LPGA standout leaves the links for the lanes, competes in first USBC Women's Championships


    United States

    National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., United States (March 28 - July 5, 2009)

    2009USBCWCBrandieBurton.jpgBrandie Burton (pictured) of La Verne, Calif., is used to the attention she gets when she swings a golf club, but she was surprised when people recognized her at the United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships on Wednesday.

    The 37-year-old right-hander, who was a top junior, collegiate and amateur golfer before beginning her professional career in 1991, has always enjoyed bowling and jumped at the chance to join her friends on the lanes at the National Bowling Stadium this week.

    While her teammates are regulars at the USBC Women's Championships, Burton was a rookie all over again as she competed in the event for the first time.

    "My teammates talked me into coming this year," said Burton, who was the Ladies Professional Golf Association Rookie of the Year in 1991. "Most of them have done this 12 or 13 times already, and I knew we'd have a good time."

    Burton rolled a 422 series to help Chaparral Lanes Too! to a 2,147 total. Joni Elmslie led the Division 2 team (combined average of 746-845) with a 483 series and was followed by Jennifer Hilo (468), Jocelyn Perez (391) and Ava Goldhaber (383). A Family Affair of Faribault, Minn., leads the Division 2 team event with 2,556.

    "I predominantly bowl for the fun of it," said Burton, who did not compete in doubles and singles this year. "I find it relaxing, so I make time to bowl."

    As a two-sport athlete, Burton says there are similarities between bowling and golf, such as the focus and the solid competition level.

    "The sports each encompass a pretty good degree of focus to successfully execute, and the consistency in the level of competition is notable, too," Burton said. Then she added with a laugh, "Of the differences between the two, golf seems to have the rowdy fans behind the ropes at times, and, of course, the size of the balls varies, too."

    From here, Burton now will turn her attention to the rest of the LPGA Tour season, which runs from February until November. She is finally healed from numerous surgeries over the past few years on her jaw, wrist, shoulder and ribs and is ready to resume the Tour life this weekend.

    During her LPGA career, Burton has claimed five Tour victories and earned more than $4 million in prize money. In 1993, she won three titles and became the youngest player (at the time) to surpass the $1 million mark in career earnings.

     Presenting sponsors for the 2009 USBC Women's Championships are Eldorado Hotel Casino, Silver Legacy Resort Casino and Circus Circus Reno. Other participating sponsors are Kegel, official lane maintenance provider, Atlantis Hotel and Casino, Sands Regency Casino Hotel, Harrah's Hotel and Casino, Club Cal Neva, and Storm Products Inc.


    2009 USBC Women's Championships

    National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., United States (March 28 - July 5, 2009)


    Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfalls

    Team (946 average and above)
    1, Together Once Again (Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Lynda Barnes, Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Andrea Fleming, Tammy Boomershine), Keller, Texas, 3,322. 2, Alpha Pool Plastering, Newhall, Calif., 3,286. 3, Shootin' Nines, Indianapolis, 3,251. 4, Husky Shox, Wichita, Kan., 3,202. 5, Bowlers Choice Pro Shop, Tonawanda, N.Y., 3,143.

    Doubles (379 average and above)
    1, Clara Guerrero, Austin, Texas/Jenifer Larson, Tupper Lake, N.Y., 1,404. 2, Adrienne Miller, Albuquerque, N.M./Lindsay Baker, Amherst, N.Y., 1,384. 3, Joy Esterson, Annapolis, Md./Kassy Golden, Colorado Springs, Colo., 1,371. 4, Robin Romeo, Newhall, Calif./Jeanne Naccarato, Tacoma, Wash., 1,361. 5, Annie Hunt, Forestville, Md./Stephanie Dyson, Clinton, Md., 1,331.

    Singles (190 average and above)
    1, Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., 816. 2, Brenda Mack, Indianapolis, 761. 3, Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 758. 4, Anita Manns, Austin, Texas, 723. 5, Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 720.

    All Events (190 average and above)
    1, Robin Romeo, Newhall, Calif., 2,172. 2, Brenda Mack, Indianapolis, 2,161 3, Rachel Perez, Maumelle, Ark., 2,160. 4, Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 2,139. 5, Tish Johnson, Colorado Springs, Colo., 2,053.



    Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfalls

    Team (846-945 average)
    1, Dale's Weston Lanes (Joan Foster, Lynn Lehrmann, Kristine Beckley, Suzanne Soderberg, Dawn Thayer), Wausau, Wis., 2,696. 2, So Wheres Dinner, Pacifica, Calif., 2,680. 3, California Striking Divas, San Diego, 2,669. 4, Team Powerball 1, Daly City, Calif., 2,657. 5, Hawaiian Punch, Kapolei, Hawaii, 2,626.

    Doubles (339-378 average)
    1, Carolyn Oshiro, Honolulu/Janet Tabata, Hon, Hawaii, 1,145. 2, Jenifer Teper, West Valley City, Utah/Cindy Bertolina, San Diego, 1,131. 3, Daniela Pfister, Columbia, Md./Debra Sinek, Odenton, Md., 1,128. 4, Heidi Banjoff, Sheffield Lake, Ohio/Beth Pranckunas, Lorain, Ohio, 1,122. 5, Amy Garrison/Colleen Baldock, Hayward, Calif., 1,121.

    Singles (170-189 average)
    1, Linda Freeland, Dade City, Fla., 694. 2, Wanda Simmons, Stillwater, Okla., 668. 3, Sandie Ruskey, Everett, Wash., 640. 4, Lisa Ristau, Clarkston, Wash., 624. 5, Gwyn McClintock, Brighton, Mich., 623.

