Nicole Blase, Timo Schröder are the 2015 German National Champions



    Also decided were the champions in Women's, Men's and Mixed Doubles



    2015GermanNCNicoleBlaseTimoSchroder.jpg73 women and 80 men qualified for the 2015 German National Championships June 28 - July 4 at Dream Bowl Palace in Unterföhring, Germany, which featured Singles, Women's and Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles events.

    Nicole Blase of Baden and Timo Schröder of Bremen (pictured left, l-r) swept their opponents in the title matches to become the women's and men's individual champions and to represent Germany at the 2015 European Champions Cup October 19-26 at Rose'n Bowl in Serravalle, San Marino.

    The picture above shows the top 4 women and men of the 2015 German National Championships. L-R Martina Schütz, Dennis Grünheid (2nd); champions Nicole Blase and Timo Schröder; Oliver Pescher, Nadine Geissler, Lisa Kabowski and Pascal Winternheimer (3rd).

    All 153 participants had to qualify for the National Championships through regional championships with the exception of the defending champions who were automatically seeded into the respective events.

    2015GermanNCNadineGeisslerNicoleBlase.jpgThe top 24 women and 24 men after 12 games bowled another four games to cut to the top six players who determined the champions in single-elimination in best-of-three-game format. The top two players bypassed the quarterfinals.

    In the women's finale, No.1 Martina Schütz met No. 2 Blase (pictured right with team mate Nadine Geissler after the victory in Women's Doubles) in the title match in which Blase easily won the first game, 265-198, and wrapped up the title with a 196-186 win in game two.

    On the men's side, top-seeded Schröder made quick work of Dennis Grünheid, the No. 3 seed, 214-165 and 204-161 to cruise to the title.

    2015GermanNCKarstenAustFrankHeine.jpg2015GermanNCMichaelaGobelJankaKarstenAust.jpgThe Doubles and Mixed Doubles events used the same format. Nicole Blase won her second gold medal of the championships when she teamed with Nadine Geissler to capture the title in women's Doubles.

    Karsten Aust of Hesse also walked away with two gold medals. Aust joined forces with Frank Heine to win gold in men's Doubles and teamed with Michaela Göbel-Janka to capture the Mixed Doubles title.

    Photos courtesy of German Bowling Federation (DBU).


    2015 German National Championships - Medal Winners

    Dream Bowl Palace in Unterföhring, Germany (June 28 - July 4, 2015)

    Women's Singles (73 bowlers)
    Gold - Nicole Blase (Baden)
    Silver - Martina Schütz (Hesse)
    Bronze - Nadine Geissler (Baden) und Lisa Kabowski (Lower Saxony)

    Men's Singles (80 bowlers)
    Gold - Timo Schröder (Bremen)
    Silver - Dennis Grünheid (Berlin)
    Bronze - Oliver Pescher (Rhineland-Palatinate) und Pascal Winternheimer (Hesse)

    Women's Doubles (61 teams)
    Gold - Nadine Geissler und Nicole Blase (Baden)
    Silver - Alexandra Filor und Michaela Göbel-Janka (Hesse)
    Bronze - Vanessa Timter / Sonja Heeg (Hesse) and Birgit Pöppler / Bianca Pöppler (North Rhine-Westphalia)

    Men's Doubles (66 teams)
    Gold - Karsten Aust und Frank Heine (Hesse)
    Silver - Tobias Börding und Hans Jürgen Glasl (Bavaria)
    Bronze - David Schmitz und Christoph Susen (North Rhine-Westphalia) sowie Oliver Pescher und Sebastian Lange (Rhineland-Palatinate)

    Mixed Doubles (67 teams)
    Gold - Michaela Göbel-Janka und Karsten Aust (Hesse)
    Silver - Sabrina Laub und Tobias Börding (Banaria)
    Bronze - Daniela Bäcker und Stephan Unger (North Rhine-Westphalia) und Nicole Blase und Oliver Blase (Baden)