Rhino Page has sights set on medal in All Events after record performance in Singles at Men's World Championship


    2006 MWC

    Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea (Aug. 27 - Sept. 9, 2006)

    2006MWCSinglesRhinoPage3.jpg 2005 U.S. National Amateur Champion Rhino Page has his sights set on winning a medal in All Events in the 2006 Men's World Championship after his record-performance in Singles on Wednesday.

    The 23-year-old lefty, who won his first gold medal in the five-player team event, threw a 1481 six-game series in Singles to set the pace in All Events (with 124 of 247 players having completed their 24 games) with 5452 pinfall total and an average of 227,17.

    Seven players of the top ten and another two players of the top 16 after three events (Doubles, Trios and Team) will take to the lanes at the Asiad Bowling Center in Busan, Korea, Thursday on the challenging short-oil pattern.

    2006MWCBillHoffman2.jpg Page's compatriot and All Events leader Bill Hoffman has the 'easiest task' but still has to throw a 1315 series, a 219,17 average, to beat Page by one pin.

    No. 15 seed, 19-year-old Norwegian Mads Sandbækken from Norway, who won the Masters title at the World Youth Championships just a month ago, must even break Page's six-game high in Singles by 24 pins (1505) to pass the American.

    Here is a list of the nine players with position in All Events before Singles, 18-game total and the six-game total needed to overtake Page by one pin.

    1. Bill Hoffman, United States, has 4138, needs 1315 (219,17)
    2. Jason Belmonte, Australia, has 4117, needs 1336 (222,67)
    4. Choi Bok-Eum, Korea, has 4065, needs 1388 (231,33)
    7. Remy Ong, Singapore, has 4042, needs 1411 (235,17)
    8. Jason Walsh, Australia, has 4033, needs 1420 (236,67)
    9. Yoan Alix, France, has 4014, needs 1439 (239,83)
    10. Achim Grabowski, Germany, has 3998, needs 1455 (242,50)
    14. Daniel Lim, Malaysia, has 3952, needs 1501 (250,17)
    15. Mads Sandbækken, Norway, has 3948, needs 1505 (250,83)