Barrette gets grand slam as USBC Women's Championships closes


    United States

    Northcross Lanes and AMF Carolina Lanes in Charlotte, NC (April 12 - July 2, 2007)

    20067USBCWomensChampionshipLogo.jpg For the third consecutive year, Leanne Barrette made a major impact on the final standings at the United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships.

    Barrette won her fourth title in the past three years and her fifth overall as Ebonite Bowlers Map of Roseville, Calif., won the Classic Team title with 3,210 at this year's Women's Championships, which concluded its 82-day run Monday in suburban Charlotte, N.C.

    The former professional star shot an 804 series, the second highest series in tournament history, en route to winning the team championship. Barrette was joined by USBC Collegiate spokesperson Kim Terrell (634), 2006 USBC Queens champion Shannon Pluhowsky (621), Lauren Takahashi (581) and Sandra Terrell (570).

    "It's so awesome to win team event, and now I have the grand slam," said Barrette, who won all-events in 1987 and 2005, singles in 2005 and doubles with Takahashi in 2006. "Ever since we stopped bowling on tour, I've been bowling really well in the Women's Championships, and I don't know why."

    Barrette's team competed in the Women's Championships on April 25, just days before the start of the USBC Queens. In fact, all the Classic Division winners came during a flurry of activity in those few days.

    In Classic All-Events, former professional bowler Wendy Macpherson won her second career all-events title with 2,161. Macpherson, who also won in 1994, shot 752 in team, 724 in doubles and 685 in singles.

    Macpherson's victory comes just a year after she made history by becoming the first woman to win a Regular Division title at the USBC Open Championships. She won Regular Singles with an 812 series.

    Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y., and Susan Jeziorski of Buffalo, N.Y., claimed the Classic Doubles title with 1,385. Jeziorski paced the pair with a 711 series while Johnson added 674.

    In Classic Singles, Tiffany Stanbrough of Oklahoma City took home the title with 745, the lowest winning series in that event in six years. She had games of 257, 223 and 265 in the winning effort.

    In the final days of the tournament, three bowlers made a move to the top of the leaderboards to win titles. Lil Holguin of Las Cruces, N.M., claimed the Division 1 (170-189 averages) Singles title with 683, LaVonnie Giles of Waldorf, Md., won Division 1 All-Events with 1,928 and DeAnn Kubr of Columbus, Neb., won Division 3 (130 average and under) All-Events with 1,473.

    In all, 20 Women's Championships titles were determined in five average divisions. The tournament attracted 8,710 five-player teams, which competed for an estimated prize fund of more than $2 million. All results are considered unofficial pending final verification of scores and averages.

    One of the highlights of the tournament's run was the participation of Mini Tvaska of St. Petersburg, Fla., in late May. The 89-year-old tied the record for the most years of participation in the Women's Championships with 61. Tvaska will look to break the record at next year's tournament in Detroit.

    The Women's Championships, which is the largest participatory sporting event in the world for women, was hosted by two bowling centers in suburban Charlotte. Northcross Lanes in Huntersville, N.C., hosted team events while doubles and singles competition took place at AMF Carolina Lanes in Matthews, N.C.

    The USBC Women's Championships is sponsored by Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus Hotel/Casinos in Reno, Nev., as well as Kegel, the official lane maintenance provider.

    USBC Women's Championships Final Standings Top 5

    Unofficial pending verification of scores and averages


    Team (946 average and over)
    1, Ebonite Bowlers Map (Shannon Pluhowsky, Lauren Takahashi, Sandra Terrell, Kim Terrell, Leanne Barrette), Roseville, Calif., 3,210. 2, Bowlers Choice Pro Shop, Buffalo, N.Y., 3,165. 3, U-Can Bowl 2, Milwaukie, Ore., 3,153. 4, Together Once Again, North Richland Hills, Texas, 3,136. 5, Four Friends and the Sub, Colorado Springs, Colo., 3,107.

