Brian Voss captures the title in the 2010 Bucharest International



    IDM Club in Bucharest, Romania (Nov. 22-28, 2010)

    201011PBABrianVoss.jpg2010BucharestDimitriosKaretsos.jpg25-time PBA champion and PBA Hall of Famer Brian Voss (pictured left), United States captured the title and the 2.000 Euro top prize in the 2010 Bucharest International Sunday at IDM Club in Bucharest, Romania. The No. 1 seed swept No. 2 Takis Karetsos (right), Greece in the title match in best-of-three games format, two-games-to-none.

    Voss finished qualifying in second place to bypass the first round of the finals. The American averaged 222.67 to lead Final Round Two with 1336, the highest six-game series of the tournament, en route to earn the No. 1 seed for the single-elimination finals in bracket system. Karetsos took the No. 2 seed with 1296.

    2010BucharestStuartWilliams.jpg2010BucharestMariusPiticariu2.jpgVoss rolled games of 246 and 214 to come back from a 1-0 deficit and to win his Round of 8 match against No. 8 Giannis Stathatos, Greece, 2-1. In the semifinal, Voss swept fellow PBA exempt player Stuart Williams (left), England, behind games of 226-201 and 216-202.

    Karetsos defeated two Romanian bowlers, No. 7 Viorel Simut and No. 6 Marius Piticariu (right), both 2-1, to set up a title match with Voss. The PBA star won the first game 191-145 and wrapped up the title with a 245-183 win.

    The 2010 Bucharest International was held from Nov. 22-28 at IDM Club, a 14-laner with Brunswick equipment, in Bucharest, Romania. The tournament offered total prize fund of 10.000 Euro with 2.000 Euro going to the winner.

    A total of 24 players from the qualifying (six games) advanced to the finals on Sunday, Nov. 28: the top 18 qualifiers and the top 4 from a separate standing of the squads conducted Nov. 22-25 plus the top 2 of the one-game Desperado Squad. The top 8 players received one bye.

    Qualifiers 9-24 bowled six games from scratch. The top 8 met the top 8 qualifiers in the second round. Those 16 bowled another six-game series from scratch to cut to the top 8, who advanced to match play finals in best-of-three games format in bracket system.


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    2010 Bucharest International - Top 24 (cashers)

    Players with position, country and earnings.

    1. Brian Voss, United States, 2.000 Euro
    2. Dimitrios Karetsos, Greece, 1.000 Euro
    3. Stuart Williams, England, 750 Euro
    4. Marius Piticariu, Romania, 550 Euro
    5. Matt Miller, England, 450 Euro
    6. Viorel Simut, Romania, 450 Euro
    7. Giannis Stathatos, Greece, 400 Euro
    8. Catalin Gheorghe, Romania, 400 Euro
    9. Ryan Press, Ireland, 300 Euro
    10. Paul Stott, Ireland, 300 Euro
    11. Marco Cesare, Italy, 300 Euro
    12. Zara Giles, England, 300 Euro
    13. Valentin Fatu, Romania, 300 Euro
    14. Todor Lichev, Bulgaria, 300 Euro
    15. Andreas Christoforou, Cyprus, 300 Euro
    16. Alessandro Silletti, Italy, 300 Euro
    17. Florian Mihailescu, Romania, 200 Euro
    18. Charis Panayiotou, Cyprus, 200 Euro
    19. Kyriakos Hatzittofis, Cyprus, 200 Euro
    20. Bogdan Obada, Romania, 200 Euro
    21. Romeo Gagenoiu, Romania, 200 Euro
    22. David Canady, Germany, 200 Euro
    23. Grant Dugan, Ireland, 200 Euro
    24. Cristian Calagiu, Romania, 200 Euro

    2010 Bucharest International - Single-elimination finals

    Best-of-three games format in bracket system. Winner advances, losers eliminated.


    2010 Bucharest International - Final Round Two

    Top 8 qualifiers and top 8 of Round One bowl six games scratch. The top 8 advance to the single-elimination finals. Places 9-16 eliminated, earn 300 Euro each.


    2010 Bucharest International - Final Round One

    Qualifiers 9-24 bowl six games scratch. The top 8 advance to the single-elimination finals. Places 9-16 eliminated, finish 17th-24th, earn 200 Euro each.