USBC Women's Championships a family affair


    United States

    National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev. - March 16 - July 2, 2006

    2006USBCWomensChampionshipLogo.jpg Bowler Susan Weissmann of Springfield, Mo., isn't just the captain for her 4 Strikes & A Spare team, she's officially the big sister.

    Competing in her third United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships presented by the Eldorado, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus, Weissmann was joined by her three sisters - Reba VanAcker, Roxanna Hodges and Debi Worch - plus Weissmann's 24-year-old daughter, Kacy for this year's event. Their mother Barbara Hoefling tagged along for moral support.

    Together the women hail from four different states: Oregon, Florida, Missouri and California. Weissmann says 4 Strikes & A Spare - or XXXXI as it appears on the team's entry form - holds special significance for the close-knit team.

    "It stands for four sisters and a friend (Sally Bratton of Klamath Falls, Ore.)," Weissmann explained, adding that she loves the Biggest Little City in the World, not just for its gaming and entertainment attractions, but also for its popular reputation as a bowler's destination.

    "It has been my dream - since the very first time I bowled in nationals, back in 2000 - to bowl here with my sisters," Weissmann said proudly. "Last night was just a dream come true, to be here with my sisters and bowling. At one point, I looked around at my sisters and went, 'It doesn't get any better than this! This is awesome, and we were all bowling well and it was just wonderful."

    A bowler since she was about 10, Weissmann aspired to play the game because of her dad, who started bowling when there were still pinboys setting pins.

    "My father was an avid bowler and it was through him that I learned the game," said Weissmann, who bowls at least twice a week and holds a 148 average.

    To prepare for the competition in Reno, Weissmann bought a new bowling ball and practiced faithfully. Bowling in Division 2, Weissmann bowled a 500 series in team competition with her brand-new, 14-pound ball that proved quite lucky - despite her sister's skepticism.

    "Everybody said, 'Oh, I don't know about buying a new ball.' But I love that thing," Weissmann said. "It is purple, 'cause I belong to the Red Hat Society. It's dynamite!"

    Weissmann didn't have to do much convincing to get her sisters to all agree to bowl in Reno. While sister Reba, who owns the Epicenter lanes in Klamath Falls, had bowled in Reno before, sister Roxy hadn't. Weissmann says she went into planning mode once her siblings decided to join her, selecting their bowling shirts, custom embroidery and providing updates to her family.

    Weissmann admits that, out of all her sisters, she herself is perhaps the most competitive. Of course, for 4 Strikes & A Spare, the focus is on the fun.

    Kegel is the official lane maintenance provider for USBC.

    Top five division leaders with hometowns and pinfall:


    Team (946 average and over)
    1, Strike 3, Sun City, Ariz., 3,021. 2, Bowlers Choice I, St. Louis Park, Minn., 2,849. 3, Bowlers Choice II, Wilmington, Del., 2,832. 4, Park Lanes, Hillsboro, Ore., 2,627. 5, Deanna's Doggie Boutique, Independence, Mo., 2,532.

    Doubles (379 average and over)
    1, Barbara Stensgaard, St. Louis Park, Minn./Sharon Carlson, Belle Plaine, Minn., 1,186. 2, Ann Bryand, Osseo, Minn./Tracey Magnuson, Faribault, Minn., 1,151. 3, Kelley Lenhart,/Brenda Burns, Sun City, Ariz., 1,137. 4, Susan Harad, Willow Grove, Pa./Yvonne Jones, North Wales, Pa., 1,134. 5, Jeanne Blasier, Aloha, Ore./Tina Clark, Forest Grove, Ore., 1,114.

    Singles (190 average and over)
    1, Sara Weimer, Bear, Del., 642. 2, Renee Steele, Carson City, Nev., 639. 3, Rose Dendy, Edgemoor, Del., 638. 4, Brenda Burns, Sun City, Ariz., 625. 5, Patti Lancaster, Antioch, Calif., 623.

    All Events (190 average and over)
    1, Brenda Burns, Sun City, Ariz., 1,880. 2, Renee Steele, Carson City, Nev., 1,851. 3, Sharon Carlson, Belle Plaine, Minn., 1,821. 4, Lorrie Sims, Oakley, Calif., 1,811. 5, Sherry Brusie, Warsaw, Mo., 1,808.


    Team (846-945 average)
    1, Village Bar II, Omaha, Neb., 2,842. 2, Scraps Dog Company, Reno, Nev., 2,685. 3, Alley Cats II, Wildomar, Calif., 2,652. 4, Regencys W & C Ladies, Bakersfield, Calif., 2,598. 5, The Fab Five, Stockton, Calif., 2,583.

    Doubles (339-378 average)
    1, Shannon Antczak/Lorrie Sims, Oakley, Calif., 1,172. 2, Patti Smevik, Incline Village, Nev./Tisha Carter, Las Vegas, Nev., 1,145. 3, Maritza Fontanez/Chauntann Reid, Philadelphia, 1,125. 4, Deborah Martin, Wamego, Kan./Rebecca Toman, Dale City, Va., 1,118. 5, Becky Hardwick, Bakersfield, Calif./Jackie Burrows, Lake Isabella, Calif., 1,116.

    Singles (170-189 average)
    1, Tracey Hoffman, Twin Falls, Idaho, 633. 2, Lazette Harris, Antelope, Calif., 620. 3, Bessie Scarvers, Hyattsville, Md., 617. 4, Maritza Fontanez, Philadelphia, 606. 5, Karen Coffey, Rio Rancho, N.M., 592.

