open on Sunday at the Brunswick Bowling Aupark in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    In the match over two games total pinfall, McDowell took a slim two-pin lead after game one with 229-227. While multiple German champion Grabowski added another 227-game, McDowell struck in all but one frame to cruise to victory with a huge 279-game, 508-454.

    Christian Schwarzbauer from Austria, who rolled one of two perfect games in the tournament (compatriot Thomas Gross rolled the other), finished third, while Karel Kutina from the Czech Republic landed in fourth place.

    The best female bowler in the 197-player field from 16 countries was 14-year-old Diana Zavjalova from Latvia, who ended up in 7th place.

    5th Slovakia Open - Final Standings

    Championship Round:
    1. Ray McDowell, Poland
    2. Achim Grabowski, Germany
    3. Christian Schwarzbauer, Austria
    4. Karel Kutina, Czech Republic
    5. Jordi Roca Martinez, Belgium
    6. Filip Kubín, Czech Republic
    7. Diana Zavjalova, Latvia
    8. Marek Husár, Slovakia

    Semi-final Round (best-of-five):
    McDowell def. Kutina, 3-1
    (214-226, 247-186, 265-161, 258-182)
    Grabowski def. Schwarzbauer , 3-1
    (197-247, 258-256, 277-200, 177-149)

    Championship Match:
    McDowell (229-279) def. Grabowski (227-227), 508-454.