Larsen/Andersson start Men's World Championship with victory in Doubles


    2006 MWC

    Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea (Aug. 27 through Sep. 9, 2006)

    The Swedish men's team is always considered as one of the favorites when it comes to the five-player team event. No wonder as the Swedes are the two-time defending champion in this discipline.

    2006MWCDoublesLarsenAndersson.jpg However, it seems that they are even stronger in Doubles. When Robert Andersson and Martin Larsen (l-r) were crowned World Champions this evening at the Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea, it marked the fourth consecutive time that the Swedes have claimed the Doubles title.

    The winning streak started in 1995 in Reno, Nev., when Raymond Jansson and Tomas Leandersson walked away the winners. Patrick Backe and Martin Blixt accomplished the feat four year later. Leandersson won his second Doubles gold in 2003 in Kuala Lumpur, when he teamed with Anders Öhman to cruise to the title with a 12-game record of 2904.

    The bronze medalists in this event were … Robert Andersson and Martin Larsen. Larsen rolled a huge 1487 series including a crucial double in the final frame to secure the bronze with Andersson contributing 1224 for 2711 pinfall total.

    Three years later, Larsen nearly matched his score with 1459 but Andersson added 1372 including a vital double in the final frame to secure the lead and eventually the victory with 2831 pinfall total and an average of 235,92.

    2006MWCDoublesQuarryStride.jpg Trailing the Swedes by mere 23 pins were England's Mike Quarry and Daniel Stride (l-r with coach Geoff Buck in the front), who won the silver medal with 2808 or an average of 234,00.

    Two duos, Jarrod Lean and Jason Belmonte from Australia and local favorites Kang Hee-Won and Choi Bok-Eum, Korea, were targeting a medal in the fourth and final squad on Friday. The Koreans overtook the Aussies in game #2 and led before the final game with 2322 to 2303.

    2006MWCDoublesLeanBelmonte.jpg Belmonte, a two-handed player, had a 298 in the fifth, the highest game in the tournament thus far, and fired another 289 to compensate Lean's 171 and to overtake their team mates, Jason Walsh and Brandon Qualischefski, by 17 pins and to grab the bronze medal with 2763 (L-R Lean, Belmonte and coach Barry Walsh).

    The Koreans finished with a 420-game and had to settle for fifth place with 2742, mere four pins behind Walsh/Qualischefski, who ended up in fourth position.

    Belmonte leads in All Events (individual totals from Doubles, Trios, Team and Singles) after the first of four six-game blocks with 1541, an average of 256.83, including the highest three-game set of 808.

    Larsen is a distant second with 1459, with Walsh and Biboy Rivera from the Philippines tied for third at 1424. Seven players shot a 1400-plus series on the long oil pattern and 36 more players the 1300-plateau.

    Reydnier Chavez, Venezuela, currently holds the 16th position, which is the last spot to qualify for the Masters finals, with 1376 or an average of 229,33.

    Competition continues Saturday with three games of trios on short oil.

    Sweden and England power their way into the lead in Men's World Championship Doubles

    2006MWCLarsenJohnsonAndersson.jpg Martin Larsen and Robert Andersson from Sweden, bronze medalists in Doubles at the 2003 World Championships, positioned themselves atop the leaderboard after three out of four squads in the Doubles event at Men's World Championship in Busan, Korea.

    The duo (r-l with coach Magnus Johnson in the middle) led Squad 3 after two games (458, 489) but fell behind the crowd's favorites, Joung Seoung-Joo and Jo Nam-Yi of Korea, after a 427 in game #3. The Swedes rebounded with 494 to regain the lead and widened the lead with a 505 in game #5, when they bowled on the same pair with 2003 silver medalists Achim Grabowski and Jens Nickel, Germany.

    2006MWCBuckStrideBuckQuarry.jpg In the six game, they were able to weather a strong challenge by England's Daniel Stride and Mike Quarry (l-r back row, with the Buck brothers Geoff and Chris, team manger and coach, front row from left), and finished with 458 en route to take the lead with 2831 pinfall total and an average of 235,92.

