First shall be last


    2007 Brunswick Team England #10

    Charrington Bowl in Tolworth, England (July 28-29, 2007)

    2007BTE10CliffDew.jpg Way back in January 1992 the first Team Britain (as was) ranking event was held at Strykers Bushbury. Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven ranking events later the winner then is the winner now - Cliff Dew.

    His win has been a talking point – a massive 626 points ahead of Steve Thornton (below on the left) – an average about 20 pins better than any left or right handed player was able to make on the very flat pattern laid down this year.

    2007BTE10ThorntonDewBanks.jpg The only other finalist 15 years ago to make the round robin at Tolworth was Phil Scammell, who finished seventh. Fiona Banks (3rd, right) was top lady, the other finalists James Tidd, John Wells, Lisa John, Phil Scammell, Sean Croke, Luke Hampshaw and Wayne Greenall.

    Tournament manager Andy James, commented, "We would like to thank Charrington Bowl for all their help both in the run up to and during the tournament, which is always a huge benefit to any tournament organizer. On the day we suffered very few machine stops and absolutely no major problems. There has been talk of the lane conditions being unfair because Cliff won by so many pins. It should be noted that the pattern that was put out was as flat as we have ever put out in a ranking event, and symmetrical left to right. The pattern was sourced from the USBC, and we are confident that the pattern did not give an unfair advantage on any side of the lane. The majority of bowlers at the event praised the committee for putting out such a testing pattern."