Francois Geffray wins 28th Grand Prix Zurich



    Bowling Center BeSeCo in Rümikon-Winterthur

    2005GPZurichFrancoisGeffray.jpg François Geffray from Colmar, France defeated his fellow countryman Sam Faraglia from Anecy, two games to one, in the best-of-three-game championship match en route to win the 28th Grand Prix Zurich in Switzerland.

    Geffray trailed by one after the first game, but finished with back-to-back victories, 225-224 and 241-195.

    Poland's Jacek Grotowski, who shot a 300-game in the Round of 32, defeated Nicole Heberle, Germany, in roll-off for 3rd and 4th place, 491-357 (two games total pinfall).

    28th Grand Prix Zurich

    Bowling Center BeSeCo in Rümikon-Winterthur, Switzerland
    April 23-May 1, 2005

    Final Standings:
    1. Geffray Francois, France
    2. Faraglia Sam, France
    3. Grotowski Jacek, Poland
    4. Heberle Nicole, Germany

    Championship Match (best-of-three-game):
    Francois Geffray (pictured), FRA def. Sam Faraglia, FRA, 2-1
    194-224, 225-224, 241-195.

    All other matches went over two games total pinfall.
    Roll-off for 3rd and 4th place:
    Jacek Grotowski, POL (233+258) def.
    Nicole Heberle, GER (191+166), 491-357

    Sam Faraglia, FRA (236+245) def.
    Jacek Grotowski, POL (207+195), 481-402
    Francois Geffray, FRA (214+257) def.
    Nicole Heberle, GER (175+231), 471-406

    Nicole Heberle, GER (199+186) def.
    Christian Bonaventure, FRA (221+161), 385-382
    Francois Geffray, FRA (213+192) def.
    Tanya Petty, GER (160+222), 405-382
    Sam Faraglia, FRA (204+201) def.
    Yoan Alix, FRA (191+145), 405-336
    Jacek Grotowski, POL (257+177) def.
    Romain Franchi, FRA (190+220), 434-410