    2006MWCMartinLarsen_small.jpg Larsen (pictured right) posted a 1459 six-game score, 243,17 average, to lead the All Events standings, while Andersson contributed 1372 including a final 246-game.

      The Englishmen finished with 504, 486 and 495 (1485 over the last three games) to finish mere 24 pins off the lead to take the second place with 2808 (234,00). Previous leaders Brandon Qualischefski and Jason Walsh from Australia fell to third place with 2746.

    2006MWCJoNamYi _JoungSeoungJoo.jpg Seoung-Joo
    and Nam-Yi (r-l) slipped to sixth place behind a 363 low game in the sixth to finish with 2660 (221,67).

    The top three duos have to sit and wait for the results of the fourth and final squad, which is currently underway at the Asiad Bowling Center here in Busan. The award ceremony will take place right after the final ball is rolled and the final standings are approved.

    Qualischefski/Walsh overtake lead in Men's World Championship Doubles event

    2006MWCBrandonQualischefski JasonWalsh.jpg Brandon Qualischefski and Jason Walsh (l-r) from Australia overtook the lead in the Doubles event in the 2006 Men's World Championship after the second of four squads at Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea.

    The Aussies started on the long oil pattern with a low game of 398, then fired games of 473, 430, 497, 464 and 484 to overtake Squad 1 leaders 2006MWCKimmoLehtonenSamiLuotoLasseLintila_small.jpg Kimmo Lehtonen and Lasse Lintilä (pictured l-r with coach Sami Luoto in the middle), Finland, with 2746 pinfall total and an average of 228,83.

    Walsh led the way with 1424 including a 279 high game and a 765 high 3-game series and Qualischefski added 1322.

    2006MWCChesterKingBiboyRivera_small.jpg The next five teams bowled in Squad 1 and slipped one place each. Finns Lehtonen and Lintilä sit in second place at 2713 (226,08), with Chester King and Biboy Rivera (l-r), Philippines in third position at 2689 (224,08). All other teams are already out of the medals before Squads 3 and 4 take to the lanes at the Asiad Bowling Center on Friday at 9am and 1.30 pm.

    2006MWCTeamAustraliaJasonWalsh.jpg All three duos have one player each among the top three in All Events with 1214 players having completed the first of four six-game blocks. Walsh and Rivera are tied for first place with 1424 or an average of 237,33. Lintilä is mere three pins behind at 1421. Yoan Alix is he fourth player, who cracked the 1400-bar with 1401.

    The picture on the right shows Walsh (center)
    celebrated by his teammates George Frilingos, Ron Voukolos, Brendan Qualischafski, Jarrod Lean and Jason Belmonte (from left, clockwise).
    World Youth Masters champion Mads Sandbækken from Norway currently mans the 16th place with 1307 (217,83). The top 16 of the All Events standings will advance to the Masters finals.

    Lehtonen/Lintilä take the early lead in Men's World Championship Doubles event

    2006MWCKimmoLehtonenSamiLuotoLasseLintila.jpg Two of the best amateur bowlers in the world, southpaw Kimmo Lehtonen and right-hander Lasse Lintilä (l-r with coach Sami Luoto in the middle) took the lead in the Doubles event after the first of four squads at the Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea.

    The Finns felled 2713 pins over six games on the long oil pattern, an average of 226,08. They took the lead after game #1 with 510, but fell to fifth place behind their sole sub-par game of 360 in the second.

    2006MWCChesterKingBiboyRivera.jpg Filipinos Chester King and Biboy Rivera (l-r) overtook the lead with games of 432, 506, 462 and 436. The Finns regained the lead with a 502 in game #5 and secured the top spot with 402 in the final game. King and Rivera finished second with 2689 pinfall total and an average of 224,08.

    Malaysia's Daniel Lim and Aaron Kong came up strong finishing with a 483-game to move into third place with 2636 (219,67).

    Singapore's Lee Yu-Wen and Lionel Lim and French Bertrand Pujol and Yoan Alix tied for fourth place with 2616 (218,00).

    The players from 44 countries were divided into four squads. Squad 2 will bowl this afternoon with Squads 3 and 4 to follow tomorrow.