Thomas Gross wins 4th Slovakia Open 2005



    Brunswick Bowling Aupark in Bratislava

    2005SLKOpen.jpg Austrian international Thomas Gross (pictured) walked away the winner in the 4th Slovakia Open 2005 at Brunswick Bowling Aupark in Bratislava, Slovakia. In an all-Austrian affair, Gross defeated youngster Mario Baumgartner in the championship match over two games total pinfall, 397-361. Gross held a comfortable 33-pin lead after the first game (216-183) and never looked back. He won the second game 181-178 to claim the 1.500 Euro top prize.

    Gross led the top 32 into the best-of-five-games match play finals. He swept Hungary's Maria Toth in the first round, then survived a strong challenge by Russian Tatiana Smirnova, 3-2. Smirnova (pictured right) finished as top ranked woman in 12th place. After a 3-1 victory against compatriot Alex Gabriezian, Gross sidelined tournament organizer Karel Kutina in the semis. 3-0. Baumgartner went the distance in his semifinal to defeat qualifying leader Mariusz Musialik from Poland, 3-2.

    4th Slovakia Open 2005

    Brunswick Bowling Aupark in Bratislava, Slovakia
    July 1-3, 2005

    Championship Round:
    1. Thomas Gross, Austria
    2. Mario Baumgartner, Austria
    3. Mariusz Musialik, Poland
    4. Karel Kutina, Czech Republic
    5. Alex Gabriezian, Austria
    6. Wolfgang Baumgartner, Austria
    7. Antonin Nosek, Czech Republic
    8. Radek Pospisil, Slovakia

    Championship Round:
    Quarterfinals (best-of-five):
    Thomas Gross def. Alex Gabriezian, 3-1
    (228-194, 196-215, 258-199, 225-203)
    Karel Kutina def. Antonin Nosek, 3-1
    (198-173, 159-203, 214-199, 213-210)
    Mariusz Musialik def. Wolfgang Baumgartner, 3-0
    (179-176, 219-202, 218-188)
    Mario Baumgartner def. Radek Pospisil, 3-1
    (225-143, 181-156, 207-236, 200-150)

    Semifinals (best-of-five):
    Thomas Gross def. Karel Kutina, 3-0
    (206-185, 231-178, 218-152)
    Mario Baumgartner def. Mariusz Musialik, 3-2
    (234-225, 182-244, 189-177, 182-191, 224-142)

    Championship Match (two games total pinfall):
    Thomas Gross (216+181) def. Mario Baumgartner (183+178), 397-361.