2006 Men's World Championship declared Open in colorful Opening Ceremony


    2006 MWC

    Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea (Aug. 27 - Sept. 9, 2006)

     The inaugural Men's World Championship was declared open this afternoon in Busan, Korea. The colorful opening ceremony was held at the Asiad Bowling Center (pictured left), a 36-laner located in the Busan Sports Complex.

    The opening ceremony attracted a lot of attention in the local and national media and even drew teams from TV stations.

     Besides the players from 43 countries, many FIQ and WTBA officials, bowling federation leaders and dignitaries of the City of Busan and the host federation, the Korea Bowling Congress, attended the event, which started with the national anthem of South Korea. Click on the images to see them full size.

    2006NurNamSikBusanMayor.jpg 2006MWCHeikkiSarso.jpg Main speakers of the ceremony were Hur Nam-Sik (left), the Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City, Chi Joong-Sup, President of the Korea Bowling Congress (KBC), Heikki Sarso (right), Finland, WTBA President and Steve Hontiveros (below), Philippines, FIQ President.

    2006MWCSteveHontiveros.jpg KBC Vice President Lee Byung-In got a big round of applause from the players, the VIPs and the audience when he needed just one sentence to declare the 2006 Men's World Championship "ooooooooooooopen".

    This will be the first time the men's worlds are conducted separately from the women.


    Korea's Kim Tae-Won, a 31-year-old lefty, took the player's oath and - though he did that in Korean - he received a standing ovation from his peers for his powerful speech.

     The opening ceremony concluded with the excellent performance of a Korean traditional dance on the approach of the bowling center, right in front of the players.

    Maximum six players per team will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals on dual lane condition in Singles (short oil), Doubles (long oil), Trios (short and long oil), five-player Teams (short and long oil), All Events and Masters (short and long oil).

     The competition will start on Thursday morning, August 31, at 9 am when the players take the lanes for the Doubles event over six games on the long oil pattern.

    Click on the images to see them full size.