    Doubles (379 average and over)
    1, Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y./Susan Jeziorski, Buffalo, N.Y., 1,385. 2, Tiffany Stanbrough, Oklahoma City/Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, 1,369. 3, Maxine Nable, Costa Mesa, Calif./Carol Gianotti, Henderson, Nev., 1,358. 4, Denise Thacker, Bedford, Ohio/Donna Brooks, North Olmsted, Ohio, 1,353. 5, Tammy Boomershine, Ogden, Utah/Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Bay View, Ohio, 1,352.

    Singles (190 average and over)
    1, Tiffany Stanbrough, Oklahoma City, 745. 2, Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, Colo., 739. 3, Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia, 726. 4, Shari Wells, Louisville, Ky., 719. 5, Rachel Perez, Maumelle, Ark., 715.

    All Events (190 average and over)
    1, Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., 2,161. 2, Leanne Barrette, Roseville, Calif., 2,093. 3, Tiffany Stanbrough, Oklahoma City, 2,087. 4, Lil Johnson, Lawton, Okla., 2,078. 5, Tammy Boomershine, Ogden, Utah, 2,031.


    Team (846-945 average)
    1, Ladies on the Roll 1 (Sonja Scott, LeeAnne Bailey, Yvonne smith, Pamela Gunn, LaShan Payton), Alexandria, Va., 2,819. 2,VA FL Friends, Palm Coast, Fla., 2,798. 3, It's All About Us, Melbourne, Fla., 2,777. 4, Flavor Ga Style, Stockbridge, Ga., 2,756. 5, Rollin Along, Mundelein, Ill., 2,744.

    Doubles (339-378 average)
    1, Kandace Little/Celeste Reynolds, Bronx, N.Y., 1,222. 2, Renee Graham, Seat Pleasant, Md./LaTonya Sills, Clinton, Md., 1,204. 3, Melanee Mangold, Stevensville, Mich./Jan Schaub, Eau Claire, Mich., 1,195. 4, Vicki Moores, Carrollton, Texas/Paula Amschler, Lewisville, Texas, 1,191. 5, Bobby Brockman/Krista Wiesterleee, Bellevue, Neb., 1,184.

    Singles (170-189 average)
    1, Lil Holguin, Las Cruces, N.M., 683. 2, LaVonnie Giles, Waldorf, Md., 677. 3, Veronica Minotti, Oviedo, Fla., 676. 4, Daisy Amey, Decatur, Ga., 660. 5, Paula Gibson, Mount Airy, Md., 656

    All Events (170-189 average)
    1, LaVonnie Giles, Waldorf, Md., 1,928. 2, Veronica Minotti, Oviedo, Fla., 1,867. 3, Lori Tapparo, Strasburg, Colo., 1,788. 4, Joyce McWhirter, Lake Station, Ind., 1,776. 5, June Dill, Bermuda, 1,775.


    Team (746-845 average)
    1, Latin Flava (Shannon Lee, Susana Gonzalez, Monica Rosario, Patricia Escanio, Sandra Vargas), Chicago, 2,731. 2, The Quack Pots, Coventry, R.I., 2,703. 3, First Security Bank, Fosston, Minn., 2,608. 4, Pinsplitters, China Grove, N.C., 2,600. 5 (tie), Score and Pour, Bowie, Md., and Classy Five, Washington, D.C., 2,599.

    Doubles (299-338 average)
    1, Barbara Whitehead, Bennett, Colo./Lori Tapparo, Strasburg, Colo., 1,138. 2, Kristi McKenzie, Detroit Lanes, Minn./Krystal Kumpula, Cottage Grove, Minn., 1,137. 3, Valerie Hughes, Laurel, Md./Rachel Wilson, New Carrollton, Md., 1,136. 4, Janice Sanders, Moreno Valley, Calif./Angela Walton, Country Club Hills, Ill., 1,132. 5, Donna Thomas/Deborah Holland, Villa Rica, Ga., 1,131.

    Singles (150-169 average)
    1, Donna Brown, Shalimar, Fla., 669. 2, Teresa Martin, Clinton, Ill., 641. 3, Joan Wilson, Westland, Mich., 632. 4, June Sheffer, Metropolis, Ill., 630. 5, Victoria Dreher, Columbia, S.C., 628.

