60-year-old Italian shoots back-to-back 300-games



    Bowling Odissea 2000 in Rome

    2005ITADelfinoCeracchi600.jpg Italian league bowler Delfino wrote history when he bowled in the regional qualifying for the Italian National Championships on Sunday, February 22, at Bowling Odissea 2000 in Rome. The 60-year-old from Rome connected for 27 consecutive strikes to become the first bowler in Italy to roll first back-to-back 300-games.

    Ceracchi started to strike in the first frame of the third game en route to bowl his first career 300-game on lanes 1-2. He used the momentum and rolled another twelve strikes in game 4. For another three frames Ceracchi was targeting to become the first European bowler to roll a 900-series but his streak ended with the 28th shot.

    "Delfino is a veteran, who bowls in Rome since first bowling center opened back in 1963," said Andrea Canevari, secretary and team member of Associazione Sportiva Team Storm. "He joined our new team founded by Amedeo Spada in last December." Spada, Italy's No. 1 bowler, was involved in the success as he drilled the ball Ceracchi used in the tournament, a STORM "Atomic Charge".

    "Delfino bowled in our team league with Amedeo and me for Team Cosmic the last 3 years", Canevari added. "He didn't have any particular high scores or records in his bowling career. He never shot a 300-game before. His style is rather simple, generally playing the first arrow, straight and slowly. But he very seldom misses a spare. He is a perfect team bowler, moderate and wise."

    As Ceracchi accomplished the feat in an official competition and controlled by tournament referee Stefano Sciascia (pictured on the left), the 600 will be sanctioned by the Italian federation. Canevari stated that this "is without a doubt an Italian record."

    Canevari was also part of the success story. "We came back from a national team tournament in Naples a 2.30 a.m. on Sunday morning," Canevari remembered. "Delfino told me that he has forgotten to ask me to book a spot for him in the qualifier. Fortunately, I was able to convince Ugo Marazzi, President of the Regional Committee, and he made an exception for Delfino and he was allowed to bowl in the 12.30 squad. So I called him and he joined us at the bowling center. A lucky coincidence allowed him to play this record."