Swedish girls earn No. 1 seed for the Doubles playoffs at European Youth Championships


    2012 EYC

    Also advancing were both Danish doubles and defending champion England

    2012EYCLogo.jpg Jenny Wegner and Annie Thorell followed in the footprints of their male counterparts as the Swedes earned the No. 1 seed for the Doubles playoffs of the 25th European Youth Championships Tuesday at Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

    The Swedes averaged 197.42 for six games to lead the field of 28 doubles with 2369 pinfall total. Wegner rolled the second-highest individual series with 1222 and Thorell contributed 1147.

    The doubles from the host country Denmark finished in second and fourth place. Pernille F. Nielsen/Rikke N. Johansen were mere 13 pins behind the leader with 2356 while their teammates Pernille W. Rasmussen/Stine N. Johansen grabbed the fourth and last place to advance with 2338, a 194.83 average.

    Rasmussen/Johansen will take on the top seeded Swedes in the semifinal one-game match, while Nielsen/Johansen meet defending champions Bethany Hedley and Hannah Frost of England in the other semifinal.

    Frost used the highest individual three-game (669) and six-game series (1284) to lead her teammate into third place with 2353. The playoffs will start this afternoon at 5.30 p.m. CET.

    The 25th European Youth Championships will be held from March 31 through April 9, 2012 at Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

    The EYC 2012 is divided in two divisions - boys and girls. Each team consists of maximum four male and four female players, who must not have reached the age of 19 before August 31st, 2012.

    The players compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Doubles, Teams, Singles, All Events (18 games) and Masters (top 24 in All Events, single-elimination, best-of-three games). Competition starts on Monday, April 2 with the Boys Doubles and ends on Easter Sunday, April 8, with the Boys and Girls Masters match play.

    For more information please download 2012 EYC Bulletin (MS Word document).


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    Individual players


    High Games and High Series

    Individual High Scores
    1 Game: Pernille F. Nielsen, Denmark, 257
    3 Games: Hannah Frost, England, 669
    6 Games: Hannah Frost, England, 1284

    Doubles High Scores
    1 Game: Oleksandra Iakunina/Daria Kovalova, Ukraine, 465
    3 Games: Bethany Hedley/Hannah Frost, England, 1260
    6 Games: Jenny Wegner/Annie Thorell, Sweden, 2369


    25th European Youth Championships - Girls All Events after 6/18 games