Trisha Reid is rising royalty in women's bowling


    United States

    Super Bowl in Canton, Mich. (April 10-July 6, 2008)

    2008USBCWCTrishaReid.jpg Thanks to her experiences in United States Bowling Congress youth competition, Trisha Reid hopes to be on her way to a successful bowling career.

    The Columbus, Ohio, left-hander has been on a roll the past two years and local media already refers to her as the "Phenomenon." Having recently bowled in the 2008 USBC Women's Championships, she is currently in 17th place in Classic All-Events and 10th with her team, the Delivery Girls. Reid also bowled in her first USBC Queens, where she finished in the 34th place.

    Reid first became enamored with bowling as a child while watching her mother, Rita, bowl in a league. Over the years, Reid honed her skills, and bowled in numerous youth leagues, including one during high school at Columbus' Holiday Lanes.

    However, probably her biggest accomplishment within the last six months has been landing a role as one of Ohio's top bowlers, chosen by the Ohio Woman's Bowling Association for its newly established All-Stars Bowling Team. Reid also finished sixth in the 2008 Ohio State Queens and second in the Dayton Queens.

    "Being named to the Ohio All-Stars Team was a great honor," said Reid, a 16-year bowler. "I had a good year and taking all my accomplishments into account, I'm glad those that review my application felt I was worthy of the honor."

    Reid, who is the youngest member of the All-Star team, has carried Columbus' highest woman's average for the past two years and delivers the highest female bowling average in the city's recorded history. She has bowled six 300 games, three 299s, and five 800 series - with the highest an 838.

    Graduating this June, the Ohio State University senior will earn a bachelor's degree in hospitality management but has her heart set on a career in bowling, with the burning desire to represent a ball manufacturer as part of her journey.

    Another one of her most memorable accomplishments was winning the Dayton Open last November, an event with mostly male entrants.

    "I'm most proud of being the first woman to ever win that tournament," said Reid. "There were about 96 people entered, but only a couple were women. I was the only woman left after the match play, and I went on to win."

    Reid next plans to travel to Chicago in August to compete in the U.S. Women's Open.

    2008USBCWCLogo.jpg Presenting sponsors for the 2008 USBC Women's Championships are Eldorado Hotel Casino, Silver Legacy Resort Casino and Circus Circus Reno in Reno, Nev. Other participating sponsors are Kegel, official lane maintenance provider, Shop Canton, Greektown Casino, ABC AirTrans, Max & Erma's Restaurant, Bacardi, Miller Brewing Company, CaraMagno Foods and the Michigan Lottery.

    2008 USBC Women's Championships

    Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfalls


    Team (946 average and over)
    1, Bohn Zone Chicks (Leslie Bohn, Chrissie Kent, Kristin Nieter, Laura Starbuck, Kari Watson), Kettering, Ohio., 3,171. 2, Kaizen By Diandra, Orlando, Fla., 3,110. 3, Del Rosa Lanes, Chatsworth, Calif., 3,109. 4, Bowlers Choice Pro Shop, Buffalo, N.Y., 3,088. 5, Together Once Again, North Richland Hills, Texas, 3,078.

    Doubles (379 average and over)
    1, Gina Daroszewski, Franklin, Wis./Jill Albrecht, Wind Lake, Wis., 1,445. 2, Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix/Tiffany Stanbrough, Oklahoma City, 1,416. 3, Corrine Ham, Cocoa, Fla./Kendra Gaines, Orlando, Fla., 1,402. 4, Susanne Nawojski, Lancaster, N.Y./Michelle Sterner, Niagara Falls, N.Y., 1,365. 5, Lisa Graham, Centerville, Ohio/Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 1,356.

    Singles (190 average and over)
    1, Corrine Ham, Cocoa, Fla., 736. 2, Jennifer Murphy, Clarksville, Tenn., 735. 3, Sharon Koh, Malaysia, 728. 4, Brenda Mack, Indianapolis, 724. 5, Kim Terrell, Dover, Del., 720.

    All Events (190 average and over)
    1, Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 2,113. 2, Kendra Gaines, Orlando, Fla., 2,082. 3, Kari Watson, Kettering, Ohio, 2,061. 4, Brenda Viator, Franklin, Wis., 2,055. 5, Sharon Koh, Malaysia, 2,041.


    Team (846-945 average)
    1, High Hopes (Maria Bacos, Wendy Brown, Amy Gottlieb, Sunae Moree, Jeanie Schmidt), La Mesa, Calif., 2,696. 2, Sierra Roofing Supply, Reno Nev., 2,649. 3, Davison Land Surveying, Davison, Mich., 2,647. 4, Beer Factor, Warren, Mich., 2,640. 5, Lucky Ducks 3, Kenhorst, Pa., 2,633.

    Doubles (339-378 average)
    1, Laura Wiltshire, Garden City, Mich./Gayla Barr, Detroit, 1,170. 2, Michele Chaney/Kelly Scalici, Clinton Township, Mich., 1,152. 3, Amy Zollitsch, Green Bay, Wis./Judy Zellmer, New Berlin, Wis., 1,146. 4 (tie), Virginia Banks, Harvey, Ill./Gail Yeager, Lansing, Mich., and Donna Pavlovich, Schereville, Ind./Michelle Ballard, Country Club Hills, Ill., 1,145.

    Singles (170-189 average)
    1, Sharon Ryan, Davie, Fla., 653. 2, Regina Williams, Wilmington, Del., 642. 3, Janet Smith, Kannapolis, N.C., 639. 4, Karin Klawender, Gladwin, Mich., 635. 5, Judith Ernst , Muskegon, Mich., 617.

