Korea's Yang Tae-Seon, Singapore's Amanda Ng continue to lead International Qualifying


    2013 World Bowling Tour #4

    With six of eight qualifying squads completed, the cut for 36th place in the men's division is now 590 (196.67 average); cut for 24th place in the women's division is 682 (227.33)


    2013IBCAmandaNg.jpgYang Tae-Seon (pictured left) of Korea and Singapore's Amanda Ng (right) continued to lead the men's and women's international qualifying at the International Bowling Championships 2013 supported by DHC in Nagoya, Japan.

    With six out of eight qualifying squads completed, Yang held on to the lead in the men's division with 792 three-game total and an average of 264. Ng remained unchallenged atop the women's division with 817 (272.33), the highest series of all 74 qualifiers.

    2013IBCLeeNaYoung.jpg2013IBCGyeMinYoung.jpgShalin Zulkifli of Malaysia, who rolled the first 300 game tournament and the lone by a woman, retained second place with 790. Three Korean women set the pace in squads 5 and 6 Wednesday afternoon at Inazawa Grandbowl.

    Jeon Gwi-Ae closed out her attempt in the fifth squad with back-to-back 280 games to rocket from 27th to third place with 785 or an average of 261.75. Gye Min-Young (left) led Squad 6 with 779 including a pair of 260s to tie Kristel Oh of Singapore for fourth place.

    Lee Na-Young (above right) was mere five pins behind with 774 also including a pair of 260s to leap from 25th to sixth place.

    2013IBCGangHyeEun.jpg2013IBCAlexLiew.jpgWith two squads to go, two-time world champion Gang Hye-Eun (left) of Korea holds the 24th and last place to advance with 682 (227.33).

    On the men's side, Yang is followed by Alex Liew of Malaysia and Park Jong-Woo of Korea, who remained in second and third place with 775 and 733, respectively. Kang Seong-Yu of Korea closed out his block in squad 5 with 270 and 731 total to beat out Aris Ardila of Malaysia for fourth place by two pins. Ardila slipped to fifth place with 729.

    Lee Wan-Hee of Korea and Rocky Hui of Hong Kong rolled series of 709 and 707 to move into 14th and 15th place, respectively. Jeong Tae-Hwa, Korea, had 689, good for 22nd place.

    201213PBAScottNorton.jpg2013IBCJayLeonGuerrero.jpgTwo-time PBA champion Scott Norton (left; 25th, 679, former world champion Tim Mack (26th, 674), Guam's Jay Leon Guerrero (right; 32nd, 634) and Brian Greenwood, United States, are the only non-Asian bowlers in the men's field.

    Raymond W. M. Leung of Hong Kong and Pham Gia Phu of Vietnam battle it out for 36th and last place to advance with Leung in the lead, 590 to 565.

    International qualifying concludes Wednesday with Squads 6 & 8 scheduled to start at 5.30 and 7.15 p.m. Japanese Standard Time (CET -8 or EST -14). The top 36 men and the top 24 women with the highest three-game series at the end of the day advance to the main event.

    2013IBCJapanLogo.jpg  The International Bowling Championships 2013 supported by DHC is the fourth event on the 2013 World Bowling Tour and one of the Tour's "majors" The tournament runs from Jan. 15 to 19.

    The international qualifying and the main event will be held at 116-lane Inazawa Grandbowl in the Greater-Nagoya area in Japan, the biggest bowling center in the world on one floor (according to the Guinness Book of World Records).

    Click on the image to enlarge it.

    The IBC offers total prize fund of 30 million Japanese Yen making the tournament one of the richest in the world on the 2013 schedule.

    Men and women bowl in separate divisions but in the same format for the JPY6,000,000 top prize. The runner-up gets 3.000.000 Yen, third place is 1.500.000 Yen and fourth place 800.000 Yen. All prize money is subject to 20.42% tax.

    The International Bowling Championships 2013 is currently the lone WBT "major" outside the United States. For the first time since its inception in 2011, "major" status will be granted for premium tournaments with no less than $200,000 prize fund. Double ranking points will be awarded in all "majors".

    The five finalists will have a chance for an even bigger payday as 10 million Yen will be awarded for EVERY 300 game bowled in the TV final eliminator rounds.

    Click here for more information on the International Qualifying.

    The main event of the International Bowling Championships 2013 runs from Jan. 17 to 19 at Inazawa Grandbowl.

    BowlingdigitalBanner.gif Bowlingdigital will cover the whole event live from Inazawa Grandbowl including stories, results and photos commencing Tuesday, Jan. 15 with the international qualifying all the way through to the TV finals on Saturday, Jan. 19.


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    International Qualifying - Men's Division after Squad 6/8

    The top 36 men will advance to the main event.


    International Qualifying - Women's Division after Squad 6/8

    The top 24 women will advance to the main event.