Two USBC Senior Queens rookies to bowl the title


    United States

    National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev. (April 25-29, 2009)

    2009USBCSQJaninePrimrose.jpgTransplanted Australian Janine Primrose (pictured left) of Minden, Nev., who has never won a bowling title of consequence, will meet United States Bowling Congress Hall of Famer Dana Miller-Mackie of Albuquerque, N.M., Wednesday in a one-game match to determine the 2009 USBC Senior Queens title.

    Primrose, competing in her first Senior Queens, rallied from a 12-pin deficit to defeat Jackie Reed of Clearfield, Utah, 563-555, to emerge as the only unbeaten player in the three-game, double-elimination match play finals at the National Bowling Stadium on Tuesday. Under the double-elimination format, Miller-Mackie will have to beat Primrose in twice in three-game matches to win the title.

    2009USBCSQDanaMillerMackie.jpgFor Miller-Mackie (pictured right), also a Senior Queens rookie, it was a grueling trek to reach the title match. After losing to Cindy Whiteman of Portland, Ore., 610-566, earlier in the day, Miller-Mackie had to win five consecutive matches in the contenders bracket to earn her shot at the title. She clinched her spot in the title match with a 626-532 win over Reed.

    "I'm feeling great, but I'm exhausted," Miller-Mackie said. "That's cruel to make senior women go through that. I don't think I ever bowled that many games (25) in one day when I was young. But it was fun. I'm thrilled."

    The most pivotal contest was a match with fellow USBC Hall of Famer and 2007 Senior Queens champion Lucy Sandelin of Tampa, Fla., which Miller-Mackie won, 210-187, in a one-game roll-off after the two tied at 603. In that match, Sandelin rallied from a 22-pin deficit late in the third game, but a six-count on her fill ball in the 10th frame sent the contest in overtime.

    "It happens. Lucy's a great player and a great person," Miller-Mackie said. "But when she game me a chance, I just thought to myself, `Make better shots if you want to win, Dana.'"

    Primrose, who moved to the U.S. in 1993, said she makes her living as a "key person" in a casino about 90 minutes south of Reno. Her job, she said, is paying out jackpots. "I make people happy," she grinned.

    After sitting out of competitive bowling for two years because of a lingering foot injury, the 56-year-old said she took some bowling lessons, learned how to convert spares better using a hard-surfaced plastic ball, and decided to bowl the Senior Queens "because I'm 56 and I'm not competitive with the younger girls. I thought maybe I'd have a chance bowling with the seniors.

    "I just wanted to make match play," she continued. "I didn't have any other expectations. But ohmygawd, ohmygawd. I get to bowl again tomorrow. Ohmygawd."

    If Primrose can win the first three-game match, the traditional Senior Queens tiara will be hers. But she's going to face a battle from Miller-Mackie.

    "I'm so excited," said Miller-Mackie, a 15-time women's pro tour champion. "I called my mom last night, and her message was, don't give up on your dream. This has always been one of my dreams. If it takes six games to win, that's what I've got to do."

    The 2009 Senior Queens drew a field of 140 women ages 50 and older.


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    2009 USBC Senior Queens - Match Play Results

    Three games, double-elimination match play

    Winners Bracket - Round 2

    Janine Primrose, Gardnerville, Nev., def. Cheryl Hammitt, Union City, Calif., 565-524
    Shelley West, Omaha, Neb., def. Lil Johnson, Lawton, Okla., 570-555
    Cindy Whiteman, Portland, Ore., def. Dana Miller-Mackie, Albuquerque, N.M., 610-566
    Jackie Reed, Clearfield, Utah, def. Cathy Smith, Richmond, Va., 581-556


    Winners Bracket - Round 3

    Primrose def. Hammitt, 646-517
    Reed def. Cindy Whiteman, 530-516


    Winners Bracket - Round 4

    Winner advances to championship match

    Primrose def. Reed, 563-555


    Contenders Bracket - Round 3

    Losers eliminated, each earned $500.

    Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, Fla., def. Joan Reilly, Wilmington, Del., 589-572
    Judy Vogel, Slidell, La., def. Rosanne Allen, El Paso, Texas, 587-554
    Nancy Fehr, Cincinnati, def. Sharon Powers, Lakewood, Colo., 606-549
    Susan George, Middle Island, N.Y., Fran Deken, Coweta, Okla., 661-526


    Contenders Bracket - Round 4

    Losers eliminated, each earned $650.

    Sandelin def. Smith, 713-596
    Miller-Mackie def. Vogel, 659-474
    Fehr def. Johnson, 551-550
    George def. Hammitt, 633-574


    Contenders Bracket - Round 5

    Losers eliminated, each earned $800.

    Miller-Mackie def. Sandelin, 210-187 in one-game roll-off after a 603-603 tie.
    George def. Fehr, 571-493


    Contenders Bracket - Round 6

    Losers eliminated, each earned $850.

    Miller-Mackie def. Whiteman, 617-593
    George def. West, 649-647


    Contenders Bracket - Round 7

    Loser eliminated, finished fourth for 1,000.

    Miller-Mackie def. George, 656-558


    Contenders Bracket - Round 8

    Winner advanced to title match, loser finished third for $1,400

    Miller-Mackie def. Reed, 626-532