Leandersson picks Swedish team for 2010 Men's World Championships



    Project gives players eight months for preparation

    2009BWCTomasLeandersson.jpgThe 2010 Men's World Championship is exactly eight months away (Aug. 11-22, 2010) but Swedish national team coach Tomas Leandersson (pictured left) has already nominated the six players for the Swedish national team for Munich, Germany.

    . "It has never happened before that we decided the team eight months ahead," stated Leandersson, a multiple World and European champion, who played and coached in the 2007 MWC in Thailand. "However, this is a project where we want to see the outcome when the players get the possibility of a much longer time for preparation before the championship."

    2009MECSweden.jpgLeandersson picked the same six players which represented Sweden in the European Championships in Aalborg, Denmark, earlier this year. Erik Andersin, Robert Andersson, Dennis Eklund, Martin Larsen, Martin Paulsson and Mathias Ă…rup.

    Those six captured four medals at the 2009 MEC:

    • Gold in trios - Eklund, Ă…rup, Andersin
    • Silver in Doubles - Larsen, Andersson
    • Silver in Team - Andersson Eklund, Andersin, Ă…rup, Paulsson, Larsen (l-r)
    • Bronze in Trios - Andersson, Paulsson, Larsen

    "This team performed well in the European Championship and they are an extremely good group to work with", said Leandersson.

    He recognized that the competition on world level is getting much more challenging and that Sweden needs to work harder on the development of sport bowling, starting from the youth level.

    "Our goal is to win at least one medal in every championship and to do that we must become better all the time. For example, we can see the increasing efforts made by many nations in Asia. Some of those nations have caught up with us during the last ten years and in some cases they are now ahead of us," Leandersson said.

    The good news is that the Swedish Sports Federation recently substantially increased the financial support for elite bowling.

    "It is promising for us and we have to use this opportunity to give our top bowlers even better support than before."

    The Swedish national team for the 2010 World Championships will start their preparation early in January 2010 by competing in the AIK International Tournament in Stockholm, Sweden and the Ballmaster Open in Helsinki, Finland.