Dutch bowler shoots 879 over three games



    TheoPanneman879.jpg Dutch bowler Theo Panneman (left) shot 879 over three games on Thursday, June 9, during a doubles league in Veendam, Netherlands. It was the last league evening of the year for Panneman and his partner, former Dutch international Bert Beverdam.

    "I was testing a ball provided by Bowltech thanks to Johan Jonker and Peter Lenders", said Panneman, a 41-year-old righthander. "It was the Roto Grip Oracle Vision. I shot a couple of high games with this ball during the league season, several 270+, 2 -times 280+ and a 290."

    It was a perfect ending for the both, the league season and the ball test. Panneman started with a warm-up game of 229 then fired 12 consecutive strikes for a 300-game. He started the next game with a strike, before a 10-pin refused to fall in the second frame. He spared, reeled off a 9-bagger and got another 10-pin on his fill-ball for 279.

    Meanwhile, the bowling center proprietor was changing his "High Score Board". Just when he had added Theo's name to board and changed the total number of 300-games bowled from 2 to 3, Panneman rolled his second perfecto of the day ... and the owner could climb the ladder again to make it 4.

    "I had an appointment with three customers to drill some bowling balls" said Panneman, who runs the pro shop. "They arrived early and where absolutely stunned by the scores. They had never seen a 300-game, and now they saw two in 15 minutes."

    Panneman's total was 1108 over four games, an average of 277. His last three games were an amazing 879 with 34 strikes out of 36 shots.