Lindsay Boomershine leads Team Storm Products Inc. into top spot at USBC Open Championships


    United States

    Wisconsin's Towne & Country Lanes 1 leads Team All-Events; First-timer Darryl Carreon rolls perfect game in tournament debut; Indiana's Raymond Jensen joins 50-Year Club; next live stream broadcast will be March 22 at 10 p.m. EDT


    Three-time United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships winner Lindsay Boomershine (second from right) now is in position to claim a title at the USBC Open Championships after leading Storm Products Inc. of Brigham City, Utah, into the top spot in Regular Team on March 18.

    The 28-year-old right-hander shot 225, 235 and 247 for a 707 series at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., and helped the team to games of 1,109, 1,158 and 1,074 for a 3,341 total. Towne & Country Lanes 1 of Hartland, Wis., previously held the lead with 3,311.

    Dave Symes add a 704 set for Storm Products Inc. and was followed by Tyler Jensen (679), Chris Sand (672) and Ernest Goedicke (579).

    "I love to bowl, and so do these guys," said Boomershine, who made her sixth USBC Open Championships appearance. "They wait for this trip every year, and I'm so glad I get to be a part of it. Even if we didn't bowl well, we would've had fun, but this makes it so much better."


    Wisconsin team leads Team All-Events

    2014USBCOCTowneCountryLanes1.jpgTowne & Country Lanes 1 of Hartland, Wis., took the lead in Regular Team at the USBC Open Championships on March 16 and returned to the National Bowling Stadium the next day to claim the top spot in Team All-Events for the second consecutive year.

    Dave Gajewski of Oak Creek, Wis., led the way with a 2,032 all-events total and was followed by Matt Zagar (1,994), Jerry Riemer (1,982), Robert Milbrath (1,913) and Tony Buss (1,835) for a 9,756 total.

    Union County 4 of Roselle Park, N.J., previously held the lead in Team All-Events with 9,178.


    First-timer rolls perfect game in tournament debut

    2014USBCOCDarrylCarreon.jpgFirst-time USBC Open Championships participant Darryl Carreon (pictured left) of Woodbridge, Va., rolled a perfect game during his tournament debut March 14.

    2014USBCOCCurtisOdom.jpgThe 29-year-old right-hander rolled games of 188 and 268, starting his second game with seven consecutive strikes before a 4 pin ended his first run at perfection. After leaving another 4 pin, he rattled off 15 consecutive strikes to finish with the second 300 of the 2014 tournament and a 756 series.

    He added 640 in doubles and 618 in singles for a 2,014 all-events total, which is fifth overall. Curtis Odom (right) of Coldwater, Mich., leads Regular All-Events with 2,076.


    Indiana bowler joins 50-Year Club

    2014USBCOCRaymondJensen.jpgRaymond Jensen of Greenwood, Ind., became the 166th bowler to reach 50 years of participation at the USBC Open Championships.

    The 83-year-old right-hander was joined by his teammates and his wife, Phyllis, at the National Bowling Stadium on March 17. The team had surprised him with shirts commemorating his milestone. Jensen also received the tournament's traditional plaque, chevron and diamond lapel pin.

    Jensen began his Open Championships career at the 1955 event in Fort Wayne, Ind., because of its close proximity to home, but he didn't return to the event until the 1965 event in St. Paul, Minn. Since 1965, he has made all but one tournament appearance.


    A look ahead

    2012USBCOCSylvesterThiel.jpgRichard Bliss of Portage, Ind., Val Medich Sr. of South Bend, Ind., and Michael Wiser of Grand Blanc, Mich., will join the 50-Year Club at the Open Championships this week. Bliss will compete March 22, while Medich and Wiser follow on March 23.

    Active participation leader Syl Thiel (picturred) of Lake City, Minn., will make his 69th tournament appearance March 19. He is in pursuit of USBC Hall of Famers Joe Norris and Bill Doehrman, who each competed in 71 tournaments.

    The next live stream broadcast from the Open Championships will be March 22 at 10 p.m. EDT as former Professional Bowlers Association exempt player Craig Tuholski hits the lanes at the NBS for his team event.

    All broadcasts from the 2014 Open Championships can be seen at and are sponsored by Track.


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    2014 USBC Open Championships - Regular Division

    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

    1, Storm Products Inc. (Dave Symes, Chris Sand, Ernest Goedicke, Lindsay Boomershine, Tyler Jensen), Brigham City, Utah, 3,341. 2, Towne & Country Lanes 1, Hartland, Wis., 3,311. 3, Coach's Corner 1, Lafayette, Colo., 3,236. 4, Union County 4, Roselle Park, N.J., 3,195. 5, Palpac Industries Inc., Lima, Ohio, 3,179. 6, Fanatics Sports Bar, Wood River, Neb., 3,156. 7, NCABA 2, Alexandria, Va., 3,140. 8, Byllye Lanes, Kill Buck, N.Y., 3,139. 9, The Cutting Edge, Windsor, Colo., 3,125. 10, Breakpoint Pro Shop 2, Sartell, Minn., 3,114.

    1, Jason Aikens, West Branch, Mich./Darris Wiltse, Las Vegas, 1,316. 2, Craig Fester, Washington Township, Mich./Joey Saccucci, Eastpointe, Mich., 1,304. 3, Jason Eman, Springfield, Va./Darryl Carreon, Woodbridge, Va., 1,296. 4, Paul Geiger, Hinsdale, N.Y./Justin Feldman, Bradford, Pa., 1,291. 5, Jacob Schroeder, Ottawa, Ohio/Jordan Schroeder, Findlay, Ohio, 1,289. 6, Terry Fredrickson, Grand Island, Neb./Paul Lee, Grand Island, Neb., 1,283.7, Howard Moore, Laneville, Texas/Brandon Williams, Lufkin, Texas, 1,281. 8, Robert Milbrath, Hartland, Wis./Jerry Riemer, Burlington, Wis., 1,276. 9, Ted Staikoff, Black Hawk, S.D./Sean Mason, Brookings, S.D., 1,275. 10(tie), Brandon Mathews, Santa Maria, Calif./Steve Davis, Santa Barbara, Calif., and Bill Jensen, Oshkosh, Wis./Kevin Schultz, Juneau, Wis., 1,274.

