Norwegian Petter Hansen wins 3rd consecutive National Championships



    Siw Fjellheim women's champion

    2005NORNCPetterHansen.jpg Petter Hansen (pictured) and Siw Fjellheim won the individual titles in the 2005 Norwegian National Championships at Veitvet Bowling Center in Oslo, Norway. Both players advanced to the 3-player stepladder finals as the No. seeds.

    In the opening match of the men's finals, Mads Sandbaekken defeated Kenneth Holten, 224-214, to face Hansen in the championship match. Both players were deadlocked at 206 after ten frames and the title was decided in a two-frame roll-off. Long-time international Hansen, who was the runner-up at the 2004 AMF Bowling World Cup in Singapore, remained calm and struck on his first three balls to claim his third consecutive national title and the fourth of his career with a 58-34 victory.

    Siw Fjellheim was the biggest surprise in this year's championships. The underdog sat and watched the opening shootout match in which 1998 champion Liv Marie Jakobsen ousted defending champion Ingunn Öien, 214-159. Fjellheim then bowled a solid game en route to defeat Jakobsen and to seal the victory, 203-182.

    Both champions will represent their country in the 2005 European Cup for Individuals in Böblingen, Germany, in September.

    Hansen and his teammate on the Norwegian national team, Sverre Lund, who are the owners of the 30-lane AMF-equipped Veitvet Bowling Center, the biggest bowling center in Norway, targeted to win the men's doubles title but came up short finishing in third position with 2547, 212,25 average.

    Lasse Ingebrigtsen, like Hansen and Lund on the Norwegian national team for the 2005 Men's European Championships, teamed with Kenneth Haukäs to win the title with 2599. Trailing the champions by 40 pins to finish in second place with 2559 were Eirik Borgersrud and Erland Lund.

    Patcharin Torgersen (pictured left) and Grethe Andersen walked away the winners in the women's division. The duo, teammates of Hansen/Lund in Solli BK, posted a 2239, 12-game total, 186,58 average, to beat Monica Eide and Liv Grete Rundhaug, 2229, by ten pins. Bronze went to Ingunn Öien and Heidi Edvardsen with 2201.

    2005 Norwegian Men's National Championships

    Men's Singles - Championship Round:
    1. Petter Hansen, Solli BK, 206 (1 game)
    2. Mads Sandbaekken, Frogner BK, 430 (2 games)
    3. Kenneth Holten, Trondheim BK, 214 (1 game)
    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal: Sandbaekken def. Holton, 224-214
    Championship Match: Sandbaekken tied Hansen, 206-206
    and in roll-off: Hansen def. Sandbaekken, 58-34.

    Men's Doubles
    Top 3 duos with position, club, pinfall total and average
    1. Mascot BK, 2599, 216,58
    Kenneth Haukäs, 1288, 214,66/Lasse Ingebrigtsen, 1311, 218,50

    2. Metro BK, 2559, 213,25
    Eirik Borgersrud, 1284, 214,00/Erland Lund, 1275, 212,50
    3. Solli BK, 2547, 212,25
    Petter Hansen, 1301, 216,83/Sverre Lund, 1246, 207,66

    2005 Norwegian Women's National Championships

    Women's Singles - Championship Round:
    1. Siw Fjellheim, Cross BK, 203 (1 game)
    2. Liv Marie Jakobsen, Stavanger BK, 396 (2 games)
    3. Ingunn Öien, Metro BK, 159 (1 game)
    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal: Jakobsen def. Öien, 214-159
    Championship Match: Fjellheim def. Jakobsen, 203-182

    Women's Doubles
    Top 3 duos with position, club, pinfall total and average
    1. Solli BK, 2239, 186,58
    Grethe Andersen, 1097, 182,83/Patcharin Torgersen, 1142, 190,33

    2. Bjugn BK, 2229, 185,75
    Monica Eide, 1274, 212,33/Liv Grete Rundhaug, 955, 159,16
    3. Metro BK, 2201, 183,42
    Ingunn Öien, 1104, 184,00/Heidi Edvardsen, 1097, 182,83