    All Events (150-169 average)
    1, Victoria Dreher, Columbia, S.C., 1,794. 2, Cindy Lange, Lima, Ohio, 1,748. 3, Pamela Gunn, Upper Marlboro, Md., 1,701 . 4, Shelly Sweet, Pittsfield, Mass., 1,696. 5, Rosa Thompson, Gaffney, S.C., 1,692.


    Team (651-745 average)
    1, Over 50 Virgins (Jeannie Sherrill, Terri Fox, Marilyn Whipp, Cindy Hardin, Pamela Shearer), Concord, N.C., 2,447. 2, Kentucky Ladies, Bowling Green, Ky., 2,435 3, Margie's Munchkins II, Columbus, Ind., 2,407. 4, J Bar 1 Ranch, Millville, Utah, 2,394. 5, Alley Cats Plus, Huntersville, N.C., 2,385.

    Doubles (261-298 average)
    1, Sherri Thompson, Waldorf, Md./Lorraine Golson, Cheverly, Md., 1,065. 2, Alice Toivari/Karla Schneider, Makinen, Minn., 1,059. 3, Karen Luedtke, Watertown, Minn./Barbara Rolf, Hutchinson, Minn., 1,054. 4, Nora Heaton, Montpelier, Ohio/Mary Ruetz, Pioneer, Ohio, 1,050. 5, Diana Guthrie, Louisiana, Mo./Ann Niemeyer-Glass, Bowling Green, Mo., 1,045.

    Singles (131-149 average)
    1, Sherry Yost, Houston, 636. 2, Alice Smith, Prescott, Mich., 620. 3, Jolene Pitt, Forest Lake, Minn., 612. 4, Robbie Thompson, Harrisburg, N.C., 595. 5, Yvonne Madalena, Albuquerque, N.M., 593.

    All Events (131-149 average)
    1, Lori Levandowski, Milwaukee, Wis., 1,630. 2, Alice Smith, Prescott, Mich., 1,599. 3 (tie), Kathy Kean, Monument, Colo., and Gina Coles, Jackson, Tenn., 1,587. 5, Mary Cortani, Gilroy, Calif., 1,582.


    Team (650 average and under)
    1, We're Back (Amanda Degeis, Fredricka Robinson, Marla Parker, Mary Britts, Jessica Carpenter), Rockingham, N.C., 2,181. 2, Rolling Splitters, Toccoa, Ga., 2,143.. 3, Quarter Girls, Lakeland, Fla., 2,101. 4, Dizzy Dames, Tribune, Kan., 2,098. 5, St. Cloud Team 2, St. Cloud, Minn., 2,090.

    Doubles (260 average and under)
    1, Vivian Thompson, Blowing Rock, N.C./Angela Anstrom, Charlotte, N.C., 981. 2, Veronica Copeland/Denise Clegg, Newburgh, N.Y., 969. 3, Danielle Watkins, Oakford, Pa./Lisa Tavernier, Bensalem, Pa., 961. 4, Dee Baus, Croydon, Pa./Nancy DeAngelis, Trevose, Pa., 944. 5, Joyce Clarke, Stone Mountain, Ga./Paula Murray, Snellville, Ga., 939.

    Singles (130 average and under)
    1, Connie Parsons, Akron, Ohio, 589. 2, Marilyn Jordan, Boyd, Texas, 554. 3, Florine Raybon, Picayune, Miss., 541. 4, Carol Miller, Johnstown, Ohio, 527. 5, Anne Lorbeski, Hackensack, Minn., 519.

    All Events (130 average and under)
    1, DeAnn Kubr, Columbus, Neb., 1,473. 2, Marilyn Jordan, Boyd, Texas, 1,471. 3, Traci Smith, Blacksburg, S.C., 1,464. 4, Amanda Degeis, Rockingham, N.C., 1,452. 5, Connie Parsons, Akron, Ohio, 1,451.