Germany to host 2006 Women's European Championships



    ETBF_1966.jpg The European Tenpin Bowling Federation (ETBF) has announced that the German Bowling Federation (DBU) has accepted to host the first Women's European Championships in 2006.

    The championships are supposed to be conducted at a 22-laner in Böblingen near Stuttgart from August 25 through September 2, 2006. Last day of arrival is Thursday, August 24, and Sunday, September 3, is the day of departure.

    During the 2003 WTBA Congress in Malaysia, the delegates of the WTBA member federations have decided to split the men's and women's World Championships. Beginning in 2005, each event will be conducted every second year, with the championships for men (MWC) in even and the championships for women in odd years. Therefore the ETBF will split the men's and women's European Championships also. Accordingly, the MEC will be held in odd and the WEC in even years.

    The first Women's World Championship take place in Aalborg, Denmark, from August 3-14, while the first Men's European Championships are scheduled for June 2-24 in Moscow, Russia. Pusan in Korea will host the first Men's World Championship from June 28 through July 9. The 2nd Women's World Championships will be staged in Guadalajara, Mexico, August 28 through September 9, 2007. The host for the 2008 MWC is not decided yet.