    All Events (170-189 average)
    1, Rowena DeMesa, Daly City, Calif., 1,781. 2, Jodi Jones, Glendale, Ariz., 1,763. 3, Hazel Pettit, Daly City, Calif., 1,762. 4, Stephanie Laney, Warner Robbins, Ga., 1,740. 5, Wanda Simmons, Stillwater, Okla., 1,735.



    Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfalls

    Team (746-845 average)
    1, A Family Affair (Pat Walker, Brenda Probst, Sue Pagan, Dianna Kryzer, Sherill Borgstahl), Faribault, Minn., 2,556. 2, Murrey Girls, Elkton, Ky., 2,541. 3, Roadrunners, San Jose, Calif., 2,531. 4, Evergreen Woodcraft, Renton, Wash., 2,521. 5, Grandmas Girls, Fremont, Neb., 2,519.

    Doubles (299-338 average)
    1, Lynda Woodall, Rainier, Ore./Kate Olson, Saint Helens, Ore., 1,178. 2, Michele Anderson, Arlington, Texas/Aldaria Brown, Harbor City, Calif., 1,150. 3, Amanda Schlegel, Dayton, Ohio/Carmen Grey, Beaver Creek, Ohio, 1,077. 4, Michelle Post/Donna Keyser, Wakeeny, Kan., 1,073. 5, Janice Barnhill, Social Circle, Ga./Teresa Alexander, Conyers, Ga., 1,063.

    Singles (150-169 average)
    1, Nicole Evans, Buena Park, Calif., 646. 2, Nedra Cooper, Colton, Calif., 590. 3, Marilyn McCreary, Saline, Mich., 589. 4, Diane Nelson, Draper, Utah, 587. 5, Kelly Bell, Akron, Pa., 585.

    All Events (150-169 average)
    1, Michelle Post, Wakeeney, Kan., 1,652. 2, Jayne Sonognini-Thurston, Keizer, Ore., 1,650. 3 (tie), Kathy MacDonald, Commerce Township, Mich., and Sherill Borgstahl, Faribault, Minn., 1,647. 5, Meg Peterson, Big Lake, Minn., 1,639.



    Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfalls

    Team (651-745 average)
    1, Friendship Squad-F (Joyce Arbogast, Nettie Miller, Jewell Hutchison, Virginia Priestman, Michelle Schirer), 2,382. 2, Keyser True Value, Wakeeney, Kan., 2,364. 3, Tornadoes-4 Square, Glencoe, Minn., 2,361. 4, Friendship Squad-L, Fredonia, Kan., 2,303. 5, Gutter Gals, Port Ludlow, Wash., 2,302.

    Doubles (261-298 average)
    1, Pam R. Graham/Debbie Graham, Albany Ore., 1,043. 2, Christine Cotey/Melissa Cook, Elma, Wash., 1,017. 3, Leanne Watson/Susan Herron, Incline Village, Nev., 1,015. 4, Valerie Hathaway, Shelley, Idaho/Brenda Mosbrucker, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 1,002. 5, Kim Stark/Pamela Zindel, Wichita, Kan., 1,000.

    Singles (131-149 average)
    1, Judy Barnett, Lemoore, Calif., 553. 2, Cindy Nerison, Maplewood, Minn., 550. 3, Stacey Culver, Howard City, Mich., 547. 4, Audrey Payton, Minden, La., 545. 5, Alexis Caylao, San Leandro, Calif., 542.

    All Events (131-149 average)
    1, Alexis Caylao, San Leandro, Calif., 1,534. 2, Pam R. Graham, Albany, Ore., 1,506. 3, Pamela Zindel, Wichita, Kan., 1,501. 4, Kathy Kalis, Conyers, Ga., 1,498. 5, Lillian Hawkins, Newman, Ga., 1,495.



    Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfalls

    Team (650 average and below)
    1, Texas Tornados (Kerri Niemeyer, Wendy Goodnight, Kim Mitchell, Jacqueline Langlinais, Jean Burns), Lorena, Texas, 2,064. 2, Ten Pins, Anoka, Minn., 2,024. 3, Comfort Inn, Manderson, Wyo., 2,018. 4, Dan Loose Pools, Reno, Nev., 1,989. 5, Foxy Ladies, Harbor, Ore., 1,970.

    Doubles (260 average and below)
    1, Tracey A. Reed, Sherman, Texas/Evelyn Green, Irving, Texas, 916. 2, Kayla Robertson, Council Bluffs, Iowa/Marilyn Rumple, Ralston, Neb., 904. 3, Leah Olson, Byron, Minn./Jody Van Ostrand, Stewartville, Minn., 869. 4 (tie), Hilda Brock, San Jose, Calif./Linda Steward, Winfield, Kan., and Marie Twite/Nancy Hentkowski, Alpena, Mich., 867.

    Singles (130 average and below)
    1, Sharon Goulet, Fowlerville, Mich., 499. 2, Carol James, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 494. 3 (tie), Iva Hopperstad, Fulton, Texas, and Cathy Salisbury, Somonauk, Ill., 490. 5, Melissa Patten, Springfield, Ohio, 479.

    All Events (130 average and below)
    1, Erica Brehm, Renton, Wash., 1,409. 2, Melissa Patten, Springfield, Ohio, 1,369. 3, Sharon Goulet, Fowlerville, Mich., 1,353. 4, Carol James, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1,340. 5, Pam Righetti, Harbor, Ore., 1,322.