Father and son take Regular Doubles lead at 2014 USBC Open Championships


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    Bill Nesbitt makes 50th appearance at Open Championship; Robert McFadden rolls 11th perfect game at National Bowling Stadium

    2014USBCOCCarlandClarkPoelzer.jpg The father and son duo of Clark and Carl Poelzer of Arden Hills, Minn., raced to the top of the leaderboard at the 2014 United States Bowling Congress Open Championships on April 25 with a 1,465 doubles total.

    Carl (left), a 30-year-old right-hander, fired games of 238, 254 and 269 for a 761 set to lead the effort at the National Bowling Stadium, while Clark (right), a 62-year-old right-hander, added games of 214, 248 and 242 for 704.

    Scott Pohl of Burnsville, Minn., and 2007 Regular All-Events champion Mike Rose Jr. of West Henrietta, N.Y., previously held the Regular Doubles lead with 1,403.

    2014USBCOCAnthonyLaCaze.jpg "In practice, we burned a spot outside and got it set up well," said Clark, who made his 38th USBC Open Championships appearance. "We balled down quickly enough, and it worked well, for doubles in particular. I knew we could take the lead, but if we could put up a score to win as father and son, it would be really cool. It would be the neatest accomplishment that I've had."

    Carl continued strong into singles, rolling a 729 series to go along with 665 in team for a career-best all-events total of 2,155, which was enough to move him into sixth place in Regular All-Events. Anthony LaCaze (right) of Melrose Park, Ill., leads with 2,273.


    Bill Nesbitt makes 50th appearance at Open Championships

    2014USBCOCBillNesbitt.jpg Bill Nesbitt (pictured) of Rossville, Ga., became the 172nd bowler in USBC Open Championships history to make his 50th march down Center Aisle.

    The 76-year-old right-hander was able to solidify his place in the record books April 25 alongside his son, Scott, who made his 25th tournament appearance. Nesbitt began his tournament career at the 1964 event in Oakland, Calif., and has made it back every year since 1970.

    In his 50th appearance, Nesbitt rolled sets of 451 in team and 270 in doubles for a 721 total. He did not compete in singles. He has knocked down 72,804 pins for a lifetime average of 166.2.


    Robert McFadden rolls perfect game at National Bowling Stadium

    2014USBCOCRobertMcFadden.jpg Robert McFadden (pictured) of Bel Air, Md., rolled the 11th perfect game of the 2014 USBC Open Championships during doubles April 29.

    The 42-year-old right-hander posted games of 203, 184 and 300 on the way to a 687 series, the best set of his 14-year Open Championships career. He added 633 in team and 542 in singles for a 1,862 all-events total, a career-best by a single pin.

    McFadden's 300 was the first in doubles this year at the National Bowling Stadium. There have been seven on the 43-foot team lane condition and three during singles on the 40-foot doubles and singles oil pattern.


    A look ahead

    2013USBCOCMattMcNiel.jpgTwo bowlers will reach the 60-year plateau at the USBC Open Championships this week. Clinton Zavakos of Daytona Beach Shores, Fla., will become the 18th bowler in tournament history to reach the milestone May 1 at 6 p.m. EDT, and Frank Clay of Crystal Lake, Ill., will add his name to the list the following day, also at 6 p.m. Eastern.

    The next live stream broadcast from the Open Championships will take place May 5 at 1:30 a.m. Eastern as three-time titlist Matt McNiel (pictured left) and his Linds Lakers teammates hit the lanes for doubles and singles.

    All live stream broadcasts from the 2014 Open Championships are sponsored by Track and can be watched at YouTube.com/BowlTV.


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    2014 USBC Open Championships - Regular Division

    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

    1, Motion Plus Lanes (Jeff Nimke, Chris Pierson, Chad Maas, Chad Kloss, Dave Beres), Cudahy, Wis., 3,561. 2, Donovan's Bunch, Painted Post, N.Y., 3,551. 3, Thanks Ronnie, Orlando, Fla., 3,514. 4, Janz's H.I., Beaver Dam, Wis., 3,499. 5, Team NABR, West Henrietta, N.Y., 3,495. 6, Junior Team USA Support 1, Mansfield, Texas, 3,479. 7, MU Warrior Support 1, Omaha, Neb., 3,403. 8, Brunswick Horsemen, South Milwaukee, Wis., 3,395. 9, Before the 1st Frame 1, Rocky Mount, N.C., 3,385. 10, Cambridge 2, Arlington, Texas, 3,366.

    1, Carl Poelzer/Clark Poelzer, Arden Hills, Minn., 1,465. 2, Steve Harman/Nicholas Hoagland, Indianapolis, 1,439. 3, Scott Pohl, Burnsville, Minn./Mike Rose Jr., West Henrietta, N.Y., 1,403. 4, Heath Haug, DeForest, Wis./Chris Pounders, Madison, Wis., 1,396. 5(tie), Joe Janz, Beaver Dam, Wis./Tim Damerow, Waupun, Wis., and Brian Waliczek, Frankenmuth, Mich./Robert Wiley, Victor, N.Y., 1,378. 7, Michael Crush, Pasadena, Md./William Asbury, Odenton, Md., 1,371. 8, Tim Janz/Andy Bunkoske, Beaver Dam, Wis., 1,370. 9, Anthony LaCaze, Melrose Park, Ill./Steve Novak, Bay City, Mich., 1,367. 10, Mike Edwards, Tulsa, Okla./Royce Rusher, Collinsville, Okla., 1,366.

