John Wells and Katie Jowsey win All Events and Rankings in BTBA National Championships


    Brunswick Team England #3

    Courtesy of British Go Tenpin magazine

    As earlier reported, the junior English boys team had smashed through the rest of the field after the second weekend of the 45th BTBA Nationals, staged over three weekends at Number Ten Norwich. Here is his the story from one of the best finishes to the Nationals for a long time courtesy of Eric Hayton, editor of the British Go Tenpin magazine.

    The Junior Blues led most of the A events - in the five-player teams they had shot 3422, a street ahead of the opposition. John Wells had cruised in with no less then two 300 games. Matt Miller led the A singles with a 750, and the deadly duo led the doubles with 1399, having bowled a 558 first game including one of John's perfectos.

    All of this meant that they were leading the all-events as well 2184 John, 2122 Matt. I must not forget the other bowlers in the team event - Adam Scott scored 2043, contributing 692 in the team, Nick Winstanley 638, Aaron Machin 659 and David Jones 616, combined with John's 817 - made up the total. Matt was in the Junior Red England team.

    Beginning with the A Division Men's Team, there were a few teams that really had a go at passing the juniors - RollRite Originals, Midas I and Power Play A.

    The lead after one game was taken by Ballistic with 1119, and the Edge (1098), RollRite bagged 1090 and Midas (Ron Oldfield, Dave Parker, Nev Robinson, Stu Kay, Stew Meadus) and Power Play were separated by just 1 pin 1078-1077.

    Game two and Ballistic fell scoring only 954, the Edge 1054 (Dan French, Lee Chatfield David Kendall, Robert Kendall, Dom Barrett) tailed off, but Power Play shot 1172, RollRite 1163 and Midas 1116 were still in with a chance.

    Midas finished with just 1005 to end in fourth, and RollRite (Paul Moor, Joe Preddy, Darren Cundy, Donna Adams, Nick Froggatt) needing another spare to take the lead totalled 1162 in the last game ending short by 7 pins.

    Power Play needed 1174 to lead, managed 1186 to overhaul the juniors by 14 pins, the final game heroes were Rob Thurlby 235, Ricky Cheong 211, Mike Quarry 225, Matt Giles 258 and Jon Zadel also 258.

    Singles - Three game shootouts, start big finish big, and a big middle is needed too, certainly this year! Mike Quarry did that (278-237-259) to win Men's A, topping Matt Miller by 16 with a 774 set, with Wales' Clive Morris third. The ladies A Singles went to Donna Adams' 764 set, easily beating Jo Allsebrook 698 and YAC bowler Emily Headford 697.

    Doubles - Matt Miller lost another lead from the second weekend in A div Doubles when Daz Cundy and Nick Froggatt topped Miller and Wells by five pins, and also broke through the 1400 mark to take the title. A pair of lefties - Chris Snashall and London International champion Damien Gray ran in third. Midas pairing Sarah Charlton & Katie Jowsey beat Jemma Smith & Nikki Harvey by 67 pins to the A ladies crown, with Jo Harries and Lisa Gardner third.

    Ranking Points - There are extra rewards for finishing in the top 16 All-Events of the A divisions. Players are invited to play in the UK Championships, scheduled for Number Ten Rugby.

    Topping the table for the men's A was John Wells - his 2184 was 173 pins more than he bowled last year when he was runner-up to Steve Thornton. This time there was no mistake and he can add to that the record of being the first player to make two 300's in the same Nationals and his first adult Team England ranking win - hopefully the first of many. Mike Quarry was second and Daz Cundy third. Katie Jowsey won another ranking event, holding off Donna Adams and Finny Banks.

    BTBA National Championships - Men's A Division All Events

    Top 16 players with 9-game total (Singles-Doubles-Teams) and average

    1. John Wells, 2184 (668-699-817), 242,67
    2. Mike Quarry, 2135 (774-682-679), 237,22
    3. Darren Cundy, 2129 (725-716-688), 236,56
    4. Nick Froggatt, 2129 (697-688-744), 236,56
    5. Matt Miller, 2122 (758-700-664), 235,78
    6. Paul Moor, 2108 (716-689-703), 234,22
    7. Jon Zadel, 2096 (679-687-730), 232,89
    8. Robert Knight, 2080 (734-651-695), 231,11
    9. Jack Smith, 2059 (724-659-676), 228,78
    10. Adam Scott, 2043 (711-640-692), 227,00
    11. Dave Parker, 2041 (678-683-680), 226,78
    12. Rob Thurlby, 2041 (637-633-771), 226,78
    13. James Tidd, 2032 (690-694-648), 225,78
    14. Clive Morris, 2012 (738-657-617), 223,56
    15. Stu Kay, 2004 (705-674-625), 222,67
    16. Fred Lee, 2000 (639-688-673), 222,22

    BTBA National Championships - Women's A Division All Events

    Top 16 players with 9-game total (Singles-Doubles-Teams) and average

    1. Katie Jowsey, 2111 (654-761-696), 234,56
    2. Donna Adams, 2057 (764-639-654), 228,56
    3. Fiona Banks, 1963 (618-717-628), 218,11
    4. Val Askey, 1941 (640-594-707), 215,67
    5. Sarah Charlton, 1925 (605-617-703), 213,89
    6. Jo Allsebrook, 1909 (698-618-593), 212,11
    7. Nikki Harvey, 1904 (567-703-634), 211,56
    8. Jo Harries, 1887 (668-623-596), 209,67
    9. Emily Headford, 1880 (697-560-623), 208,89
    10. Nicola Day, 1878 (644-625-609), 208,67
    11. Lisa John, 1878 (680-618-580), 208,67
    12. Hayley White, 1856 (663-581-612), 206,22
    13. Pauline Buck, 1852 (609-628-615), 205,78
    14. Kirsten Penny, 1840 (629-606-605), 204,44
    15. Jemma Smith, 1825 (629-608-588), 202,78
    16. Kaz Barfoot, 1806 (590-658-558), 200,67

    Junior England Blue is well prepared for European Youth Championships

     Eric Hayton, editor of the British Go Tenpin magazine, has a nice little piece for us from the British Tenpin Bowling Association (BTBA) Nationals, a Brunswick Team England event currently running at Number Ten in Norwich.

    Team England juniors (pictured here with the coaches, click on the image to enlarge it) compete as usual as part of their preparation for the European Youth Championships to be held next month in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 8-17.

    The five-player boys team shot a three-game set of 3422, an average of 228,13. Feature bowler on this occasion was John Wells, who led off with a 300-game, followed by 259 and 258, for 817 three-game total or an average of 272,33.

    Adam Scott contributed 692 (233-232-227), Aaron Machin 659 (210-267-182), Nick Winstanley 638 (195-201-242) and David Jones 616 (202-190-224). They lead the A division by an enormous 385 pins or more than 25 pins in average.

    "Even with many of the powerful teams such as RollRite Pro Shop still to bowl this coming weekend, Junior England Blue are favorite to win the title on what is a tough condition," Hayton wrote.

    Stay tuned for Eric's final report.