Korea wins both gold medals in Team and sweeps all medals in All-Events


    2013 East Asian Games

    Korean men and Korean women just one gold medal in Masters away from a gold medal sweep at the 6th East Asian Games Tenpin Bowling competition

    2013EAGWomenTeamKorea.jpgThe Korean men and women captured the gold medals in the five-player Team event and swept gold, silver and bronze in All-Events (combined results in Singles, Doubles, Trios and Team) as the 6th East Asian Games Tenpin Bowling competition nears conclusion.

    2013EAGWomenTeamChineseTaipei.jpgThe women's team (pictured left) featuring Lee Na Young, Ryu Seo Yeon, Baek Seung Ja, Kim Moon Jeong, Jung Da Wun and Son Yun Hee averaged 209.37 for six games (first three games on short oil, second three games on long oil) to win the coveted Team gold with 6281 total.

    Singles co-champions Kim and Son led the team with 1390 and 1364, respectively. The Koreans, who led by 141 pins after the first three-game block maintained a 118-pin lead over Chinese Taipei bowlers (pictured right) Wang Ya Ting, Pan Yu Fen, Li Shiau Ping, Chou Chia Chen, Tsai Hsin Yi and Chien Hsiu Lan, who took the silver medal with 6163 (205.43).

    2013EAGWomenTeamChina.jpgThird place belonged to the women from the host country China (pictured left), Zhang Yuhong, Sun Hongdou, Kong Min, Li Qing, Wang Xinlin and Zhang Chunli, who finished almost 400 pins behind Chinese Taipei in third place with distant 5765 (192.17).

    2013EAGWomenAllEventsKimMoonJeongSonYunHeeLeeNaYoung.jpgSon Yun Hee (center) averaged 222.58 for 24 games to cruise to the title in All-Events and to earn the sixth gold medal for the Korean women in the fifth event. Son, who shared the Singles gold with Kim Moon Jeong (left) totaled 5342 pins. Kim was second with 5253, Lee Na Young (right) third with 5139 and Jung Da Wun fourth with 5112.

    The Chinese Taipei women, however, are the only team which has all six players in the Masters competition, which consists of the top 16 in All-Events, as multiple World Champion Ryu Seo Yeon missed the cut in 19th place.

    2013EAGMenTeamKorea.jpgThe Korean men (pictured left) captured gold medals No. 4 and 5 in as many events as Choi Bok Eum, Cho Young Seon, Park Jong Woo, Shin Seung Hyeon and Kim Ju Young and Kim Jun Yung won the Team of Five while Choi sealed the victory in All-Events for his fourth gold medal in the 6th East Games.

    2013EAGMenTeamHongKong.jpgThe Korean fivesome, who led the field of eight countries after three games on short oil by 143 pins, were able to weather a strong charge by the Hong Kong squad to win the title with 6427 total and an average of 214.23.

    Hong Kong's Eric Tseng, Michael Tsang, Wicky Yeung. Wu Siu Hong, Michael Mak and Rickle Kam (pictured right) finished with a big 1123 game to regain second place and to win the silver medal with 6330 (211.00).

    2013EAGMenTeamJapan.jpgTomoyuki Sasaki, Daisuke Yoshida, Toshihiko Takahashi, Shusaku Asato and Yoshinao Masatoki of Japan (pictured left), who were 21 pins behind Hong Kong heading into the second block on long oil, overtook Hong Kong with 1084 in game four but had to settle for the bronze medal despite a 1062 final game with 63006 (210.20).

    2013EAGMenAllEventsShinSeungHyeonChoiBokEumSonYoungSeon.jpgChoi Bok Eum (center) out averaged his team mates Shin Seung Hyeon (left) and Cho Young Seon (right) more than 14 and 16 pins, respectively, to cruise to the gold medal in All-Events with 5685 and an average of 236.88. Shin got silver with 5341, Cho bronze with 5287 with Park Jong Woo in fourth with 5278. Kim Jun Yung was sixth with 5234 and Kim Ju Young 12th with 4935. Japan has four bowlers in the top 16, who advance to the Masters competition, and Hong Kong three.

    2013EastAsianGamesTianjinLogo.jpg 84 players - 38 women and 46 men - from eight East Asian countries, Guam, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei and host country China, compete in the 6th East Asian Games Bowling Championships from Oct. 5-16 at Tianjin Tuanbo Bowling Center in Tianjin, China.

    Men and women will bowl in separate divisions for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, Trios, Team of Five, All-Events and Masters (top 16 men and women in All-Events).

    Photos courtesy of Asian Bowling Federation (ABF).


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