Geir O. Pedersen wins Evje Open International



    Big payday for Petter Hansen

    2006EvjeOpenGeirPedersen.jpg In the championship match of the Evje Open International 2006, No. 1 seed Geir Olav Pedersen (pictured left) posted a big score to defeat Per Kristian Eide, 258-217, en route to win the title and the 30.000 Norwegian Kronor first-place check (approx. 3.765 Euro).

    Eide, seeded third in the five-player shootout, ousted Petter Hansen and local favourite and son of the bowling center proprietor family Haugen, 2001 World Cup champion Kim Asbjørn, in the opening match, 231-223-215. Eide then flew past second seeded Janne Monsen, all of Norway, the sole woman in the championship round, 257-209, for the right to bowl Pedersen for the title.

     Haugen collected 4.000 NOK for fifth, Hansen earned 5.000 NOK for fourth, Monsen (right) received 10.000 NOK for third and Eide (left) garnered 15.000 NOK for second. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

    Despite losing in the opening match, it was a big payday for qualifying leader Petter Hansen.

    The 2004 World Cup runner-up posted three 800-plus three-game series (824, 810 and 806) to lead the qualifying with an outstanding 2440 nine-game total, an average of 271,11. Hansen's low game was 237 and his high game was a pair of 300 games.

    There were two more perfectos in the tournament, one by eventual winner Pedersen and the other by Sweden's Nina Flack, who missed the cut to the top 20 in 21st position. Janne Monsen beat out Flack by one pin (2042 to 2041) for the 20th and final spot to advance.

    2006EvjeOpenPetterHansen.jpg As Hansen was the sole player to shoot two 300 games in the Evje Open International 2006 he received the special award, …
    a Skibsplast Vector motor boat worth 240.000 NOK or 30.000 Euro (approx. USD 38,000).

    Enjoy the motor boat ride, Petter.

    Evje Open International 2006 - Final Standings

    Evje Bowling in Evje, Norway (August 4-13, 2006)

    1. Geir Olav Pedersen, Metro BK, Norway, 30.000 NOK (3.765 Euro)
    2. Per Kristian Eide, Metro BK, Norway, 15.000 NOK (1.882 Euro)
    3. Janne Monsen, Metro BK, Norway, 10.000 NOK (1.255 Euro)
    4. Petter Hansen, Solli BK, Norway, 5.000 NOK (627 Euro)
    5. Kim Asbjørn Haugen, Evje BK, Norway, 4.000 NOK (502 Euro)
    6. Tore Torgersen, Stavanger BK, Norway, 3.500 NOK (439 Euro)
    7. Christel Carlsson, ÖIS, Sweden, 3.000 NOK (376 Euro)
    8. Mads Sandbækken, Frogner BK, Norway, 2.500 NOK (314 Euro)
    9. Thor Morten Bjørge, Larvik BK, Norway, 2.000 NOK (251 Euro)
    10. Thomas Fagerstrøm, Solli BK, Norway, 2.000 NOK (251 Euro)
    11. Audun Boye Hansen, Drammen Tigers BK, Norway, 2.000 NOK (251 Euro)
    12. Olav J. Olsen, Frogner BK, Norway, 2.000 NOK (251 Euro)
    13. Aleksander Kvinnesland, Haugesund BK, Norway, 2.000 NOK (251 Euro)
    14. Simen S. Jensen (sr), Vågan BK, Norway, 2.000 NOK (251 Euro)
    15. Sverre Lund, Solli BK, Norway, 1.500 NOK (188 Euro)
    16. Heidi Edvardsen, Metro BK, Norway, 1.500 NOK (188 Euro)
    17. Svein Roger Olsen, Solli BK, Norway, 1.500 NOK (188 Euro)
    18. Ulf Arnesen, Strike BK, Norway, 1.500 NOK (188 Euro)
    19. Martin Olsen, Frogner BK, Norway, 1.500 NOK (188 Euro)
    20. Christer Jakobsen (sr), Vågan BK, Norway, 1.500 NOK (188 Euro)

    Evje Open International 2006 - Stepladder Results

    Evje Open International 2006 - Round 3

    Evje Open International 2006 - Round 2

    Evje Open International 2006 - Round 1

    Evje Open International 2006 - Standings after Qualifying

    * women's scores including eight pins handicap each game