    1, Terrence Blevins, Chicago, 783. 2, Dave Gajewski, Oak Creek, Wis., 754. 3, Curtis Odom, Coldwater, Mich., 741. 4, Chris Stenger, Bloomington, Ill., 734. 5, Jason Eman, Springfield, Va., 715. 6, Justin Studer, Burley, Idaho, 713. 7, James Fugitt, Grapevine, Texas, 712. 8, Jeff Smith, Little Falls, Minn., 711. 9, Curtis Woods Jr., Santa Rosa, Calif., 710. 10, Patrick Shipley, Spring Valley, Calif., 709.

    1, Curtis Odom, Coldwater, Mich., 2,076. 2, Curtis Woods Jr., Santa Rosa, Calif., 2,064. 3, Dave Gajewski, Oak Creek, Wis., 2,032. 4, Eric Forkel, Henderson, Nev., 2,016. 5, Darryl Carreon, Woodbridge, Va., 2,014. 6(tie), Terrence Blevins, Chicago, and Lamarr Edwards, St. Paul, Minn., 2,001. 8, Mike McBride, Washington, Ill., 1,999. 9, Branden Dale, St. Clair Shores, Mich., 1,995. 10, Matt Zagar, Kenosha, Wis., 1,994.

    Team All-Events
    1, Towne & Country Lanes 1 (Matt Zagar, Robert Milbrath, Dave Gajewski, Tony Buss, Jerry Riemer), Hartland, Wis., 9,756. 2, Union County 4, Roselle Park, N.J., 9,178. 3, Zodos 1, Lompoc, Calif., 9,160. 4, Coach's Corner 1, Lafayette, Colo., 9,145. 5, Breakpoint Pro Shop 2, Sartell, Minn., 9,113. 6, The Cutting Edge, Windsor, Colo., 9,098. 7, Fanatics Sports Bar, Wood River, Neb., 9,084. 8, Sea Side Pro Shop, Daly City, Calif., 9,050. 9, Palpac Industries Inc., Lima, Ohio, 9,043. 10, Seliga's Pro Shop, Kenosha, Wis., 9,011.


    2014 USBC Open Championships - Classified Division

    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

    1, Storm Construction (David Fenske, Erin Kesler, Paul Cousineau, Josh McCullick, Dale Storm), Mazeppa, Minn., 2,709. 2, Alibi Lounge, Shelby, Mont., 2,662. 3, Hughes Farms 2, Parsons, Kan., 2,653. 4, Hughes Farms 1, Parsons, Kan., 2,639. 5, Blue Dog Blazers, Webster, S.D., 2,607. 6, Waz N Friends 2, Des Plaines, Ill., 2,583. 7, Oriza Jewelers 1, Cedar Park, Texas, 2,564. 8, T Rays, Jamestown, N.D., 2,562. 9, Weaver Farms, St. Anthony, Idaho, 2,541. 10, Big Bob's BBQ 1, York, Pa., 2,538.

    1, Matt Blauer/Ryan Swalling, Burley, Idaho, 1,144. 2(tie), Robert Kaytor/Jerry Rechtzigel, Glencoe, Minn., and Clinton Dougherty, Palm Bay, Fla./James Naylor III, Melbourne, Fla., 1,101. 4, Delmer Gruber/Roy Rieger, Falls City, Neb., 1,078. 5, Jan Hadenfeldt/N. Richard Hadenfeldt, Dannebrog, Neb., 1,074. 6, Daryk Heilman/Daniel Sharp Sr., Kenton, Ohio, 1,071. 7, Glenn Koch, Glencoe, Minn./Mitch Soeffker, Gaylord, Minn., 1,066. 8, Stacey Rost/Corey Melville, Watertown, S.D., 1,061. 9, Jennifer Hickman/Jim Santora, Bridgeton, N.J., 1,059. 10, Patricia Anderson/Chris Nygaard, Montevideo, Minn., 1,056.

    1, Kent Delaney, Webster, S.D., 616. 2, Stanley Higashihara, Honolulu, 603. 3(tie), Del Stewart, Grand Junction, Colo., and Ken Ewalt, Grenville, S.D., 595. 5. Douglas Giles, Kearney, Neb., 593. 6, Lamont Foster, Chicago, 586. 7, Bryan Smith, Big Lake, Minn., 583. 8, Eldora Knaub, Gering, Neb., 581. 9(tie), Ron Singleton, Montpelier, Idaho, and Barry Zanto, Havre, Mont., 578.

    1, Clinton Dougherty, Palm Bay, Fla., 1,667. 2, Kent Delaney, Webster, S.D., 1,661. 3, Nicole Perreira, Kaneohe, Hawaii, 1,648. 4, Donald Fellbaum, Webster, S.D., 1,635. 5, Douglas Giles, Kearney, Neb., 1,631. 6, Glenn Koch, Glencoe, Minn., 1,626. 7, Lamont Foster, Chicago, 1,620. 8, Ken Ewalt, Grenville, S.D., 1,616. 9, Roy Rieger, Falls City, Neb., 1,615. 10, Tim Anderson, Montevideo, Minn., 1,612.