Jesper Svensson defeats all opponents to defend his title in 35th AIK International



    Two-handed lefty from Sweden wins all nine matches in match play finals out averaging his nearest competitor by more than 22 pins to win the 60.000 SEK top prize

    2015AIKTop3.jpg Starting the final match play round in fifth place, Jesper Svensson of Sweden defeated all nine opponents and out averaged his nearest his nearest competitor by more than 22 pins to successfully defend his title in the 35th AIK International Tournament Tuesday at Bowl-O-Rama in Stockholm, Sweden.

    L-R Chad Roberts (3rd, champion Jesper Svensson, and Markus Jansson. Photos AIK.

    The two-handed lefty averaged 238.4 for ten games including 278, 299, 226, 234, 236, 227, 203, 215, 266 and 200 and added 180 bonus pins (20 for each win; no bonus awarded in the position round match) to cruise to victory with 4907 total and to pocket 60.000 Swedish Kronor (approx. 6,285 Euro).

    Trailing Svensson by 283 pins to finish in second place was fellow Swedish youth national team member Markus Jansson, who totaled 4634 pins including a 4-5 won-lost record. Jansson received 30.000 SEK.

    Chad Roberts, United States, who led a after the first and second round of the finals, slipped to third place with 4600, worth 20.000 SEK. Filip Wilhelmsson, Sweden, who had the second-best 216 average in match play, moved from sixth to fourth place with 4544.

    2015AIKRobertAndersson.jpg2015AIKCherieTan.jpgRounding out the top 5 was long-time national team member Robert Andersson (left), Sweden, who used the second-best match play record (7-2) for 4524. Wilhelmsson and Andersson received 18.000 SEK and 15.000 SEK, respectively.

    Places 6-9 belonged to Swedes Joachim Karlsson (4515), Jesper Larsen (4511), Martin Larsen (4477) and Daniel Fransson (4465).

    The lone woman in the final round, Cherie Tan (right) of Singapore finished in 10th place with 4309 total including match play bonus and handicap, worth 10.000 SEK.

    2015AIKLogo_small.jpg The 35th AIK International Tournament was held from Dec. 26, 2014 through Jan. 6, 2015 at Bowl-o-Rama, a 28-laner in Stockholm, Sweden, and offered total prize fund of 373.500 Swedish Kronor or approximately 39.120 Euro with 60.000 SEK (6,285 EUR) going to winner, 30.000 SEK to the runner-up and 20.000 SEK the third place finisher.

    Qualifying (six games; unlimited re-entries) started on Dec 26 and ran through Monday, Jan. 5 with the final qualifying squad starting a 4 p.m. CET. Women received 8 pins handicap each game (maximum is 300).

    Total 92 players out of 328 participants advanced with 36 of whom going directly to Final Round 1 on Tuesday, Jan. 6 including the top 30 qualifiers, players 1-4 from the Early Bird squads and the top player each from Turbo 1 (qualifying game #5) and Turbo 2 (qualifying game #6).

    56 players including qualifiers 31-62 and another 24 players who qualify through various "gateways" (Women, Seniors born 1965 or earlier, Juniors born 1994 or later, dynamic handicap of 15 and more in Swedish Ranking, Turbo 1 and Turbo 2) bowled four games (2+2) scratch in Semifinal Round 1 starting on Monday evening.

    The top 24 advanced to Semifinal Round 2 to bowl another three games with the four-game total of Round 1 carried over. The top 12 players joined the 36 players, who received a bye, in Final Round 1 starting Tuesday morning.

    Those 48 bowled six games scratch to cut to the top 24 bowlers who bowled further four games after which a cut to the top 10 was made. Pins carried over after each round.

    The remaining 10 players determined the champion in nine games round robin match play plus one game position round. During match play, players receive 20 bonus pins for winning a match and 10 pins each in the event of a tie. No bonus pins is given in the position round. The winner was the player with the highest total after 20 games including handicap and bonus.


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