Team Pergamon wins third consecutive National Team Championship



    Spader Dam wins women's title

    Once again, Team Pergamon of Gothenburg is on top of the hill in the Swedish 8-player team league. The teammates combined for a 215-average in the final against bowling club Ellbogen/Ng from Malmö en route to win their third consecutive Swedish National Team Championship.

    Long before European football clubs like for example Chelsea London or ZSKA Moscow were adopted by Russian billionaires, Alexander Kotton, who moved from Russia to Sweden years ago, decided to have his own bowling team - called Team Pergamon - with elite players.

    After starting at the bottom of the Swedish league system and winning their respective divisions for five straight years, Team Pergamon reached the first league "Elit Series" in 2003. The team, known as Sweden's "Dream Team", mowed down the field to win the fist national title in the same year.

    No wonder, with amateur bowling standouts like Tim Mack, United States, and Tore Torgersen, Norway (pictured with the 2005 trophy), in a line-up that was nearly identical with the Swedish national team with Tomas Leandersson, Raymond Jansson, Patrick Backe, Martin Larsen, Pär Svensson and Stefan Yngström.

    "If anyone asks me if Pergamon is the best team in Sweden I will say: Maybe there are days during the year when other team will beat us, but this weekend every spring (when the finals take place), we are the best team in the world", said Kotton, who is still the owner and the coach of Team Pergamon.

    Each 8-player team consists of four doubles. During a match each double faces the opponent's four doubles in one-game matches. Once again Kotton rallied his troops for the national finals. Besides many Swedish national team members led by Tomas Leandersson, PBA exempt bowler Torgersen and Finland's anchorman Lasse Lintilä joined a team that has won a combined 140 FIQ medals. It was Torgersen' third and Lintilä's second title with the team. Leandersson posted the honor scores of championships with 954 and 976, 4-game series.

    2005 Swedish Men's National Team Champion - Team Pergamon, Gothenburg:
    From left, back row: Tore Torgersen, Martin Larsen, Niklas Linderholm, Pär Svensson, Robert Andersson, Marcus Nyberg. Front row: Michael Ahlqvist, Tomas Leandersson, Alexander Kotton (coach), Lasse Lintilä.

    The ladies from Spader Dam (Queen of Spade), Helsingborg, learned very quick and used the same strategy to win the women's title. Some of the top Swedish ladies, Helen Johnsson and Malin Glendert, teamed with European ranking champions Britt Bröndsted and Kamilla Kjeldsen from Denmark to win the 2005 Women's Championship, the 7th national team title for Spader Dam overall.

    In the final, Spader Dam was able to weather a strong challenge by Sundbybergs IK. It was also a question of prestige for the coaches of the two teams, Göran Carlsson (Spader Dam) and Anders Öhman. Carlsson, a member of the 1999 World Team Champion, joked after doing a successful job "This is my first gold medal ever in a Ladies Tournament".

    2005 Swedish Women's National Team Champion - Spader Dam, Helsingborg:
    From left, back row: Göran Carlsson (coach), Ann-Jeanette Ekroth, Malin Glendert, Britt Bröndsted, Diana Alfredsson, Jessica Hakansson, Katta Karlsson. Front row: Jessica Olsson, Helen Johnsson, Kamilla Kjeldsen, Asa Borggren. Click on the image to enlarge it.