    All Events (170-189 average)
    1, Lazette Harris, Antelope, Calif., 1,734. 2, Colleen McDermott, Crystal Lake, Ill., 1,715. 3, Tracey Hoffman, Twin Falls, Idaho, 1,705. 4, Kasandra Rugenstein, Pinconning, Mich., 1,698. 5, Audra Mills, Ladoga, Ind., 1,687.


    Team (746-845 average)
    1, Team 31233, Antelope, Calif., 2,578. 2, Team 30921, Honolulu, 2,529. 3, Women Rock, Riverton, Utah, 2,527. 4, Spare Parts, Fayetteville, Ark., 2,506. 5, Pindale Lanes, Blackfoot, Idaho, 2,494.

    Doubles (299-338 average)
    1, Nancy Kaiser, Stacy, Minn./Carla Selbitschka, North Branch, Minn., 1,094. 2, Kim Klawitter, Valparaiso, Ind./Cindy Fort, Schererville, Ind., 1.075. 3, Denise Hewitt, Fremont, Calif./Peggy Inman, San Jose, Calif., 1,070. 4, Linda Williams, West Plains, Mo./Lea Hilton, Springfield, Mo., 1,062. 5, Kathryn Stich/Shelby Powell, Topeka, Kan., 1,060.

    Singles (150-169 average)
    1, Sandra Mays, Hercules, Calif., 603. 2, Dee Barragan, Mason City, Iowa, 600. 3, Natasha Peterson, Moreno Valley, Calif., 599. 4, Nevada Dahilig, Sacramento, Calif., 591. 5, Joyce Arbogast, Scottsbluff, Neb., 579.

    All Events (150-169 average)
    1, Dottie Knebel, Midland, Texas, 1,668. 2, Patti Manna, Omaha, Neb., 1,645. 3, Lisa Armborst, Rosemount, Minn., 1,627. 4, Inez Fink, Morristown, Ind., 1,626. 5, Diane Stanley, Homosassa, Fla., 1,614.


    Team (651-745 average)
    1, Cutting Edge, Glencoe, Minn., 2,417. 2, Coldwell Banker, Eureka, Calif., 2,397. 3, Mana Mana, Longmont, Colo., 2,320. 4, Austin Lake Greenhouse, Spooner, Wis., 2,306. 5, Lane Lizards, Morristown, Ind., 2,303.

    Doubles (261-298 average)
    1, Joyce Bland, Tampa, Fla./Ruth Burns, Carlinville, Ill., 1,045. 2, Darlene Frohm, Pittsburg, Calif./Renee Sykes, Vallejo, Calif., 1,013. 3, Jean Mumm, Davenport, Iowa/Cindi Bates, Long Grove, Iowa, 995. 4, Diana Davis, Ava, Mo./Kathryn Bockelman, Mansfield, Mo., 989. 5 (tie), Pam Burrell/Sharon Beasley, Vacaville, Calif., and Sherry Rickheim/Pam Ahlbrecht, Glencoe, Minn., 988.

    Singles (131-149 average)
    1, Robin McGinnis, Petrolia, Pa., 598. 2, Stacy Olson, Winner, S.D., 544. 3, Gayle Hortelano, Morton Grove, Ill., 539. 4, Charlotte Stidham, Anderson, Calif., 537. 5 (tie), Heidi Gilmore, Orland, Calif., and Velma Perry, Spring, Texas, 533.

    All Events (131-149 average)
    1, Robin McGinnis, Petrolia, Pa., 1,588. 2, Sheila Jeffers, Sandy, Utah, 1,543. 3, Kim Klawitter, Valparaiso, Ind., 1,513. 4, Susan Weissmann, Springfield, Mo., 1,506. 5, Barbara Thomas, Klamath Falls., Ore., 1,505.


    Team (650 average and under)
    1, Bear Nasty, Monticello, Minn., 2,187. 2, Whittierwood Product, Springfield, Ore., 2,040. 3, Oasis Chics, Fallon, Nev., 2,013. 4, H-40, Woodward, Okla., 2,011. 5, Power Engineers, Hailey, Idaho, 2,000.

    Doubles (260 average and under)
    1 (tie), Martha Mueller/Joanne Huberty, Mora, Minn., and Kelli Nilson, Payson, Utah/Wendy Lounsbury, Springville, Utah, 884. 3, Lois Rogers, Naselle, Wash./Mitzi Cady, Long Beach, Wash., 881. 4, Janet Brown, Sparks, Nev./Evelyn Brown, Carson City, Nev., 858. 5, Amy Hinnant, Manteo, N.C./Ginger Reber, Wanchese, N.C., 855.

    Singles (130 average and under)
    1, Shelly Bloch, Ramsey, Minn., 538. 2, Ashley Rivera, Kingsville, Texas, 536. 3, Maria Nelson, Heron Lake, Minnesota, 491. 4, Patty Paul, Knightstown, Ind., 490. 5 (tie), Shannon Kokanour, Highland, Calif., and Mary Weisenburgh, Jacksonville, Fla., 485.

    All Events (130 average and under)
    1, Ashley Rivera, Kingsville, Texas, 1,433. 2, Shelly Bloch, Ramsey, Minn., 1,382. 3, Dianna Thorp, Vancouver, Wash., 1,361. 4, Patty Paul, Knightstown, Ind., 1,346. 5, Coty O'Connell, Sand Springs, Okla., 1,340.