    All Events (170-189 average)
    1, Janet Smith, Kannapolis, N.C., 1,820. 2, Karen Linebaugh, Romulus, Mich., 1,744. 3, Geri Zandi Zick, Waukesha, Wis., 1,731. 4, Michelle Busch, Waterford, Mich., 1,728. 5, Shirley Watkins, Clinton Township, Mich., 1,724.


    Team (746-845 average)
    1, Cathy's Hairshapers (Nancy Massengill, Cathy Simmons, Janet Smith, Angela Stallman, Cassandra Stephens), Kannapolis, N.C., 2,644. 2, 4 Blacks & A Pink, Maryville, Ill., 2,568. 3, BJ Electric, Fitchburg, Wis., 2,543. 4, Red Rock, Savage, Minn., 2,512. 5, What The World, Charlotte, N.C., 2,481.

    Doubles (299-338 average)
    1, Christine Wiley/Lucinda Griggie, Charlotte, N.C., 1,136. 2, Melanie Moore/April Lemieux, Sacramento, Calif., 1,130. 3, Kate McClain/Bonnie Gray, Charlotte, N.C., 1,127. 4, Kathleen Woods, Pasadena, Calif./Norvel Short, Altadena, Calif., 1,119. 5, Nell Geddie, Ellisville, Miss./Linda Ridolfo, Columbus, Ohio., 1,115.

    Singles (150-169 average)
    1, Mary Perunovich, Brooklyn Park, Minn., 608. 2, Ann Marie Schutt, Colona, Ill., 607. 3, Mechelle Foos, Nortonville, Kan., 604. 4, Janice Kruggel, Winthrop, Minn., 600. 5, Mary Pat Kelly, Boystown, Neb., 599.

    All Events (150-169 average)
    1, Lucinda Griggie, Charlotte, N.C., 1,667. 2, Darla Moorhead, Perham, Minn., 1,660. 3, Donna Sutherland, Macomb, Mich., 1,648. 4 (tie), Sheri Smith, New Bremen, Ohio., and Ann Marie Schutt, Colona, Ill., 1,638.


    Team (651-745 average)
    1, Michael B's Foxie Ladies (Theresa Blizman, Karen Linebaugh, Rae Lipkowski, Sylvia Perecki, Cheryl Smith Tasco), Romulus, Mich., 2,409. 2, Westbrook VFW, Westbrook, Minn., 2,392. 3, Just Made Up, Charlotte, N.C., 2,381. 4, Decatur Dairy, Brodhead, Wis., 2,373. 5, Fallen Angles, Granby, Colo., 2,347.

    Doubles (261-298 average)
    1, Donna Benson, Mancelona, Mich./Elizabeth Allison, Alden, Mich., 1,045. 2, Evie Merchant, San Antonio, Texas/Misty Ervin Johns, Adkins, Texas., 1,044. 3, Crystal Backing, Saranac, Mich./Donna Wayman, Branch, Mich., 1,030. 4, Sharon Timgren/Nancy Boeck, Westbrook, Minn., 1,014. 5, Chris McNulty, Lincoln, Neb./Barbara Skillman, Denton, Neb., 1,012.

    Singles (131-149 average)
    1, Ann Marie Cross, Muskegon, Mich., 588. 2, Leslie Farrell, Killeen, Texas., 564. 3, Kelly Medley, Cheyenne, Wyo., 559. 4, Mimi Hammond, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 555. 5, Robbin Wadleigh, Reno, Nev., 554.

    All Events (131-149 average)
    1, Nancy Massengill, Denver, N.C., 1,603. 2, Shelly Fera, Hoffman Estates, Ill., 1,550. 3, Monica Gray, Charlotte, N.C., 1,506. 4, Ann Marie Cross, Muskegon, Mich., 1,506. 5, (tie) Janine Poisson, Chatham, Ontario, and Lorelie L. Blank, Buffalo City, Wis., 1,504.


    Team (650 average and under)
    1, Stinky's (Lina Core, Roxane Dickey, Mary Recker, Judy Ruen, Paulette Smith), Pandora, Ohio., 2,065. 2, Salisbury Mechanical SVC, Gardners, Pa., 2,064. 3, Look N For Trouble, Linwood, Mich., 2,025. 4, The Niners, Island Lake, Ill., 1,973. 5, American Legion Post 16, Lapeer, Mich., 1,961.

    Doubles (260 average and under)
    1, Beverly Noble, Prairieville, La./Jerry Burdette, Baton Rouge, La., 931. 2, Wanda Blain, Carlisle, Pa./Tammy Smith, Dry Run, Pa., 916. 3(tie), Robin Miles, South Haven, Minn./Brenda Finstad, Annandale, Minn., and Kathy Rodecap, Noblesville, Ind./Peggy Lamb, Westfield, Ind., 913. 5, Ann Selhorst, Kalida, Ohio/Olivia Helms, Ottoville, Ohio, 904.

    Singles (130 average and under)
    1, Patricia Drexler Jones, Willis, Mich., 516. 2, Dorothy Apgar, Pen Argyl, Pa., 509. 3, Roxann McNellis, Annandale, Minn., 506. 4, Kay Czechanski, Two Rivers, Wis., 501. 5, Michelle Larson, Cozad, Neb., 497.

    All Events (130 average and under)
    1, Lisa Irby, Coppell, Texas, 1,440. 2, Kay Czechanski, Two Rivers, Wis., 1,439. 3, Michelle Larson, Cozad, Neb., 1,429. 4, Dorothy Apgar, Pen Argyl, Pa., 1,394. 5, Willa Freeland, Marquette, Neb., 1,385.