    1, Louis Jenkins Jr., Warr Acres, Okla., 826. 2, Jeff Grego, Fort Wayne, Ind., 798. 3, Matt Riege, Waterloo, Wis., 792. 4, Derek Magno, Cicero, N.Y., 788. 5, Justin Ziegler, Corona, Calif., 784. 6, Terrence Blevins, Chicago, 783. 7(tie), Neil Cooley, Fremont, Neb., and Kyle Martinez, Broken Arrow, Okla., 782. 9, Dylan Murphy, Indianapolis, 775. 10, Matt Kirkham, Rochester, Minn., 774.

    1, Anthony LaCaze, Melrose Park, Ill., 2,273. 2, Tim Damerow, Waupun, Wis., 2,228. 3, A.J. Chapman, Wichita, Kan., 2,194. 4, Jeff Grego, Fort Wayne, Ind., 2,182. 5, Robert Gotchall, Clarksville, Tenn., 2,172. 6, Carl Poelzer, Arden Hills, Minn., 2,155. 7, Jason Porter, Ludington, Mich., 2,137. 8, Art Alexander III, Baldwinsville, N.Y., 2,132. 9, Darron Peters, Temecula, Calif., 2,129. 10, Neil Cooley, Fremont, Neb., 2,128.

    Team All-Events
    1, Janz's H.I. (Joe Janz, Andy Bunkoske, Tim Janz, Randy Hupf, Tim Damerow), Beaver Dam, Wis., 10,363. 2, Team NABR, West Henrietta, N.Y., 10,169. 3, MU Warrior Support 1, Omaha, Neb., 10,140. 4, Junior Team USA Support 1, Mansfield, Texas, 10,084. 5, Thanks Ronnie, Orlando, Fla., 10,061. 6, Motion Plus Lanes, Cudahy, Wis., 9,995. 7, Backhaul Direct - Lumper, Indianapolis, 9,966. 8, Big O Tires, Oakley, Calif., 9,868. 9, Lakeview Lanes, Baldwinsville, N.Y., 9,851. 10, Visionary 1, Arden Hills, Minn., 9,821.


    2014 USBC Open Championships - Classified Division

    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

    1, Scotty's 1 (Tom Lee, Dave Fremling, John Fremling, Dan Fremling, Jon Lee), Alexandria, Minn., 2,843. 2, Ten Spot Lanes, Mandan, N.D., 2,806. 3, Chaser's Pub, Las Vegas, 2,740. 4, Hanging with Haag, Greeley, Colo., 2,721. 5, Oakridge Farms, Frazee, Minn., 2,710. 6, Storm Construction, Mazeppa, Minn., 2,709. 7, Alibi Lounge, Shelby, Mont., 2,662. 8, Garden Center Lanes 2, Alexandria, Minn., 2,657. 9, Hughes Farms 2, Parsons, Kan., 2,653. 10, Burnside Lobster Farms, New Effington, S.D., 2,650.

    1, Chad Razink, Clontarf, Minn./Paul Beyer, Benson, Minn., 1,222. 2, Mark Skog/Carol Skog, Norway, Mich., 1,156. 3, Chuck Welle, Hawley, Minn./Ryan Knutson, Dilworth, Minn., 1,149. 4, Matt Blauer/Ryan Swalling, Burley, Idaho, 1,144. 5, Greg Mickelson/Mark Kemper, Frazee, Minn., 1,143. 6, Eric Ohlrogge/Dave Essler, Alexandria, Minn., 1,130. 7, Rose Weinrich/Wayne Weinrich, Foxfield, Colo., 1,118. 8, Gary Miskovic, Naperville, Ill./Randy Miskovic, Lansing, Ill., 1,113. 9,Sam Barricella, Henderson, Nev./Thomas Candura, Las Vegas, 1,110. 10, Clarence Moch, Napoleon, N.D./David Williams, Mandan, N.D., 1,108.

    1, William Hawkins, Houston, 669. 2, Richard Cracco, Monee, Ill., 658. 3, Don Thompson, Martinez, Calif., 628. 4, Frank D'Alessio, Germantown, Wis., 618. 5, Kent Delaney, Webster, S.D., 616. 6, Jerry Kemper, Fargo, N.D., 612. 7, Pete Bender, Ellensburg, Wash., 611. 8, Routha Church, Port Allen, La., 610. 9, Stanley Higashihara, Honolulu, 603. 10, Allan Wendt, Frazee, Minn., 602.

    1, Ryan Yadao, Las Vegas, 1,792. 2, Richard Cracco, Monee, Ill., 1,773. 3, Mark Bylander, Vergas, Minn., 1,761. 4, Kyle Homan, Celina, Ohio, 1,744. 5, David Williams, Mandan, N.D., 1,743. 6(tie), William Hawkins, Houston, and Eric Ohlrogge, Alexandria, Minn., 1,734. 8, Perry Rynders, Hudson, Wis., 1,702. 9, Ron Bartz, Elgin, N.D., 1,699. 10, Greg Mickelson, Frazee, Minn., 1,698.